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Risk of STDs from BBBJs


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This is the second time I'm in Pattaya. Last time I had BBBJs with 5 different women (gogo and bb) several times. I didn't catch anything.


This time I've had a BBBJ from 2 women on Soi6. And it has now caught up with me that this might be pretty stupid. Apparently there seems to be quite some risks of gettings STDs like gonorrea and chlamydia from this. So no more BBBJs for me. I don't actually now if I caught anyting yet, but I'm pretty worried.


What's your experiences from BBBJs?

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I had a couple of BBBJ CIM during my last trip. On my way to the airport the minibus stopped at the pharmacy and I bought 4 boxes of Zithromax (500bht)

Take a full onetime dose and you shouldn't have to worry too much about gonorrea or chlamydia.


Before getting a BBBJ, check that the girl have healthy teeth, no bleeding gums etc. Thats all I can say..

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Don't forget that herpes can also be transmitted orally. And can't be cured by anti-biotics.


Hmmm Nothing like a ready supply of Corn Flakes

"Remember, you've never lost the girl, only your turn"

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I accidentally voted yes 0-10 times.


I meant to vote no, 0-10 times. Can the OP please revise.


Now that it's sorted out, I have literally had one BBBJ from a sex worker. And that's cause I was drunk and couldn't keep it up so my girl took some drastic measures to "make me have more power". :13:


Thai girls take good care of themselves, but sooner or later it will catch up to you. If your cool with the risks than knock yourself out.


Just remember herpes can be passed on despite your partner not having any visible signs of "crotch rot"(yes, that's a medical term).


And once you get it, that shit stays with you for life. :Cry3:

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Could everyone in the room that's caught Herpes please stand up so that we can take a look at you!GrinNod1.gif


Being serious for a moment, these topics get raised quite often here on PA, and the answer is always the same.


To guarantee that you won't catch any kind of STD keep it zipped and don't go with bargirls. If you do go with bargirls and want to minimise your risk of catching something nasty, glove-up even for BJ's and don't DATY. Even if you've been ultra careful, get yourself a full check-up before you consider having any kind of physical relationship with someone from 'back home', as STD's can just sit quietly in your body without showing any symptoms. If you have any concerns at all, get yourself checked.


I can't really imagine there are any BM's who have caught an in-eradicable STD that are going to announce it. I've seen a few BM's cop to having caught Syph, Gonno or Chlamydia, but anyone who's caught something permanent is not going to want the rest of us to know about it, especially if they plan on returning to Pattaya.


BTW, before my trip last October, I looked into Zithromax as an 'insurance policy', and it's not a guaranteed kill-all (as per the Pfizer website). Thought I should mention that....


I'lll stop preaching now, Bless you all, my BM's25.gif





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The overall risk of receiving a BBBJ is very low. If one is unlucky enough to contract something from a BBBJ, it will most likely be a bacterial STD which can be cured with antibiotics. It is possible for herpes to be transmitted, but in general, the transmission of herpes is very unlikely unless one is on a current outbreak. One has a better chance of getting struck by lightning than contracting AIDS/HIV from a blowjob. Check their mouth for fever blisters, bleeding gums, anything unusual, etc. If you are getting a BJ from a girl that is giving them multiple times per day with different people, the risk obviously increases. There is a small risk, but it is negligible. :)

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