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Calling Solo U.S. Travlers to Patt's


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Hi Gents:


Been to LOS twice, did them both solo. First time (late November 2009), I got a last minute ticket and it was all about getting on a plane to somewhere and not knowing what was going to be there when I landed Flew from New York to Pattaya via Dubai and BKK. A lot of fun, I love going somewhere for the first time. I met some great Brits and Aussies who showed me around (thanks Pocket Rocket, Colin, Simon), got some scuba in too. I had no idea such a place existed. Did the trip to celebrate my 50th and never would have thought I would leave feeling/looking 10 years younger than when I arrived.


Second time (April 10) I went back to Patts but spent most of my time on an island with a lady accountant I met at my hotel. OK trip, good food and ocean (and great sex)...but a little sedate except for Songkran.


The point of this? My November 09 trip covered Thanksgiving and I was really jonesing for some Yanks to sit and watch games with. Next time I would like to get with a group of 10 - 20 Yanks. If we find a ground zero bar to go with it, could be great fun. Bar crawls that should attract a lot of girls and maybe even find a place to watch games with TG. We bet BJ's with the girls on games (Oh yes, Bengals good mak mak!) . :D



My family is all over the U.S, holidays with them are not the moral imperative of a few years ago, Love to do these trips across the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Could be as as simple as grabbing the same hotel for similar periods. Meet at breakfast and figure it it out from there. This is us at breakfast:





Any interest: post up a response and I will pm you later. If it gets some legs I will ask you to PM me your (U.S.) region, age, experience with LOS so far, golfer,favorite hotel and its location, etc. Just so we know as early who is interested, likes/dislikes, etc. Of course, the results would be shared also.


I am from New York by the way.


- Trespass

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I'll be there for Thanksgiving this year. Let me know if anything is being planned. Thanks.

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Chicken Coop across second road from Mike's Shopping Mall is the best American place I know of. Coop is a good dude ex USAF IIRC. He has NFL parties and other American theme events and is a a great guy to hang with anytime, game or not.


It's also the only place in Pattaya I know that has jello shots.

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I'm just booking a trip for next week, do you think Coop gets baseball games? I don't want to miss the Yankees in the playoffs, that would suck.

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I'm just booking a trip for next week, do you think Coop gets baseball games? I don't want to miss the Yankees in the playoffs, that would suck.


I would be very surprised if the did not have MLB playoffs and the world series on.

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I'm leaving right after thanksgiving and will be there thru Christmas and new years. I'm almost 50 and a 9 hdcp golfer. I've got a Thai phone so pm me once I'm there.

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Headed back for trip #6 Nov. 3rd - 21st. Never stopped in the Coop before, will check it out. I will need to see a few NFL games.

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Trip is off for me boys,




Hoping you all pull off a great Thanksgiving party.


GB @ Detroit and S.F. @ Baltimore while getting naked with a Thai girl. Woohoooo!

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I'm sorry to hear your trip is off. (I sure hope nothing happens that could affect my plans in December!) If all goes as planned, I will definitely think about your misfortune while I'm indulging in carnal desires.


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    • For those that don't know, I did Friday meetings before many years ago,  I feel like we are missing a regular meeting for members,  I am aware guys meet at PA affiliated bars. But I want to start meeting people again, I'm inviting the guys following my YouTube also.

      The meetings is a chance to get to meet each other,  I plan to be at every meeting, I also have Dean from Dive bar that has offered to help out with a crawl after.
      The meetings will be  Monday  6 pm - 8 pm each week.  (The improvised bar crawl will commence at 8 p.m.  Dean will make his own plans for that.)

      Due to low numbers of people in town, I will start the meetings in our bars to help our girls and managers, please check back often incase things are changed.  I will be sharing the love around town later, but Soi 6 is first on my list (including bars that are friendly competition)   
      If bar owners want us to have a meeting at their bar,  they need to have a minimum of 10 girls.  I'm not dragging people to empty bars for favours.
      Please help us invite other members, it takes a while to get momentum.
      Monday 6 pm - 8pm  (then bar crawl after)
      21st March - Playpen Soi 6
      28th March - Night wish bar Soi 6
      4th April - Toy Box bar Soi 6
      11th April - Repent Soi 6
      18th April - where angels play Soi 6
      25th April -  (next bar we have open)

      2nd May - (next bar we have open)
      9th May - Cooters bar soi 6 
      16th May - Hot shots bar Soi 6
      23rd May - (next bar we have open)
      30th of May - Lust soi 6 
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      13th of June - (next bar we have open)

      I look forward to meeting people again.
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