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Photos from Erdinger's Camo Shorts and Boots Party at Lennies!

Bruce Mangosteen

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Here are some photos taken during the time at Secrets BM Erdinger's party when I can remember what I did. It is not a long time.


The Lennies girls were rarin' to go. Note the many new recruits. I'll be putting them through boot camp over the next few days...



Rudy and his GF. She's obviously a saint. Or a deaf mute.



My mate Sunny was in the party mood!



The lovely Yu was in top form. Yes, boys, she will be a Shooters girl!



She had CompariO spinning in circles most of the night.



BBQ Bob checks out a tender new morsel. This girl looks FAR better in person, boys.



Gilf, another new recruit. Very nice girl I can attest! Sorry, my camera went into Robin Bay mode for this shot...



L-r: Rudy, Badtz, wellbeck (yes, we had to endure HIM too, fortunately we didn't run out of beer), Terry Lee (stealth mode in case LVP showed up), Erdinger.



A great time was had by all. Manfred will be along shortly with the GOOD pictures. In the meantime, make some plans to stop by and visit with the new Lennies/Shooters girls. You WON'T be disappointed! :Good_One:


"If you only go around once in life, why are so many people dizzy?" - me

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nice, and keep it up

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I like the girl with the tattoo on her right ....


so many places to see and visit............................

I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.

Winston Churchill

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Hope you were only joking when you said Manfred would be along with the GOOD pics. A gifted photographer he is NOT!


BTW, thanks for the pics. Wish I could have been there.

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      The meetings is a chance to get to meet each other,  I plan to be at every meeting, I also have Dean from Dive bar that has offered to help out with a crawl after.
      The meetings will be  Monday  6 pm - 8 pm each week.  (The improvised bar crawl will commence at 8 p.m.  Dean will make his own plans for that.)

      Due to low numbers of people in town, I will start the meetings in our bars to help our girls and managers, please check back often incase things are changed.  I will be sharing the love around town later, but Soi 6 is first on my list (including bars that are friendly competition)   
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      Monday 6 pm - 8pm  (then bar crawl after)
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      23rd May - (next bar we have open)
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      I look forward to meeting people again.
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