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Secrets vs Grand Hotel Pattaya


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I recently stayed at The Grand hotel Pattaya on the 9th floor 1690 baht/night. My Secrets superior room was 995 baht/night. I did not notice a difference in room size. The Grand was nicer with the carpeting in the hall and inside the room. I did not like the fact that when I booked my Grand room I had to prepay (maybe because it was a booking agent, not sure). Never had to do that at Secrets. The Grand was way more quiet than Secrets. I think the carpet makes a big difference. You can hear every step that high heels make on the tile in the Secrets hallways.

Safe, refrigerator and bar were the same in both.

Now the things I like about Secrets were the walk-in shower. The Grand had a very tall tub which I do not like unless its big enough for two. The shower cord was kinda short. I'm not that tall, but I felt like I had to bend to use it. My biggest complaint was the water pressure in the Grand, it was low and it sucked. It felt like it took way to long to rinse off. I love the walk-in shower at Secrets. Plenty of power and adjustable streams. By the way, at Secrets the shower head slipped out of my hand and broke when it hit the floor and they replaced it within 30 minutes and didn't charge me for the accident.

Room service goes to Secrets. I could sleep all day undisturbed and head out at 8:30pm and ask them to clean the room while I was out. It's very nice to come back to a clean room with fresh towels.

At the Grand I went down to ask if my room could be cleaned and the receptionist first reaction was to look at the clock. It was about 4:30pm and they cleaned it. Every day I would be woken up between 4 and 5 pm to ask if they could clean my loom. This was a pain when your on vacation and just want to catch up on sleep. I felt like if I didn't allow them to clean it, I would have to come back to the same towels from the night before.

I think the air conditioner worked better at Secrets.

They are across the street from each other so distance to Walking Street is not and issue.

The Grand did have an elevator, at Secrets I had to walk up three flights of very narrow stairs.

There is a sign at the elevator in the Grand that says no food or drink from outside is to be brought in. I do not know how much they enforce this. I didn't have any problems. But the sign is there. Made me feel a little conscientious when I had food and drinks with me.

Internet service is good in your room at Secrets. It is not advertised as being in the room at the Grand. I had a room signal about 70 percent of the time I tried to log on at the Grand.

I wanted to stay at Secrets, but they were booked for some of the days I needed. And I tried 2 months in advance. Room service and a good strong shower are most important to me and that will keep me coming back to Secrets. If you want peace and quiet, I was impressed with the Grand.

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I am a Secrets fan. Love the staff and location. Stayed there last year and have this December booked again.

While you can eat downstairs in the club, I didn't find that too good an option but didn't bother me as I just went over to the PBG for sit down meals as needed.

My only small issue with Secrets was no warm water in the shower! Did you experience this too or was it just a onetime problem with my stay?

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First time to Pattaya. I stayed at Secrets hotel, largely because it is so close to Walking Street. I thought it might be like some short-time or love-hotel dive, but it’s a nice little hotel. Very well placed. The bar itself is ace too. Very good for the first time visitor. It’s not the best idea to BF one of the girls from the bar, then bring girls back to your room from other gogos on subsequent nights. Well I got a few nasty looks for it anyway.


I didn’t venture too far from Walking Street but here’s my thoughts: I liked Baby Dolls the best, because the girls in here were the most fun. Best looking girls I thought were in Angelwitch, but that place ripped me off for a drink so I wouldn’t go back. All the other main gogos were pretty good: Boesche, Livingdolls 1 and 2, Peppermint, Champions and many more. Happy was always too busy for my liking. Prices (always asked after 23:00): 2k seemed to be standard for LT; I didn’t bother to haggle. I got one of the lasses for free (paid the BF, mind) and another for 1k, perhaps because I am a little younger than most Patts visitors?


Much as I still love BKK, Pattaya had the better P4P seen, I thought: no difference I could tell in quality of looks but far cheaper; less LBs in Patts; and most importantly the girls were more fun. I don’t, however, know how people can stand it (no pun intended) for 2 weeks, 5 days was enough for me.

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'm not going to knock Secrets even though I personally will never set foot in the place again but that is a private matter between me and the owners and managers it just happens to be on my no go personal boycott list (one of only two in Pattaya)


Secrets as a business model is aimed squarely at the newbie more specifically the newbie who has never set foot in Thailand before and as a business model it works very well.


The newbie or clients they are trying to attract will no doubt have a good experience.


They typically first find it through the Secrets website then read the forum even if they don't participate at first.


Sometimes they do join in most look at the photos and girls that work there that IMO are not that good there are far better to be had if you look, then they get together a wish list or must have list that never works


Most cannot believe there are good looking young women who would be only too willing to go with them and be their girlfriend while they are here the fact is the whole of Pattaya is like that.


I would say the typical Secrets client or the one they are aiming at is a first timer who stays in their hotel eats in the bar uses their airport pickup and rarely ventures from their room unless its to Secrets bar and if they do it is not far probably Walking Street at most then again they wouldn't want to barfine someone else in case it upset one of the girls in Secrets.


As a result the vast majority of their money is going to be spent in Secrets or on Secrets girls. They will learn it just takes time.


As I said before Secrets is a good business so good luck to them.


So you have the target (newbie) customers then there are the hangers on or ones who think they are either friends of the management/owners or those who think they are a cut above lesser mortals because they think they have more money. Even if it was only because they happened to be lucky enough to cash in at the height of the property boom and sold their house making a huge tax free profit.


Well after 41 or 42 years in Thailand 3 children (that I know of) and 2 grandchildren i can hardly be described as a newby even though sometimes I wish I was.


Am I friends with the management/owners. No I consider them acquaintances not friends I choose me friends carefully.


I do have people I consider friends that either manage or own a bar but I have known them a long time.


Some people make the mistake of thinking because a bar manager/owner is being nice to them he is their friend get real you are just a customer.


Neither am I a hanger on or someone who thinks they are better than anyone else. I just happen to think I am as good as anyone else and anyone else is as good as me not better.


So in conclusion I do not and do not wish to fit into the Secrets in crowd.


I think you will find most of the Secrets customers learn after a while and move on.


They certainly don't encourage the expats unless your an arselicker or big spender.


One of the reasons I like this board is because it is not tied to a business and you can give an honest opinion without either the post being deleted or being banned.


If anyones interested in my opinion would I recomend Secrets? well for the first timer or newbie even though it pains me to do so yes I would with one proviso get out explore Pattaya don't spend all your time and money in Secrets and don't be in the least concerned about taking another girl back to your room.



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Wow.... who rattled your cage AI.? I gotta say, at least you stated right up front that you're a disgruntled crank regarding Secrets. I have no opinions on the place, so I have no axe to grind, but you obviously did. Hope that's working for you.


Gonna stay in the Grand on my next trip, anyone else got feedback on it?

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Even if it was only because they happened to be lucky enough to cash in at the height of the property boom and sold their house making a huge tax free profit.


Er.....OK. I could sell my house now for a shitload but would I make a huge tax free profit? No because the bank still owns most of it. Those that have worked hard for many years to pay off their loan, and then choose to make a strategic decision as to the best time to sell to get a maximumum return on their investment - Thats not luck Pal !


But - if, dismissing all the gripes and digs you are making on the side, you are trying to say that Sectrets is OK for newbies but full of wankers and totally boring as you get to see nothing of anything of the rest of Pattaya/Thailand, and therefore it's shit, I couldn't agree more. I lasted two days there first trip to Patts before I moved to the 7.

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Frickin' weird. I've marked this topic as "watched" and it shows when I'm in the topic, but on the front page it says "you aren't watching any topics". Hmmmmm......

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Wow.... who rattled your cage AI.? I gotta say, at least you stated right up front that you're a disgruntled crank regarding Secrets. I have no opinions on the place, so I have no axe to grind, but you obviously did. Hope that's working for you.


Gonna stay in the Grand on my next trip, anyone else got feedback on it?


I believe if truth were known, AL's comments were very ACQUERATE and spot on, and felt the same way by MANY others across all boards,Secrets excluded! It has catered for the nOObie since day one, and continues to do so!A successful business (if you believe their minions)however as they say, "Not for me Ronnie"! :GoldenSmile1:

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I stayed at Secrets on my first trip as well as Pattaya Bay Resort and LK Metropole. As a whole package of close to Walking Street, good food, drinks and girls and great staff I thought it was excellent. The staff went out of their way to make my stay great and I appreciated it. My room was small but clean, shower and toilet the best of the 3 places I stayed and the girls I took from there all provided me great service, this was not the case with a few girls I took from Walking Street.


To me Secrets is a place which you can base yourself and get a girl from Walking Street and be back at your room in 5 minutes walking if you want, or you can just spend the afternoon and night there and relax, eat talk crap to people there and grab one of their girls and have a good time as well. I also never had an issue bringing a non-Secrets girl back and spending time with her in the bar.


There are lots of places to eat, lots of places to drink at, lots of places to chill out and stay at and lots of places with girls but I think Secrets certainly is one of the better ones that combines all those things (just my thoughts though).

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