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I have just re-read your excellent TR as i'm locked into a revisit to HCMC on my next trip in October.Not having been to VN (& HCMC) since 1996 i'm buzzing again after reading your detailed TR and can't wait to hit the ground running.I usually do AC for a week in the middle of my 20 day LOS trips but have decided it's time for some VN Punani on my next excursion.On my previous visits(92 & 96) i stayed at Prince hotel (can't remember the street name) but it was around the District One area not far from Sinh Cafe and Kim Cafe.I'm not sure if this hotel is still there (or has a different name nowadays) but i have googled it and come up with nothing.Anyway like the majority of hotels back then it wasn't GF but had VN Demimondaines hanging out of rooms on most of the upper floors(the VN girls hire rooms and being as the hotel never had a lift(elevator) girls would be hanging out outside their rooms trying to entice you in for an ST/BJ etc as you passed each floor on the way down to the reception.My morning breakfast first course often consisted of a round with a VN cutie before i got out of the hotel front lobby,brilliant service to start the day.Anyway again thanks for the info gathered i'm making notes on must To Do's like Hot Toc Places Bennys and My Tien, the numbered Beer bars on HBT and massage recommendations, a GF hotel this trip is also a must/plus for most and i will pre-book one of your recommendations,The Hosen or Indochine are on my radar at the moment.I'm not that fussed about doing LT's every night especially if i get my Rocks off at a Hot Toc or an ST Bar, but having the choice of a GF hotel is certainly a plus.I hope this thread runs and runs with fresh updates as it's a brilliant mass of info for both newbies and guys like me who have been out of the (Vietnam) Loop for a good while.


Cheers again, Barhopper

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Just about to leave HCMC and followed alot of the advice on this thread with the exception of the "Hot Toc"s.


1) Stayed 4 nights Hosen hotel. Pretty decent experience and not expensive. $35/night. Only complaint is I was put in a room with a non-working jacuzzi tub. What can you expect, it was probably used about 10 times before a guest broke it. Only hot water with both valves open, so no decent warm water shower could be had. I did resort to baths which worked out ok once I got the routine of filling the tub half way with cold then the rest with hot separately. Why did he stay in the room you ask? top floor, quiet and the furniture in the rest of the rooms looked like it was made for a smaller size human :GoldenSmile1: This room and nice new furniture and a nice new air-con.


2) visited several of the "lady bars" (as the Viet girl/guy touts outside call them) over the course of 4 nights. . Various experiences. Took one girl out of the 49 who was a very petite cute little spinner. Pushy from the word go but since I was really blown away by how petite and cute she was I went for it. Cost me a total of $90USD $30 drinks/barfine and $60 for the girl. Lack luster experience, she did bathe with me and some light GFE. Not what I had hoped for but YMMV. Went in another lady bar just down the street from the luxurious Majestic hotel after taking one of the many dinner cruises available. I sat with a gal and played around with her in thier upstairs "lounge" for about 45 minutes, more or less a lap dance in their upstairs area. Total $15 /drinks and tip for her. Didn't want to "go upstairs for everything" as I was just kind of played out by the lady bar experience and having just come from Pattaya wasn't into paying higher prices for same same.

3) NOTE: Saigon hotel does NOT have a spa any more but the Vien Dong hotel on Pham Ngu Lao Street just down from the Ben Thann market is opeindeed still open. My experience there was nice. Walked out paying around 450k VND for Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi, table wash, fair massage with HE by cute younger Viet girl who spoke no english. HE was fully clothed as the private rooms have semi opaque windows (you can kind of see in from the outside in other words)

4) Sushi Bar #1 is the bomb. I ate there two nights in a row and never spent more than $15 USD for a damn good, filling, Sushi meal.

5) Shopped at the Ben Thann Market and was able to walk away with some pretty decent knock off jeans, shirts and shorts for bargain prices. 2 Pairs of knock off shorts for about $15 USD, I pair of Converse allstar knock offs for $15. Not bad as I think I paid about the same in LOS 3 years ago.



All in all with the guidance todd2rip's well documented trip report I had a pretty good time in HCMC. Really a different flavor than BKK. The drivers are off the chain crazy here, it is more or less lawless and the number of motorbikes on the road is staggering. Mostly motorbikes in fact with a smattering of cars. To cross the street is an Olympic challenge, unlike todd2rip I took motor bike taxis everywhere which was cheaper and fairly safe considering the low speeds involved due to the shear number of bikes on the road. Walking to certain places was a challenge and tiring as the heat was sweltering most of the time.


thanks again todd2rip for the tips and guidance! :hello09:

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Thanks for the great TR, I'm planning a 7 day trip to HCMC in Nov and now I have all this great info. This will make a great trip in between Bkk and Pattaya. I'm gonna be totally spent after this, love it, 555555555.


This will bring me back closer to my homeland roots, 555

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Todd,....I appreciate your great, detailed TR. I have never been to VN but I will definately visit HCMC when I go on my (also) first visit to PP....hopefully sooner than later.


Being that we live the same area, are you finding that flying Cathay out of Vancouver is the best option? I am currently flying Asiana to BKK and find that seems to be a good trip.


I look forward to re reading your posts before I make the trip.



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....plenty of time to at least have some fun, just do the hightlights only.






I did not know I had to quote for you to see my last post.


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You are looking at around 60ST/100LT, that is bar fine, ST room etc. Most offer upstairs bj service for around 30-40. I have never taken a girl from HBT, but had a friend take one and I didn't even ask him the damage...


Hey Doodie,


A friend of mine asked me a question which I couldn't answer.

There is a very nice hotel in HCMC and the casino is only few steps away from the hotel.

Now in between the hotel and Casino is a very high end bar with some of the most beautiful vietnamese girls ever ! 


When you walk into the front reception area, there are rows of girls in nice dresses.  You then go ahead and choose your gal.

And from there you head over to the right where all the individual karaoke rooms are.


Now I believe the hotel was call "New World hotel"..... but


1.  what is the name of the club?

2.  are the girls available to leave with you ?...basically are they FL girls/available for going back to your hotel?



thanks Doodie.

(plan to head back to HCMC at some point and will give you a shout!)

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Yes it is the New World hotel. The name of the club is Catwalk. I never imagined I would go in there but... I guess about a month ago good friend of mine had a large group of customers come to VN. After dinner we went to Catwalk. It was a Sunday so things seemed slow. From what I remember, I think there is also a disco as soon as you walk in on the first floor. There weren't any girls lined up when we walked in, but we were late. All the girls were in our huge and extravagant room lined up. I missed all the opening details but I was told that, these are the girls that will follow you. Meaning these are the girls that will go to your hotel. I didn't want a girl to follow me so as soon as everyone had made their choice another group of girls came in. To be honest, I was impressed with the first group of girls, I guess there was 25+. But as the night and drinking went on most of them weren't so impressive and that never happens! :D I can't imagine what the house bill was, but it was $200 per girl.


PS Lucky I happened to look here! I don't check the public area much anymore. If you make another visit or have more ?'s shoot me a PM or make a post on my thread in the adv. area. I'll help when I can. Take care!

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One of the best Trip report and well documented Very interesting and useful`` travel guide`’ to HCMC, complete with business cards,maps and address. Too bad I come across TR so late. In most of my  trips to HCMC, night entertainment arranged by local business associate and we usually end up in ktv Planning to make a trip in January 2014. Hope the bars and massage places still around.

The golden rule in HCMC  is to find GFH otherwise you have to pay for another room ! Cheers

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Great report and well worth the read.

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Early next year I ll search for new info from other people's visits to hcmc

And will make a visit late next year and update my reporting



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I found a small massage place on the street going from Nikko hotel / Nowzone to Dien Bien Phu (the street is Ly Thai To) in District 3. It is a very small place surrounded by shops doing printing and cards on the right hand side going towards Dien Bien Phu. However, I paid 100,000 dong to the owner (lounging in the only barber chair downstairs) and went upstairs for a massage. After stripping to my underwear, I lay on the table and the girl started to wipe me down with wet tissues, paying particular attention to my "baby". She asked if I wanted a happy ending and we discussed the price. She asked for 400,000 dong but I offered 150,000. Another and better looking girl came in and started to massage me and the first girl kept coming in to reduce the price. Eventually she accepted my price and the second girl went to work. She pulled her top down (nice firm boobs) and spent some time licking and fluttering her tongue at my tip. Eventually she finished the job very professionally and I CIM. After that another mamasan came in to take the money and the second girl asked for a tip. I think I gave her 40,000 dong. The girl who had done the negotiating also asked for a tip, but as she hadn't done anything else, I didn't give her.


The place was quite rough and seedy, but not bad for a chance discovery, especially as the negotiating girl could speak English.

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A second discovery was out of HCMC in Bin Duong. A Xông Hơi / massage place with several girls lying around looking bored. First time I walked past, the mamasan asked me for 500,000 dong. I refused, but came back a few days later, went in and was asked to pay the house price of 80,000 dong. The girl was ok and had nice boobs. She finished me off quickly (I was actually on my way to somewhere so I didn't have much time). She offered me a second round, but I declined. I paid her 100,000 dong and left feeling satisfied and ready for my meeting :).


I know that Bin Duong is too far out of HCMC but I had business there, so it was a nice surprise find.

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I also met a FL in PNL one night. She stopped me on the street and offered me a BJ for $50. I told her I would pay $20 and she agreed. She was not young, but I was horny. We went into a nearby hotel, I paid 200,000 for the room (rip-off I know), and we went up to a small cubicle room with bed, TV and fan. The door locked at least. We stripped off and she washed herself and me. Then she gave me the best BJ - no porn star moaning, just a real professional job. She was chatty and friendly and told me (in excellent English) that she was doing this to support her 16 yr old daughter because husband had left them.


I paid her 400,000, so with 200,000 for the hotel, the total was 600,000. Probably too much, but she really knew how to give an excellent BJ.

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Thanks for the great report. I have a Brit friend who works in HCMC who I intend to visit this year. The report and maps will help my planning enormously, cheers.

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DAY # 3


Well, as always after drinking, I tend to wake up earlier than I want to.


It is 6am and I am wide awake.


I use the internet and snack on some things.


I go back to bed and wake up at 9am.


I know that the HSBC Main Branch is open at 8am.


I walk down to the HSBC on Dong Khoi street.


I planned to cash $2k but remember that I left $1k on the bed so I end up cashing only the $1k on me.

One of the $100 USD is a bit worn and the lady says she can not cash….so end up only cashing $900 USD.


After finishing up at HSBC, I go around the corner to The Coffee Bean and order an ice coffee and use my netbook to check football scores.






















attachicon.gifStreet Map District 1.jpg




I leave and walk back to the hotel.

I empty any extras I have on me and then head out of the hotel, flag down a cab and I am off.











Well I am heading north again, this time to “Benny Hot Toc”





attachicon.gif1 Benny's_Sign.jpg




attachicon.gif1 Try Be Ny (or Ben Ny) at 90 Dien Bien Phu St. map 1.bmp




attachicon.gif2 IMG_0003.jpg




attachicon.gif3 IMG_0002 disregard point A.jpg













When I arrive the Mama-san says $100 dong.

I pay and then led by a girl to the back.



(If they push one of the girls on you and you want another you see, DON'T BE SHY. Just point to the one you want, it's your choice.

For me, as it is the morning and don’t really don’t care much, as long as the girl isn’t a total dog, I will take the next girl in line.)


I noticed about 10 girls up front, most average to cute looking.

Some of the girls start talking and giggling, I look at my girl and she says to me..”girls think you cute”

My girl is average in looks, there were better ones sitting down, but I wasn’t too particular considering it was still morning and this was only a BJ place.


Once we are in the back with tables and sinks, the girl begins the massage.

Huh???....the massage, absolutely worthless. It really isn’t a massage at all !

But I wasn’t there for a massage anyways .

They should just eliminate this portion.


The girl is average looking, not hot but not ugly either.

I noticed some real cuties though…maybe next time.


So in another room, secluded, the girl begins the BJ.

She has already pulled down her panties and pulled down her top, but as I wasn’t all that into her and it being the morning (I’m usually not too into it in the mornings) I let her do her thing without me touch her anywhere.

After about 10 minutes I am done, she did do an above average job.

I tip her and leave Benny’s.

(The standard tip is only $100k Dong, but I am planning to always tip $200k Dong. I am sure some of the expats on other boards are going to be pissed-off at what I am doing.)


I don’t really need another BJ considering I am in “slow motion” in the morning, but still decide to head a few shops down to My Tien Hot Toc.


Once inside, the Mama-san recognizes me from yesterday.

I pay her the $100k Dong.

I begin walking up the spiral staircase and a girl follows me.


The Girl is a real cutie.

All the girls are wearing a purple/lavender dress.

The dress is a thin, silky material but really sexy looking and accentuates the curves on a girls body.

My girl is cute…did I already say that 


So just like yesterday, same song and dance.

The girl has my kind of boobs.

I am really not a boob man, but enjoy ones that aren’t too big but not too small.

As she is doing her thing, her boobs are enough to dangle down so I can cop a great feel, they feel great to touch.


The girl used too much teeth, I’ll have to let her know if I get her the next time, but she sure was sexy enough and cute enough to want to see her again.

She was worthy enough to be working a beer bar.

I made a GREAT choice in getting the 2nd BJ, sure would love to have her back at my hotel…not sure what the chances of that are…..will have to talk to the Mama-san about that next time....


After the BACK TO BACK BJ, I flag down a cab and head over to Sushi Bar again for lunch.




After lunch I return back to the hotel and decide to try out one of the forum recommended Spa/Massage places which includes an option to get a rub and tug at the end.


At 1pm, I am headed over to Minh Tam Hotel in District 3.

My cabby is lost and we circle about for 10 minutes.

Finally he sees a sign….not the easiest place to find.



attachicon.gif009 IMG_0004.jpg












(fyi, as you have noticed I have tried to include business cards of all the places I have visited.

It seems that all the taxi drivers seem to know where to go when I hand them a business card vs. telling them or showing a printed map of where I want to go. If you ever make it to Vietnam/HCMC and plan to try any of the places I’ve visited, I would recommend printing out the business cards beforehand. )


I head inside and the place is already packed with mostly Viet Guys.

I follow the herd to the dressing room upstairs and change.


I first enter the Steam Room, then the sauna.

After a shower, I head into the pool/hot tub area and relax for about 30 minutes.


I then shower again and then led to the massage rooms.


I lay down on the massage table and my girl walks in.

Wow ! ! !

This girl is just as hot as any girl who works as hostesses at the “New World Hotel/ CatwalkClub”

She is super cute, is taller than most Vietnamese girls which makes her body even hotter and has beautiful hair and great smile.


Massage: whoaaa…..her massage hands were super strong.

I am a wuss when it comes to massages.

I tend to go for only the oil massages.

She is working my body over, my back side first.

Finally, I get to turn over and get to stare at this total cutie.

She catches me eyeing her a bunch of times and always smiles back playfully.


After the massage is done, she asks me if I want a sexy massage.

…which is just like it was stated on the forum, but unlike what it was stated on the forum 3 years ago, the girl isn’t accepting $200k dong.

I finally agree on $30 USD.

I probably could have stood my ground at $20 USD, but wasn’t in the mood to negotiate, plus I noticed three other massage girls walking about during my visit here….all very cute, but not as cute as my girl, so I went along with the $30.


The HJ was great. She really took her time teasing me and going slowly at first before going at a normal pace.

The whole process maybe took 15 minutes.

I showered again, got dressed went downstairs and paid $160k Dong for the spa/massage, with the tip to the girl separate.

I enjoyed my time there, but will need to learn in Vietnamese “No hard massage, soft massage”


I ended up picking up a bunch of business cards.

I found out that they have a 24 hour place just like this one but in District 1.

I will probably try out the one in District 1 as it is closer to where I am staying.


It is on the West side of District 1, and the street “Pham Ngu Lao” is considered the backpackers district.



Other sister Massage Place:



Location : 2nd floor of the Vien Dong Hotel

Address : 275 Pham Ngu Lao Street District 1

Tele : 08 38 364531




(attaché business card)






After the Spa/Massage/HJ, I take a cab back to the hotel.

I unload my stuff and head across the street to a massage place called “Y. T. Foot Massage”

It is a typical foot massage place and nice to have just across the street from my hotel – Northern Hotel.


After foot massage, it is now 5pm.

I will rest a bit before heading out to the bars tonight.



6:30pm I head out to the bars.


Instead of going directly into 51 Beer Bar which I missed yesterday,

I decide to check out Saigon NY Beer Bar first.


A forum report from the past:

Saigon NY. Small bar near the corner of Dong Du and Hai Ba Trung, actually off HBT street. It's very friendly there, and girls are slightly below average (IMO) in general. They're less pushy and usually more human than most of the bars though. Some girls wear ao dais. There's a pool table upstairs


My assessment is the same as above.

I chatted with the Mama-san for a while and caught up on some changes in the area.

There was Frenchman who was with the most attractive girl in the bar – 8/10.

The rest of the girls were average to below average, but the girls were not pushy.

After my drink and chat with Mama-san I squared up my bill, tipped the Mama-san and headed around the corner to 51 Beer Bar.


51 Beer Bar on HBT.

Next door to 49 Beer Bar.

In order for me to enter 51 beer bar, I had to pass 49 beer bar first.

As I had just barfined a girl the night before and their doors were open, the girls were screaming at me to come back inside.

I told them I already promised to go into Beer Bar 51.


attachicon.gif49 and 51 bar (1).JPG






The settings in 51 Beer Bar on HBT was IMHO a bit more relaxed than most of the other Beer Bars.

The bar was a bit cleaner than some bars, they had a larger open area in the front, I didn’t feel so cramped.

There was a nice fish tank in the back that you could see from the front.

The place was cleaner, simple, relaxed settings, lighting perfect and music tolerable.


The place had one customer already who was chatting with a girl 8/10.


I chose to sit down at the stool next to the customer as this would eliminate one more seat for a girl to park next to me….that is why I chose not to sit at the tables to the right side.


I ordered my drink from the Mama-san who was also another girl who wasn’t old at all.

From being tired the past two nights at about this time, I chose to go with both a red bull and Corona .


The customer next to me noticing that I spoke English well, introduced himself to me.

He was John from San Francisco.

We chatted for some time and his girl who was sitting next to him was probably the best looking girl in the bar.


(sidebar/sidenote) In LOS, I notice so often how people will step into a bar, and if it looks empty they skip right on out. IMHO, I always believe that going to the bars early to catch the fresh pick of the day provides a much better success rate and less hassle in the long run. My plans in the past, about shopping around before making a decision usually never works out well. Also, waiting till the night progresses to barfine someone is something I now avoid like the plague.

These days, I don’t mind being the 1st customer in a bar….or the only customer in the bar. I don’t worry about barfining a girl too early in the night. If I see something good early, I grab it right then and there.



In HCMC I noticed that the Neon Signs outside are turned on at some places at 5:30pm.

Most of the other bars will turn on their lights at 6pm.

Even at 6pm, I noticed that if I step into a bar to look over the girls or see the selection, many of the girls are still in the back getting ready.

I have found that the earliest time to see all the girls at the front waiting for customers, tends to be right at 7pm. I plan to be at my first Beer Bar at 7pm from now on…

Here in HCMC, you should try to make the Beer Bars prior to 9pm/10pm, as groups of Japanese and Koreans can over take a place leaving you with no options available.


Back to BB 51.

So while I am chatting with John from San Fran. the Mama-san says I should pick a girl to have sit down next to me.

(a very common theme, the mama-san hates for customers to just come in and sit alone….always makes the customers select a girl to sit with you.)

I notice that 51 Beer Bar has about 15 girls working.

I would say that almost half of the girls working are average and maybe 4 above average girls.

The Mama-san makes all the girls line up front…now putting me on the spot to select a girl now 

John says he will provide some suggests: He says I should either pick


A girl wearing a slutty black dress, she is cute or

A girl who seems to be bossing around the other girls and also is above average


Now up to this point in time my eyes glanced over to this short gal who is my type of girl.

A girl who anyone who has ever bar hopped with me and knows the type of girls I usually barfine.

I think she knows that I have checked her out by this time.

But this wasn’t one of Johns suggestions.

I am having a hard time making a decision, so I tell the Mama-san that I only want to pick a girl who is ok with going LT.

My fist two girls/barfines up to now, so far, were both, leave at 2am girls and I wanted one for the entire night.

The Mama-san says something in Vietnamese and about half the girls sit down.

Unfortunately for me both of John’s suggestions are still both standing in the line.

I decide that I would rather have the girl with the black dress and select her and she sits down.


All 4 of us have another round of drinks and then John and his girl head out.

My girl and I also head out a few minutes later, back to my hotel.

As I am heading out the front door the short girl I was eyeing looks up at me and seems very disappointed that I didn’t select her.


My girl who had changed prior to leaving the bar, has switched from the slutty looking black dress to a very simple cute dress….much more to my liking.

I won’t get too much into the details but my girl was way above average in performance.

We did it 3x during the night, and 1x in the morning.


My girl leaves at 8am after we shower, do it again and shower again together.


One thing that I also noticed, same as the other girls on this trip, none of them would lock the bathroom door on me….something that LOS girls seem to always do….


Last Night’s “Girlfriend”, as the hotel operator calls it when my girl is leaving the desk /picking up her id.


Looks : 7.5/10

Body : 7/10

Personality : 8/10

English Ability : 6/10

Kissing Ability: 7/10

Performance : 8/10

Likely to Repeat : 7/10




(1st Vietnam Trip vs. THIS TRIP – Last year I ran into a couple of Moto guys who set-up a few dates that came over to the hotel. Probably something most people should avoid after I researched about HCMC a bit more. The girls/dates that I had last year, made the experience of Viet Girls a poor one. As they did not want to shower together, weren’t groomed down below, were bad performers, or for the most part lacked even the slightest in GFE. I think most of this was do to the Moto guys bringing me girls who really lacked experience or the desire to perform well. The girls seem to be more ‘rural’.

For me to make my decision on Viet Girls from last year’s assessment would be completely inaccurate.

I am glad to have the help of some board members and older forum reports to help me with this years adventures.

Also, although each person is entitled to their wants and desires, most of my prior information/direction was based off people who were looking for either the cheapest, easiest, cheap Charlie - less expensive way to find a date. Using their notes/suggestions from last year basically provide a cheap, but for me, an unfulfilling experience of Viet Girls and also provided the less than GFE.)



(sidebar/sidenote – Hotel: Remember, not all hotels are GF. Also, fyi, my hotel the Northern Hotel is a rocks throw from the HoSen Hotel - I stayed there during last years trip as suggested from a board member.

The HoSen Hotel is a 2 star place and does not charge you for a guest.

My hotel, the Northern Hotel allows guests at no charge as long as they leave at either 9pm or 9:30pm.

After that you have to sign a slip and they will charge you an extra $30.

I believe the daily rate at HoSen is only $30 per night.

I am paying over $100 per day to stay at the Northern Hotel I believe…will let you know once I review the bill.

So basically, the joiner fee is the same cost as a night at the HoSen Hotel which I know is important to know for a lot on the board.

Also, although the website lists the Northern as a 3 star hotel…..IMHO, it feels more like the high end of the 3 stars. I am enjoying the stay here far more than last years stay at the HoSen Hotel.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


DAY #4......

Excellent, very detailed report.  Probably the most detailed trip report I have ever read.  Thanks much.

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Excellent, very detailed report.  Probably the most detailed trip report I have ever read.  Thanks much.

And you sir did probably paste the longest quote I have ever seen. ;)


You do know that it is possible to edit a quote too or don't you?

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I will be back in HCMC in the first week of April. Does anyone have any updates on the Hot Toc and other venues crackdown? Also any recommended massage parlours?



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I will be back in HCMC in the first week of April. Does anyone have any updates on the Hot Toc and other venues crackdown? Also any recommended massage parlours?




As far as I can tell everything is back to normal. I was in the HBT area last night and I noticed most of the take out bars were open. Bin Bin on Le Thanh Ton and others in the area were all open as well. Haven't been to Hoc Toc in ages but I would imagine they are business as usual. Police raid a place one night and it's opened the next is the usual routine. Send me a PM if you want to grab dinner one night, I think BM Dudebrah is extending his stay into April.

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Awesome trip report Todd. 

I have been searching for something like this and you've spent a lot of time and money and energy on it. 
I appreciate that for sure. 
I am heading there in 3 days and hope to catch some of these places and hopefully a few of the girls.


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FYI... 48 and 51 bars on HBT are gone. 51 is now a restaurant and I can't tell what 48 is, but it's definitely not a bar.


91 HBT seems to have changed for the worse. I went there, sat at the bar and ordered a beer. A girl came up and asked if I wanted her to sit with me. She was a cutie with big boobs, so I said sure. She said if she sits with me, I must pay her 300k dong "tip", plus drinks. I said no thanks. A few minutes later another girl comes up to me and says "choose a girl" so I pointed to one sitting the other side of the bar. She came over and up close, she looked older, at least 30, but I bought her a drink anyhow. She rubbed me for a while, and asked to go to my hotel. I wasn't into her so I declined and asked for my bill. She said I owed her 300k dong "tip" and I looked at her like she's crazy. She said, "yes, other girl tell you" (!). Not wanting to get beaten up by the two VN dudes outside, I paid it and got the hell out of there, vowing to never return. Avoid this place.


There are several other (new?) places in the area that I'll report on soon.

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This is what 48 and 51 HBT look like now....


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There are several beer bars not mentioned in the original report, here's one, directly across from a Northern hotel called Pulse. There are many others and they all have girls. You can tell what they are because they usually say "billiards" and have frosted glass doors with a small clear area about five or so feet high. This is so they can watch for cops, who like to shake down the owners for bullshit rule violations, like not having enough lights. If the place is dimly lit, look up on the walls and you'll see some crudely mounted flourescent tubes. If the cops come, those get turned on fast, which tells everybody what's going on.


These bars have a mix of stunners with and without fake boobs, as well as fresh off the farm Mekong delta girls. You can sit in these places all night, drinking beer and playing pool with the girls. They can be pretty aggressive with the lady drinks, but saying no occasionally doesn't seem to offend. Beers are about 40k dong and lady drinks roughly 50% more. Bar fines are roughly 500k dong, plus the girls want 1 million dong. They'll start out at 2 million all in, but the cheapest I could get them to is 1.5 million total.


There are many of these places, on Thi Sach and Le Tanh Ton streets and they're all about the same. It's usually just a matter of which is the most convenient for you.

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This is Pulse at 6b Thi Sach, across from Northern hotel. it's daytime, so it's closed here. they open around 5.


Next I will talk about the Japenese hostess bars.. They're expensive, but interesting nonetheless.


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Sorry, forgot to mention: these places also typically have rooms upstairs, for blowjobs and possibly more. I'm not sure on BJ pricies. I'll ask tonight.

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