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Land for sale next to Bang Na-Trat Highway(KM.35),Samut Prakarn,Thailand.


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Land for sale next to Bang Na-Trat Highway(KM.35),Bang Phli Noi, Bang Bo State,Samut Prakarn,Thailand.It is 10 Km. far from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Good land for several purposes such as industrial, housing development, warehouse, store or development use.This land is kind of title deed. Total land area approximately 28 Acre or 70 Rai, price 20,000THB / sq.wah.


Contact: Khun Phemboon (+66)88-142-8506

E-mail: [email protected]


Shipping detail : Meeting to Department of Lands in Bang Bo,Samut Pakarn, Thailand.


Payment methods : Cash or Cashier's check of Thaibank.







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Land in Thailand is measured in talang wah, ngarn and rai.


1 talang wah = 4 square meters

100 talang wah = 1 ngarn or 400 square meters

1 rai = 4 ngarn or 1,600 square meters


In other words:


1 acre = 2.529 rai

1 hectare = 6 rai and 1 ngarn


Therefore as I understand this, one Rai would be 8 million Baht? and there are 70 such Rai? Plus


This land is kind of title deed


what does that mean?


Chanote (Title Deed)

A Chanote is a certificate for ownership of land. A person with their name shown on the deed has the legal right to the land, and can use it as evidence to confirm the right to government authorities.


Nor Sor 3 Kor (also pronounced Nor Sor Sarm Kor) Confirmed Cerificate of Use

This certifies that the person named on the certicate has the confirmed right to use the land implying that all requirements to issue the title deed have been met and that the issue of the title deed is pending. Land with a Nor Sor 3 Kor title deed may be sold, leased, used as mortgage collateral and so on. The holder of this certificate cannot leave the land unattended for more than 12 years.


Nor Sor Sam (Cerificate of Use)

Similar to the above this is a Confirmed Certificate of Use except that not all of the formalities to certify the right to use have been performed. Before a transfer can be made, a notice of intent must be posted and then 30 days public notice is necessary before any change of status over the land can be registered.


Sor Kor Nung (Certificate of Possession)

This recognises that a person is in possession of land but the Certificate does not imply that there are any rights associated with the possession. It is not transferable, but a person in possession may transfer physical possession and the new possessor may apply for a new Certificate of Possession. Not recommended for foreigners buying property, as you will have no rights to the property even if you pay for the certificate.


Or, none of the above?

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8 million Baht per rai?!!


Holy sh1t, I thought I'd seen It all. Whatever next? A man eating his own head? :o

Courage, determination, unselfishness and cheefulness in the face of adversity. Bond us all together, a brotherhood so inexplicable you will never understand, unless you are one of us....

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Thank you for your opinion, but i think you didn't seen it all. Becuase my agnate is landowner. She just announce land for sale. :001_Thank_You5:

8 million Baht per rai?!!


Holy sh1t, I thought I'd seen It all. Whatever next? A man eating his own head? :o

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