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TRIP REPORT to Ho Chi Minh City:




(this report is too long, and I am too busy to fully check for spelling, grammar and proofreading, so please be advised :)



I went to Vietnam for the 2nd time and planned on staying in HCMC for the entire 8 days/7nights.

It’s been over a year since my last vacation…yes let me repeat that again ! ! ! it has been over a year since my last vacation. (use to taking a month long vacation every 3 months in the past)


With my new positions at work, I now don’t have the time to take all the vacations I use to take.

I plan to change that up sometime in the next 12 months and begin again to take a lot of time off to travel the world.


I flew out of Seattle WA USA on Thursday at 11pm, had a layover in Vancouver Canada.

The flight from Seattle to Vancouver took only 30 minutes.


Once arriving into Vancouver, had to still go through customs, filled out the card and answered some questions before heading to the Cathay Pacific Airlines desk to pick up my tickets for the remainder of this trip.

Once at the desk, I was told that all they had remaining was middle seats left, on the flight to Hong Kong.

Being busy as I was at work, I forgot all about logging-in and getting a window/isle seat.


Vancouver Airport:

The airport was really nice.

They had a lot of art and displays and really had a nice feel to the airport…way better than Seattle Airport and LAX which are the two main airports I use.



























I had a layover of about 2 hours.

I decided to use my time to have one last bad meal…so headed over to the burger king to have a burger, fries and drink.

Over the past few years, I have some way or another been passed Canadian coins when I receive my change.

So this was a perfect opportunity to use this bag of change I have been collecting.

I paid the cashier ALL in change….and was he ticked-off…..but I was smiling to myself as I had finally been able to unload all this Canadian change.







Burger King, my last meal prior to Airplane food was actually pretty enjoyable, as I don't ever eat fast food anymore.


I spent the remaining time sitting and listening to music prior to boarding the flight.




Vancouver to Hong Kong:

As it was after 2am when I boarded this flight, I was tired.

As soon as I was in my seat, I had my neck pillow on, earplugs in, and sleeping shades on.

I ended up falling right to sleep and missed the initial meal served on the plane…which I assume, I didn’t miss much.

I slept for approximately 5 hours and woke up quite refreshed.

Everyone else was now asleep.


I pulled my mini/netbook computer out, my bose noise cancelling headset, some snacks and began watching movies from the netbook.

I ordered some beers and sat back and watched a couple of movies.


As soon as my beers arrived, it seemed that the 3 other guys around my seating area that were awake seeing my beers arrive, realized that beers would be a great way to pass the time….and before long flight attendants were bring all of us beer after beer.


On past trips, the airplane noise made it hard to hear from my headphones, but the Bose Headset is truly amazing at drowning out the surrounding noise.

I highly recommend picking up one if you are willing to part with $300.


Hong Kong :

I had an hour layover in Hong Kong.

I used that time to stand in a 40 minute line to get a coffee at Starbucks.





starbucks HK.JPG



Hong Kong to HCMC:

The flight took 4 hours, we were served an American Breakfast Meal and I used my time to catch up on tv series “How I met your mother” which I had on my Netbook.


Arriving in HCMC:

I arrived into HCMC at 10:30am.

Customs, was empty, quick and was waiting at baggage in no time.

My suitcase arrived quickly and was outside in the +90 degree weather in no time.

The airport was a total zoo, so I grabbed the first taxi I saw and we headed towards District 1/hotel.



It has already been written that it is best to take the Vinsun or Mai Linh taxi service.

I took a no name taxi and of course the guy quoted a higher price once I arrived at my hotel.

It should cost about $5 USD to get from the airport to a District 1 hotel.

I was quoted $10 USD, which I paid as he got me there quite quickly with his aggressive, fast driving.



A fellow board member suggested during my first stay in HCMC, the HoSen hotel.

The HoSen hotel is a fine 2 star hotel right in District 1 - Two buildings left of the famous Apocalypse bar.

The Apocalypse Bar is a FL Bar. (on Thi Sach street)


As this was my first vacation in a year, I decided that I needed a nicer hotel, but one that was still GFH.

After some research, help with other board members,

I chose the: Northern hotel which is maybe 40 yards across the street from the HoSen hotel.

I tried to reserve the SPAM WORD suite over 3 months ago, but it was booked during the period of my stay.

I ended up booking the “Sunrise Deluxe Suite” which is a corner room.


Attached below is information from their website and pictures:


(attach Northern hotel Pics info)


















elegant superior room.jpg




Hai Ba Trung District 1.JPG




Hai Ba Trung District 1.JPG




Hai Ba Trung District 1.JPG




lobby 2.jpg




lobby 3.jpg




lobby 4.jpg








northern hotel outside pic.JPG




sun rise deluxe.jpg




northern suite.jpg




piano bar 2.jpg




piano bar.jpg




river view deluxe.jpg





Northern hotel, the newest boutique 3 stars hotel in Saigon, is located right center of Ho Chi Minh city, you cannot imagine this is the best place to explore the culture life and the night life of Saigoners.



It takes just only a few minutes to walk to some famous and interesting places : The City’s Theater, The City’s Committee, Duty Free Shop, Tax Department store, the Saigon River, the bank…or you can enjoy yourself at one of the best city’s bars – Apocalypse Bar – which cannot but be visited by the aliens once or twice.



The Fitness Center, laundry service , parking facilities are all include in the hotel. The Tour desk will assist you to plan your tour according to their own convenience.


The room rate is value for money, you really get what you pay. In a word, Northern hotel meets everything you need either for business or leisure trip to Ho Chi Minh City




Add : 11A Thi Sach Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel : (+84 08) 38 251 751 - 38 251 752 ext : 8005

Cell Phone : +84 909 220 623

Fax : (84 8) 8251651

Email : reservation@northernhotel.com.vn

Website : www.northernhotel.com.vn



- - - -

Other Options:

GFH List

A. Hosen hotel

B. Indochine hotel

C. Northern hotel

D. Lienansaigon hotel

E. Park Hyatt (before 8pm?)






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


District 1:

My plans are to stay in District 1

Eat in District 1

Shop in District 1

And of course party/bar hop in District 1


During portions of my daytimes, I will travel out of district 1, to some recommended “massage parlors” and “R&T”.






Dist 1 entire.jpg




Dist 1 HBT Street.JPG




Dist 1 North end.jpg





Dist 1 west side.JPG





HCMC Map District 1.jpg




Legends of HCMC Map District 1.jpg



Map Saigon Hotel.jpg




Street Map District 1.jpg





- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Once I checked into my room on the 8th floor with a view of the city/river, I began to unpack my very empty suitcase.

I was use to traveling for a month at a time and this trip only being 8 days/7 nights, I really didn’t have to pack much.

I also literally packed 1 hour before leaving the airport as I have been slammed at work getting ready to leave work for 10 days.


Once I settled my belongs/hotel room and showered after the long flight I decided I needed some “dong”

I had some “dong” left from my 1st trip to Vietnam, but I had put it away in such a safe place, I no longer knew where it was.


I travel with 4 ATM cards:






From my first trip, I knew that HSBC was the easiest place to bank, as it was close to my hotel, had plenty of ATMs around town.

(most circle K mini-marts will have atm machines and many times both CitiBank /HSBC specific ATM machines.)


I was unsure if the HSBC branch: 235 Kong Khoi Street, HCMC district 1

was open on a Saturday, but figured it was close enough to walk there and at least use the ATM machine.


Once I arrived there, there were two guards outside the door, but the branch was closed but the ATM machine lobby was open.

I had wanted to cash my American currency for “dong”, but would have to go with the ATM machine over the weekend until the branch would open on Monday.


100,000 dong = $5 USD

500,000 dong = $25 USD

1 million dong = $50 USD

2 million dong = $100 USD





Once I had some “dong” in my pockets, I headed for the “The Coffee Bean” just right around the corner.

I ordered an iced coffee and relaxed from the heat outside.

I had left my Netbook at the hotel and I had yet to get a SIM Card for my unlocked phone so instead of doing some surfing on the net, I just had my coffee and relaxed…..a very nice change of pace !


I decided to walk back to the hotel.


I gave two different moms with little kids a dollar each, they were selling gum, but didn’t need any gum so just gave them a dollar.


I also bought some paper dragons that you hold from a stick and walk it along the pavement.

I am going to need some souvenirs to give out back home, so best to take care of these things along the way instead of waiting till I am at the Saigon Airport waiting to fly home 


Once I got back to the hotel, checked my email and did a little work from the Netbook I just bought for this trip.

The Netbook is perfect for me, as I didn’t want to lug around a big laptop with me onto the airplane, when I go out for meals/coffee etc….

It is very light weight and is a convenient size.


I took a nap from around 3pm to 5pm.

Showered, shaved and went around the corner from my hotel onto HBT street.


I arrived at 91 Bar just before 6pm.

The bar address is 91 HBT and the name listed out front is 91 bar.

The bar has all black glass from the outside with a sign above that states 91 Bar.


There were 2 Viet guys sitting outside the entry way, they didn’t bother to look up as I walked into the bar.


The bar was dimly lit, with no customers yet and you could see many of the girls in the back still putting on make-up.

There were two cute girls up at the front of the bar.

I chose to sit at a bar table to the right.

Waitress came up quickly and I ordered a San Miguel Light, she told me they had no light beer….dooough! NO Sam Miguel Light ! I decided that no San Miguel Light, I needed to leave HCMC immediately for a flight to LOS !









Just kidding, so I decided to go with a Heineken.

One of the cute girls from the bar came over and asked if I wanted company and I said ok.

She was a very lovely girl, about 5 feet, very cute, really had a look like “Pui” back from Patts.

She has been working at 91 bar for about a month, moving to HCMC from about 3 hours away to work and send money home to mom.

After spending about an hour talking with her about the city, and bar scene, I was sure that she was telling me the truth about being in town for only a month so far.

Her name was “My something”, but after asking her to repeat her name the second time, I gave up trying to figure it out.

When she excused herself, the Mama-san who I met during my first trip came over and we chatted a bit.

The Mama-san confirmed that the girl was new and was a very nice girl.


The Bar on Sat. Oct. 23 at 6pm:

Dimly lit

Music at tolerable decibel

Girls :about 15 Girls working

13 of the girls were 7 out of 10 or above with at least 5 9’s.

The girl I was with, I would give her a 8/10.

Drink Prices: Never asked or received a formal bill, I paid in 3 sections.

The 1st time when my drinks and girls drink came over and just prior to her excusing herself.

The 2nd time when the Mama-san came over and I bought all 3 of us a drink and barfined the girl.

And the 3rd time when we had a couple more rounds prior to leaving the bar.


So after I talked with the Mama-san and the girl came back, I barfined her.

The girl had told me that she only goes S-T, but the Mama-San told her that she should stay till at least 2am which she agreed to.

After paying the final bill and gave the Mama-san a tip, we headed outside and the girl called out for a taxi.

The ride to the hotel took longer than a walk would take back to the hotel, but as it was muggy outside and girl was quietly all over me in the cab, I didn’t mind.

The cab costs less than $20k dong, and as I searching for something less than $100k dong note, my girl pays the cab fare….(will have to chalk up points for this girl for this move)


So I normally don’t provide details, but as this being Vietnam, with very few prior trip reports and etc…I will try to provide some details. And as you will noticed, it is nearly impossible to take pics of the gals.


Once we are in the room, the girl puts one arm around me and very gently caresses my other arm while giving me DFK.

We are both into it and we end up on the bed making out some more.

After about an half hour of this she leads me into the bathroom and we shower together.

She soaps me up, being very sensuous, and still kissing me all over.

After the shower we get into bed and make out some more.

She then lays me down on my back and beings to give me BBBJ. Very slow, long, and making sure to repeat her actions that make me moan the most.

After a while, she asks me for a condom and end up doing it in 4 different positions.

She is clean shaven, except for a very small landing strip…which is uncommon here in HCMC/Vietnam from my 1st trip and only experience last year in Vietnam.

After laying in bed together for about 20 minutes we do it again.

I fall asleep for a little bit and then wake-up and do it again.

At 2am she gets dressed and then sits on the bed as we talk for an hour and then she leaves, leaving me with a great GFE.




Looks : 8/10

Body : 7/10

Personality : 9/10

English Ability : 6/10

Kissing Ability: 9/10

Performance : 8/10

Likely to Repeat : 8/10


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - -- -


DAY #2.............






Burger King.JPG

starbucks HK.JPG

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DAY #2


6am: I wake up and turn on the tv, get onto the internet, and then decide to take a bath.

I am very relaxed…..

I go back to bed at 8am.


10am: I get up and hop into a taxi going North on HBT.

We take a right onto DBP still heading north.

I am headed just out of District 1 to either Benny Hot Toc or My Tien Hot Toc.

Once you pass the river that runs horizontally, you will come up to:


“My Tien” a Hot Toc on 90 Dien Bien Phu

“Benny a Hot” Toc on 110 Dien Bien Phu


Both will be on the right hand side as you are heading North.

The first one you will run into will be My Tien and 3 more shops up, you will run into Benny.


My taxi driver had a bit of a hard time understanding where I was going, but as soon as I have him stop the cab at “My Tien” he turns his head around and smiles and says….”later I show you other girl”

The cab cost $30k Dong, I don’t have change so I give him $50k Dong which is $5 USD.


I walk into My Tien at around 10:20am. They are already open with 4 young girls standing around talking, but no customers.

With my baseball cap and sunglasses on, the girls know why I am there and it isn’t for a haircut or scalp massage…..although scalp massages are FANTASTIC!













Try Be Ny (or Ben Ny) at 90 Dien Bien Phu St. map 1.bmp




U1 My Tien.JPG




U2 My Tien.JPG




U3 business card My Tien.JPG





Some expats had said that you are to pay $200k Dong up front and that is all.


A semi-older lady walks around behind the corner and tells me $100k Dong.

So I lay $100k Dong at the desk and head up the spiral staircase to the 2nd Floor.

One of the young girls is following right behind me.

I was told by some expats that you can go ahead and choose the girl, but I felt that all the girls working today were 7/10 with one girl maybe an 8 and didn’t feel like being picky…..as I planned to be back a bunch during this week long period and would be able to comment on all the girls/experiences.


Once we are on the 2nd Floor the girl points to a room with a bunch of massage type tables with sinks attached to them.

She has me lay down and goes to the other room to get some towelettes.

She then helps me pull down my shorts/boxers down

And begins to wipe me down.


Before she begins she pulls down her top and pulls down her panties.

She has nice large boobs and she is trimmed down below.

Wow ! 2 for 2….Viet girls who are either trimmed or shaven…..way different than from last year.


The girl is definitely a pro, won’t get into the visual details as you all know what a BJ is.

But between the fast and sometimes slow pace, the sucking and teasing to licking around the area, the experience was far better than average.


Not to complain about Lolita’s in BKK/Patts, as I always go there at least 2x per trip, but IMHO, the girls at Lolita’s for a majority of them are not all that cute and at times the experience is a bit mechanical.


I felt that my first time at My Tien, the girl, although a pro, made it less mechanical and made it an enjoyable morning.


One thing that cracked me up, was how this girl from the begin was speaking to me in Vietnamese.

During the whole time, I never once said a word in Vietnamese and she still continue to talk to me in Vietnamese to the very end.


The whole experience lasted maybe 15 minutes and just before leaving the room I handed her $100k dong which brought up the total cost to $200k dong as stated by many expats as the standard price for both the shop and tip to the girl.

I guess they changed the set-up for now and are separating the cost to the shop and the amount to the girl.


I know the expats living in HCMC are going to hate this, but since the experience was above average and I plan to be back trying out all the girls, I gave the girl an extra $100k dong…..and she seemed happy about that.

Now my original plan was to try both places this morning, but as soon as I was done at My Tien Hot Toc, I felt that I maybe didn’t have the energy for another round over at Benny’s.


As I stood there trying to decide if I should just go ahead and head into Benny’s, a taxi pulls up, so I figured I would pass on Benny’s and head out for lunch.



The Sushi Bar 1

I have the taxi take me to “The Sushi Bar 1”

Address: 2 Le Thanh Ton Street

Tele: (08) 3823 8042



























I have been here before.

It opens at 10am and closes at 11pm???

I order the lunch special bento box for just under $5 USD.

I also order a side of Maguro Tuna for about $5 USD.


After lunch I head across the street looking for the Mobile Phone Shop I went to last year to buy a SIM Card for my unlocked cell phone.

The place across the street from The Sushi Bar is now a construction site, but two guys in a make shift stall is selling cell phones and sim cards.

I purchase a sim card for $2.50 USD.

Everything works fine and I am off.


I decide to walk back to the hotel as it is only 10 minutes away and feel it would be good for me after a big lunch.

As I am walking home I come across “The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf etc….”, so I decide to go in and ordered an ice coffee to go.

I make it to my hotel as I am just finishing my ice coffee.

I go up my room, my room is yet to be cleaned/almost 1pm.

I lay on the bed to rest.

Around 1:30pm the cleaning ladies show up and I grab my travel bag and head out the door.


I walk around the block onto HBT and then onto Dong Khoi Street looking for a place to get a foot massage.

I plan to work on my Netbook while getting a foot massage.

I come across “Armani Salon and Spa”

Address: 99 Dong Khoi Street

Tele: 848 38 227 379










I follow a gal up to the 2nd Floor and decide on a hour foot massage for $15 USD.

The place is nice, clean and feels very relaxing to be inside.

I begin to work on my computer while the girl begins the foot massage.

After she is done, we head back downstairs and I tip her $5 USD.


I then head back to my hotel which is close by and once I return, my room is all made up and clean.

I decide to just lay down and relax before heading out later to the bars.


5:15pm – DAY #2

I get up shower and get ready for the night


I decide that tonight I will head to the bars on Le Thanh Ton Street.


By 6pm I am out of the hotel and walking towards Le Thanh Ton Street making my way from West to East.

The stretch of shops I will be at will all be within a quarter mile from the Saigon River traveling West to East.




(insert map showing the Saigon River)





The First Bar I hit is “Bin Bin Bar” .

Address: 13 Le Thanh Ton Street


Here is a review that I came across:

Bin Bin is next, just across the alley. This Bar has the second most and second prettiest after Bar 91.

Quality of the girls here is quite good, sometimes excellent. It has more floors upstairs for further entertainment.”


So when I enter the bar on Sunday at 6pm,

There isn’t anyone sitting at the bar or tables on the first floor, I believe I was their first customer for the night.

As I am walking in, a Viet Guy who was sitting outside at the door follows me inside and says something in Vietnamese and a girl who is sitting off to the right of the entrance stands up, takes my hand and leads me towards the back of the bar up the stairs.


We by-pass the 2nd floor billiards room and continue our way to the 3rd floor.


On the 3rd floor we go into the Japanese style mated room…nothing too fancy.

I order a drink and so does the girl with me.


I chit chat with this girl for about 30 minutes and not really all that into her.

I pay the bill and say I go next door to have drink.


Initially I was going to give this girl a 6/10, but she wasn’t ugly by any means, I just never got all that into her. So she probably deserves a 7/10.

Looks she wasn’t ugly, but nothing great

She was a little bit heavier than most girls although not fat

She was friendly, let her hands roam and let me hands roam too.

Her English was good enough for conversation, but I knew early on I wasn’t going to bar fine her.


As I was leaving there was a white guy now sitting at the bar and there was a girl on each side of him.

As their backs were to me, I wasn’t able to tell the quality of the girls with this gentleman.


I will need to come back later on in order to assess the quality of this bar and its inventory.


So I go next door – literally, to Quan Nho Bar.


Here is a prior review of the bar:

“Quan Nho is a very small bar with just a few girls. Sofas upstairs to spend time with your girl. Tho few, girls here tend to be a step up, and the place is more expensive than most .”


So as I enter the bar, I do notice how tiny the place is.

One of the girls who I will call 2nd mama-san tells me to sit at one of the stools on the left.

There are 10 girls sitting on short stools on the right side.


The 2nd mama-sans says for me to choose a girl.


I tell her right away, that I only come for 1 beer to relax.

As I am surveying the girls I noticed that of the 10 girls, there are at least 5 girls who I wouldn’t bar fine at all.

The other 5 no more than a low 7/10.


The 2nd mama-san tells me I should just go ahead and pick lady and buy drink.


I tell her, I only come short time and then go see friend.


So I tell the girl I buy the real Mama-san behind the bar a drink, buy the 2nd mama-san girl a drink and then order a drink for myself.


Now, from my understanding, most of these type of bars employ 10-25 girls on average and most of the girls will be at work around the 5pm-6:30pm time frame.

If you see 10 girls already sitting around waiting for customers to come in…then that is probably the selection they employ at the time.


I wasn’t all that impressed with the line-up,

But I am happy to be on vacation and enjoy having a beer at the bar relaxing.

I talk with both the Mama-san and 2nd mama-san and enjoy a very pleasant conversation.

After about 30 minutes, I settle the bill and head outside to flag down a cab.


I grab a cab and decide to head to HBT Street.


I tell the cabby to go to 51 Beer Bar on HBT.


We get there quickly and as I walk across the street, I noticed that both 49 Beer Bar and 51 Beer Bar are next door to each other.


There are Viet Guys standing at both bars enticing me to come to their bar.


Here are past reviews of both of the bars:


“49 HBT Beer Bar. Fairly large bar, long and narrow with a back room, which has a 2nd pool table and where things can be quite cozy. Girls are usually more plentiful and in general a bit cuter than at Beer Bar 35.”



“51 HBT Beer Bar. A bit smaller than 49. Better than average selection and quality (more so than 49, imo). This one seems to get new girls more often than most, and the occasional gorgeous one. They also have 2 pool tables, one in the back and another on balcony level.”



I decide that since I am traveling from West to East, I will just hit bar 49 first and then can try out 51 after that.

So far in terms of a bar fine, I am striking out, but enjoy just barhopping and relaxing with the girls.


Just before entering bar 49, I tell the Viet Guys at bar 51 that I come over later.


As I enter Beer Bar 49 on HBT, I notice there are approx. 15 girls sitting up front at the entrance waiting for customers.


Before I can even survey the scene, a girl who is in her late 20s and in casual attire tells me to follow girl in white dress.


The girl in the white dress has her back towards me and heading to the back.

She is wearing a very sexy white dress with colored orchids.


We head to the back and up some stairs to the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor is a separated by make shift sections with bamboo like walls separating each section.

Each section is set-up Japanese style with floor mats and a square table in the middle.


I finally get to see the girl I am to sit with……Wow!!! She is absolutely stunning.

I sure hope my mouth wasn’t open when I first gazed upon her.


After a few seconds to compose myself, I ordered my drink from the Mama-san who I found out later was only 29 years old.


Back to the girl: This girl,no question was at least a 9/10.

I am unsure that I could ever give a girl 10/10, so in all fairness, I will give this girl a 9.5/10.

She is so cute and so so sexy.

Her dress is simple and elegant, it is not cheap, trashy or overdone.

Her make-up is done right, but not overdone.

She looks great and smells great.


In all the years of going to LOS, and coming across/seeing/viewing , I don’t think I have ever seen a girl more beautiful than this girl.


The Mama-san comes back with our drinks and she says I should take her number 1 girl to my hotel….I just giggle a bit, but don’t answer her question/no reply.


I chit chat with my girl for a while.

She told me her name when we first arrived at the table, when I first saw a full view of her for the first time….but being stunned at her beauty, I never processed her name…..(an excuse to go back again another night.)


As we talk about many things, she caresses my arms and hands.

She gently wraps her arm around me from time to time.

She gazes at me with her beautiful eyes and flashes/winks at me from time to time.

At times she looks over to the bar to make sure no one is looking at us, and then gives me soft, wet little kisses……ok, this girl is amazing.



She is 20 years old and has been working at this bar for about 6 weeks now.

Her dress is so sexy.

She has smaller breasts than most of the Viet girls I have seen.

She is about 5’5”…slightly taller than me.

She is thin, with great curves, but not bony/not too skinny.


So far I don’t see any flaws….and usually with bar girls there are some flaws in every one of them.

Usually, you want to barfine a girl with as few flaws as possible, but impossible to find one without a few issues.


She has a sister who is 26 and use to work at another bar, but a Singapore customer many years ago married her and she moved to Singapore.

Eventually, they got divorced, but she still lives in Singapore.

The girl using her cell phone shows me a picture of her sister and she too is stunning.

My girl asks me if I think her sister is beautiful and my reply as I look into her eyes

“I think you beautiful” as I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her close to me as I bury my head into neck area.

After I release my hold on the girl, she smiles at me and gives me a really GFE long slow kiss.

Wow ! this girl is something else.


Yes, mongering in LOS is far easier.

But, finding a GFE in LOS is difficult, many girls are great gals, but lack the true GFE.

This girl so far has it all.


We order our second drink.

I am a bit tired and decide to order a vodka red bull.

As our second round arrives, my girl and I notice a Korean man enter the bar.

My girl says she go with this Korean man before, and that she thinks he is looking for her.

The Mama-san talks with the Korean man for a minute and then he leaves the bar.

My girl during this time, is holding me tightly and is planting soft wet kisses.


After a few minutes goes by a Japanese man comes into the bar and it seems that he too is looking for this girl.


Prior to this, I already knew I was going to bar fine this girl.


The Mama-san comes up to check on us and my girl excuses herself for a few minutes.

The Mama-san says she would like for me to barfine the girl.

She tells me that usually this girl only goes 1-2 hours to love hotel only, but she says I can take her my hotel till 2am, I agree.

I pay the bar the standard $30 USD for barfine.

The Mama-san tells me that this girl never goes for more than 2 hours before and she just started working bar 6 weeks ago.

The Mama-san says maybe everything good tonight, you take girl long-time next time.

I am thinking that would be nice.


Once my girl returns, Mama-san gives the girls the good news and then my girl excuses herself to change.


I chit chat some more with the young Mama-san and find that she is a pretty cool Mama-san.

Not saying she is sexy or anything like that, but someone who is nice, enjoy talking with, isn’t too pushy and isn’t overdoing it and isn’t “abusing my kindness for a sense of weakness”.


Once my girl returns we make our way out of the bar.

From my casual glances at the girls up at the front, there are some cuties here.

I am already thinking, if I can’t get this girl next time for long-time, I will have the Mama-san pick out a cutie who can go long-time.


As my girl and I make our way to the front door, the other girls scream out and a girl who is standing at the door plants a kiss on my cheek while another girl on my right tells me that two girls are better than only 1.


Once outside I flag down a taxi, my girl says “your hotel close, why we not walk?”

I assumed my little princess was unwilling to walk, but I guess I was wrong.

This girl is a keeper so far.


Back at the hotel.

My girl leads me, not as much as my first girl /first night, but enough to keep things moving along.

We shower together and although this girl is not leading/controlling the action as much as the first girl, she is slowly, gently, sexually moving things along.

I wouldn’t say better or worse than the first girl….just different and quite enjoyable both ways.


IMHO, I feel that Thai girls are too starfishy in the GFE.

They wouldn’t sensually lead you into the shower,

They wouldn’t after you close the door to the hotel, turn around give a sexy smile and give a sweet GFE kiss.

These type of experiences just don’t happen with Thai girls, you usually have to be the one leading.


So after showing we lay together on the bed.

My Vodka red bull is now hitting me, it was more like straight vodka with maybe a splash of Red Bull.

My girl is caressing my arm and running her hand along my body.

I gaze upon her, and am truly stunned at how beautiful this girl is.


The rest, I am not going into the long details, but it was nice to have my girl come twice and she seemed to really enjoy her time with me, which made the experience so much more.


I helped my girl leave around 2ish and I fell asleep right away.


Looks : 9.5/10

Body : 9/10

Personality : 9/10

English Ability : 7/10

Kissing Ability: 9/10

Performance : 9/10

Likely to Repeat : 9/10


Both girls performance was great, and even though the first girl had amazing technique and was moving/leading more/doing more, this 2nd girl was so so sexy and so beautiful the performance/overall experience was a notch higher.



- - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - -



DAY # 3.........

district 1.jpg

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DAY # 3


Well, as always after drinking, I tend to wake up earlier than I want to.


It is 6am and I am wide awake.


I use the internet and snack on some things.


I go back to bed and wake up at 9am.


I know that the HSBC Main Branch is open at 8am.


I walk down to the HSBC on Dong Khoi street.


I planned to cash $2k but remember that I left $1k on the bed so I end up cashing only the $1k on me.

One of the $100 USD is a bit worn and the lady says she can not cash….so end up only cashing $900 USD.


After finishing up at HSBC, I go around the corner to The Coffee Bean and order an ice coffee and use my netbook to check football scores.






















Street Map District 1.jpg




I leave and walk back to the hotel.

I empty any extras I have on me and then head out of the hotel, flag down a cab and I am off.











Well I am heading north again, this time to “Benny Hot Toc”





1 Benny\'s_Sign.jpg




1 Try Be Ny (or Ben Ny) at 90 Dien Bien Phu St. map 1.bmp




2 IMG_0003.jpg




3 IMG_0002 disregard point A.jpg













When I arrive the Mama-san says $100 dong.

I pay and then led by a girl to the back.



(If they push one of the girls on you and you want another you see, DON'T BE SHY. Just point to the one you want, it's your choice.

For me, as it is the morning and don’t really don’t care much, as long as the girl isn’t a total dog, I will take the next girl in line.)


I noticed about 10 girls up front, most average to cute looking.

Some of the girls start talking and giggling, I look at my girl and she says to me..”girls think you cute”

My girl is average in looks, there were better ones sitting down, but I wasn’t too particular considering it was still morning and this was only a BJ place.


Once we are in the back with tables and sinks, the girl begins the massage.

Huh???....the massage, absolutely worthless. It really isn’t a massage at all !

But I wasn’t there for a massage anyways .

They should just eliminate this portion.


The girl is average looking, not hot but not ugly either.

I noticed some real cuties though…maybe next time.


So in another room, secluded, the girl begins the BJ.

She has already pulled down her panties and pulled down her top, but as I wasn’t all that into her and it being the morning (I’m usually not too into it in the mornings) I let her do her thing without me Touch her anywhere.

After about 10 minutes I am done, she did do an above average job.

I tip her and leave Benny’s.

(The standard tip is only $100k Dong, but I am planning to always tip $200k Dong. I am sure some of the expats on other boards are going to be pissed-off at what I am doing.)


I don’t really need another BJ considering I am in “slow motion” in the morning, but still decide to head a few shops down to My Tien Hot Toc.


Once inside, the Mama-san recognizes me from yesterday.

I pay her the $100k Dong.

I begin walking up the spiral staircase and a girl follows me.


The Girl is a real cutie.

All the girls are wearing a purple/lavender dress.

The dress is a thin, silky material but really sexy looking and accentuates the curves on a girls body.

My girl is cute…did I already say that 


So just like yesterday, same song and dance.

The girl has my kind of boobs.

I am really not a boob man, but enjoy ones that aren’t too big but not too small.

As she is doing her thing, her boobs are enough to dangle down so I can cop a great feel, they feel great to Touch.


The girl used too much teeth, I’ll have to let her know if I get her the next time, but she sure was sexy enough and cute enough to want to see her again.

She was worthy enough to be working a beer bar.

I made a GREAT choice in getting the 2nd BJ, sure would love to have her back at my hotel…not sure what the chances of that are…..will have to talk to the Mama-san about that next time....


After the BACK TO BACK BJ, I flag down a cab and head over to Sushi Bar again for lunch.




After lunch I return back to the hotel and decide to try out one of the forum recommended Spa/Massage places which includes an option to get a rub and tug at the end.


At 1pm, I am headed over to Minh Tam hotel in District 3.

My cabby is lost and we circle about for 10 minutes.

Finally he sees a sign….not the easiest place to find.



009 IMG_0004.jpg












(fyi, as you have noticed I have tried to include business cards of all the places I have visited.

It seems that all the taxi drivers seem to know where to go when I hand them a business card vs. telling them or showing a printed map of where I want to go. If you ever make it to Vietnam/HCMC and plan to try any of the places I’ve visited, I would recommend printing out the business cards beforehand. )


I head inside and the place is already packed with mostly Viet Guys.

I follow the herd to the dressing room upstairs and change.


I first enter the Steam Room, then the sauna.

After a shower, I head into the pool/hot tub area and relax for about 30 minutes.


I then shower again and then led to the massage rooms.


I lay down on the massage table and my girl walks in.

Wow ! ! !

This girl is just as hot as any girl who works as hostesses at the “New World hotel/ CatwalkClub”

She is super cute, is taller than most Vietnamese girls which makes her body even hotter and has beautiful hair and great smile.


Massage: whoaaa…..her massage hands were super strong.

I am a wuss when it comes to massages.

I tend to go for only the oil massages.

She is working my body over, my back side first.

Finally, I get to turn over and get to stare at this total cutie.

She catches me eyeing her a bunch of times and always smiles back playfully.


After the massage is done, she asks me if I want a sexy massage.

…which is just like it was stated on the forum, but unlike what it was stated on the forum 3 years ago, the girl isn’t accepting $200k dong.

I finally agree on $30 USD.

I probably could have stood my ground at $20 USD, but wasn’t in the mood to negotiate, plus I noticed three other massage girls walking about during my visit here….all very cute, but not as cute as my girl, so I went along with the $30.


The HJ was great. She really took her time teasing me and going slowly at first before going at a normal pace.

The whole process maybe took 15 minutes.

I showered again, got dressed went downstairs and paid $160k Dong for the spa/massage, with the tip to the girl separate.

I enjoyed my time there, but will need to learn in Vietnamese “No hard massage, soft massage


I ended up picking up a bunch of business cards.

I found out that they have a 24 hour place just like this one but in District 1.

I will probably try out the one in District 1 as it is closer to where I am staying.


It is on the West side of District 1, and the street “Pham Ngu Lao” is considered the backpackers district.



Other sister massage Place:


Name : massage VIEN DONG

Location : 2nd floor of the Vien Dong hotel

Address : 275 Pham Ngu Lao Street District 1

Tele : 08 38 364531




(attaché business card)






After the Spa/Massage/HJ, I take a cab back to the hotel.

I unload my stuff and head across the street to a massage place called “Y. T. Foot massage

It is a typical foot massage place and nice to have just across the street from my hotel – Northern hotel.


After foot massage, it is now 5pm.

I will rest a bit before heading out to the bars tonight.



6:30pm I head out to the bars.


Instead of going directly into 51 Beer Bar which I missed yesterday,

I decide to check out Saigon NY Beer Bar first.


A forum report from the past:

Saigon NY. Small bar near the corner of Dong Du and Hai Ba Trung, actually off HBT street. It's very friendly there, and girls are slightly below average (IMO) in general. They're less pushy and usually more human than most of the bars though. Some girls wear ao dais. There's a pool table upstairs


My assessment is the same as above.

I chatted with the Mama-san for a while and caught up on some changes in the area.

There was Frenchman who was with the most attractive girl in the bar – 8/10.

The rest of the girls were average to below average, but the girls were not pushy.

After my drink and chat with Mama-san I squared up my bill, tipped the Mama-san and headed around the corner to 51 Beer Bar.


51 Beer Bar on HBT.

Next door to 49 Beer Bar.

In order for me to enter 51 beer bar, I had to pass 49 beer bar first.

As I had just barfined a girl the night before and their doors were open, the girls were screaming at me to come back inside.

I told them I already promised to go into Beer Bar 51.


49 and 51 bar (1).JPG






The settings in 51 Beer Bar on HBT was IMHO a bit more relaxed than most of the other Beer Bars.

The bar was a bit cleaner than some bars, they had a larger open area in the front, I didn’t feel so cramped.

There was a nice fish tank in the back that you could see from the front.

The place was cleaner, simple, relaxed settings, lighting perfect and music tolerable.


The place had one customer already who was chatting with a girl 8/10.


I chose to sit down at the stool next to the customer as this would eliminate one more seat for a girl to park next to me….that is why I chose not to sit at the tables to the right side.


I ordered my drink from the Mama-san who was also another girl who wasn’t old at all.

From being tired the past two nights at about this time, I chose to go with both a red bull and Corona .


The customer next to me noticing that I spoke English well, introduced himself to me.

He was John from San Francisco.

We chatted for some time and his girl who was sitting next to him was probably the best looking girl in the bar.


(sidebar/sidenote) In LOS, I notice so often how people will step into a bar, and if it looks empty they skip right on out. IMHO, I always believe that going to the bars early to catch the fresh pick of the day provides a much better success rate and less hassle in the long run. My plans in the past, about shopping around before making a decision usually never works out well. Also, waiting till the night progresses to barfine someone is something I now avoid like the plague.

These days, I don’t mind being the 1st customer in a bar….or the only customer in the bar. I don’t worry about barfining a girl too early in the night. If I see something good early, I grab it right then and there.



In HCMC I noticed that the Neon Signs outside are turned on at some places at 5:30pm.

Most of the other bars will turn on their lights at 6pm.

Even at 6pm, I noticed that if I step into a bar to look over the girls or see the selection, many of the girls are still in the back getting ready.

I have found that the earliest time to see all the girls at the front waiting for customers, tends to be right at 7pm. I plan to be at my first Beer Bar at 7pm from now on…

Here in HCMC, you should try to make the Beer Bars prior to 9pm/10pm, as groups of Japanese and Koreans can over take a place leaving you with no options available.


Back to BB 51.

So while I am chatting with John from San Fran. the Mama-san says I should pick a girl to have sit down next to me.

(a very common theme, the mama-san hates for customers to just come in and sit alone….always makes the customers select a girl to sit with you.)

I notice that 51 Beer Bar has about 15 girls working.

I would say that almost half of the girls working are average and maybe 4 above average girls.

The Mama-san makes all the girls line up front…now putting me on the spot to select a girl now 

John says he will provide some suggests: He says I should either pick


A girl wearing a slutty black dress, she is cute or

A girl who seems to be bossing around the other girls and also is above average


Now up to this point in time my eyes glanced over to this short gal who is my type of girl.

A girl who anyone who has ever bar hopped with me and knows the type of girls I usually barfine.

I think she knows that I have checked her out by this time.

But this wasn’t one of Johns suggestions.

I am having a hard time making a decision, so I tell the Mama-san that I only want to pick a girl who is ok with going LT.

My fist two girls/barfines up to now, so far, were both, leave at 2am girls and I wanted one for the entire night.

The Mama-san says something in Vietnamese and about half the girls sit down.

Unfortunately for me both of John’s suggestions are still both standing in the line.

I decide that I would rather have the girl with the black dress and select her and she sits down.


All 4 of us have another round of drinks and then John and his girl head out.

My girl and I also head out a few minutes later, back to my hotel.

As I am heading out the front door the short girl I was eyeing looks up at me and seems very disappointed that I didn’t select her.


My girl who had changed prior to leaving the bar, has switched from the slutty looking black dress to a very simple cute dress….much more to my liking.

I won’t get too much into the details but my girl was way above average in performance.

We did it 3x during the night, and 1x in the morning.


My girl leaves at 8am after we shower, do it again and shower again together.


One thing that I also noticed, same as the other girls on this trip, none of them would lock the bathroom door on me….something that LOS girls seem to always do….


Last Night’s “Girlfriend”, as the hotel operator calls it when my girl is leaving the desk /picking up her id.


Looks : 7.5/10

Body : 7/10

Personality : 8/10

English Ability : 6/10

Kissing Ability: 7/10

Performance : 8/10

Likely to Repeat : 7/10




(1st Vietnam Trip vs. THIS TRIP – Last year I ran into a couple of Moto guys who set-up a few dates that came over to the hotel. Probably something most people should avoid after I researched about HCMC a bit more. The girls/dates that I had last year, made the experience of Viet Girls a poor one. As they did not want to shower together, weren’t groomed down below, were bad performers, or for the most part lacked even the slightest in GFE. I think most of this was do to the Moto guys bringing me girls who really lacked experience or the Desire to perform well. The girls seem to be more ‘rural’.

For me to make my decision on Viet Girls from last year’s assessment would be completely inaccurate.

I am glad to have the help of some board members and older forum reports to help me with this years adventures.

Also, although each person is entitled to their wants and desires, most of my prior information/direction was based off people who were looking for either the cheapest, easiest, cheap Charlie - less expensive way to find a date. Using their notes/suggestions from last year basically provide a cheap, but for me, an unfulfilling experience of Viet Girls and also provided the less than GFE.)



(sidebar/sidenote – hotel: Remember, not all hotels are GF. Also, fyi, my hotel the Northern hotel is a rocks throw from the HoSen hotel - I stayed there during last years trip as suggested from a board member.

The HoSen hotel is a 2 star place and does not charge you for a guest.

My hotel, the Northern hotel allows guests at no charge as long as they leave at either 9pm or 9:30pm.

After that you have to sign a slip and they will charge you an extra $30.

I believe the daily rate at HoSen is only $30 per night.

I am paying over $100 per day to stay at the Northern hotel I believe…will let you know once I review the bill.

So basically, the joiner fee is the same cost as a night at the HoSen hotel which I know is important to know for a lot on the board.

Also, although the website lists the Northern as a 3 star hotel…..IMHO, it feels more like the high end of the 3 stars. I am enjoying the stay here far more than last years stay at the HoSen hotel.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


DAY #4......

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wow great trip report. Like the details you go into.

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Fantastic Report....on ething I missed....does the barfine include the girl?...if so, what would be a generous tip for good performance? (quality deserves quantity), or is there a set rate on top of the barfine....I exect to be frequently visiting Vietnam on business, but like in other countries, always extend a few days

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Devil Plaything

Nice detailed report - those unresized pics are probably going to stop a lot of people getting through it though.

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Nice detailed report - those unresized pics are probably going to stop a lot of people getting through it though.



Yeah - huge pic size makes viewing awkward - I'd recommended shrinking them somewhat and then this will be an awesome TR

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Great TR and I love all the details! Thanks for the info on the sushi shops. I used to eat it a lot back in the states and I kinda forgot about it since I have been here... Until I went to a birthday party last weekend and they ordered some salmon, it was great, I was in heaven! I'm going to try the sushi shop you mentioned, looks like a good deal for $5. Is the tuna you refer to the same as albacore tuna, it's whitish and has a hint of a coconut flavor? Maybe I'm wrong on the name but I am craving it like crazy now!


I love the HBT bars, although can be a bit pricey, glad to see the service was above par. My favorite is 91 and I have a 'friend' that works there who's name is My as well, fits your description but she has worked there awhile. Either way you can't beat the HBT bars in the selection of women they have and their performance. I bet the girls were thinking WTF is this when they saw a bath tub? Hahaha! They do seem to dislike pictures being taken right? Gotta love Benny and the blow and go's, money well spent.


Losing face... yes it is the same here as in LoS, if not more. My VGF explains it as 'they smile...', in other words laughing at... because of... I think it would apply to the BB girls the same. Glad you had a great trip and give me a shout if you return again I can introduce you to the bia oms (beer holds) eating and etc outside of the D1 area. Take care!

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Wow!!! Man. What can I say? Your detailed report is awesome and great to read. Maps and photos are cherry on top. Pity on lack of girls' photos, but I understand. I will rep it.

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Thanks mate.....


I love seeing new stuff.....


now i have to plan a trip myself

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One of the top trip reports i've read on here, makes me want to fly there tomorrow, thanks

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Great trip report and loved the detail you provided, especially of all the locations. Thanks for taking the time.

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Pocket Rocket

What an awesome and detailed trip report Todd, thanks for making time to pay so much attention to detail.


I will be living and working in HCM in February and this report contains so much valuable information for me. I have a hundred questions after reading it but will post another day.


There will never be anything to compare to Pattaya but at least now I know that I will be based in a pretty fun town.


Once again many thanks.



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Great guide & fantastic details etc. :GoldenSmile1:


Two things firstly some one needs to reduce the size of some of them maps & pics, it took me bloody ages & this will put members of opening this report & viewing quality info.


Secondly I guess Viet girls are not into giving you pics due to the lack of them in this super report ?????



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Incredible report!


As others have said, I too want to book the flight now. I feel like I know the place due to your report. What's the visa process like?


I've noticed that when I allow the page to load fully the pictures automatically resize. I didn't let the page load this time but manually stopped it, so I don't know if they resize or not.


I went back today and let the page load to see if the pics resize automatically. Glad I did. Yes. They do resize but more importantly I got to see an example of what you consider a beautiful woman. Some men prefer busty & big hips...though no so likely for men traveling to SEA. It puts your rating system into perspective.

Edited by xilef

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Whew Im exhausted ploughing through all that.

Some great mongering advice there though,saigon is hard to crack without good advice.

But why the hell do you pay an extra 100k at the hot tocs?

Its not necessary and it will ruin what is a bargain BJ experience.

I dont usually criticise people for paying extra but places like bennys are unique because they are cheap-dont help ruin it for others please.

I think the viet women are the most beautiful,no tatoos and no smoking unlike thailand.

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Thanks for a very detailed TR. Great job. Excuse my ignorance, but I was under the impression it was illegal for a foreigner and Viet girl to be together? I thought all the hotels we not girl friendly. That was definitely the case in Hanoi. I guess it's different in HCMC?

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Thanks for a very detailed TR. Great job. Excuse my ignorance, but I was under the impression it was illegal for a foreigner and Viet girl to be together? I thought all the hotels we not girl friendly. That was definitely the case in Hanoi. I guess it's different in HCMC?


Yes it is illegal. The nicer 4-5 star hotels are usually owned by the state and play by the RULES. Never been to Hanoi, but I know down south there are GF hotels in all the cities I have been to. Nha Trang, Vung Tau, HCMC, Ben Tre, etc. I would think Hanoi does, just maybe harder to come by.

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Great report but would be so much better and make me want to go there if you would post some pics of the girls.

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Yes it is illegal. The nicer 4-5 star hotels are usually owned by the state and play by the rules. Never been to Hanoi, but I know down south there are GF hotels in all the cities I have been to. Nha Trang, Vung Tau, HCMC, Ben Tre, etc. I would think Hanoi does, just maybe harder to come by.


cool thanks!

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Brilliant post! I am moving to HCMC early next year and now have a great place to start!


Thanks for putting in the effort for the rest of us :)

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Excellent report. I'm headed to HCMC and Hanoi next month for holiday.

Your report makes me wish i had more time in HCMC.

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cool thanks!


Great thread - so much info. Just come back wish I would have seen this first! Enjoyed HCM;


- massage - His Salon on le Thanh Ton D1 - quality massage a little expensive for VN 1m dong - two pops

- evening - smiley's - thai van lung - good bar - quality 5-8

- GF hotel - A & EM on dong do D1- 50 usd a night - small boutique nice minimalist rooms - close to everything



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