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Bad News and Good News, Centre Condo's


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Back in October, when I decided to move to Patts permanently, I began searching the boards, real estate agent sites, etc, looking for a place to stay. I saw several coments about Centre Condo on Pattaya from people who had stayed there for a month or so, or lived there. One thing led to another, and through a PM exchange with one person, I got connected with a Brit who is managing several (not sure how many) condo's in that building, who happened to have one opening up for a long term lease at the right time. I made the commitement, sent him a deposit, and moved in Jan 6.


As with most things in life, Centre Condo's has it's good points (location, location, location) and it's not so good points (not a new building, ready for some upgrading in the public areas, which is slowly happening). I was paying 15K a month for a 1 bedroom unit, approx. 50 sq. meters. Kind of high, IMHO, but the location is great, the view from my 11th floor balcony was fantastic, so all in all, not bad really.


Then when I returned home at approx. 1 AM on May 21, I found my condo had been broken into. My laptop was the big loss, along with some other stuff, and the place was pretty much of a mess. They came in from the corridor/raceway, that has all the piping, electrical, etc, between my unit and my neighbors, apparently crawling in from the floor above, and punching a hole in my bathroom ceiling. A certain Thai lady friend went ballistic when I called her and told her about it right after it happened (I had been out having some drinks and shooting pool with the lady and friends while the little b*st*rd was doing his deed in my condo). She stormed off to the police station, and certainly got their attention, returning a short time later with 3 of Pattaya's Finest in tow. The official report was made, finger print fellow showed up the next day and did get a couple of good prints. My landlord, well, property manager actually, was also less than pleased and did tell me that I was not alone, there had been a number of break ins over the past number of months. From talking to a number of people in the building, including other victims, there was very strong suspicion, but unfortunately only very limited circumstantial evidence, that the (Thai) building management and/or security were involved to one degree or another. This really bothered me a lot, if security and/or building management were involved, I, and indeed all residents were really pretty much defenseless. I therefore decided it was time to move, and the sooner the better. I had just bought a replacement computer and was honestly afaid to put any of the boxes and crap into the trash for fear of putting them on notice that new electronic goodies were inside again.


On June 2, I moved out, having given only 3 days notice, with a thorough explanation of the resons for my decision. I made a case for the return of my security deposit, honestly not expecting to get any back. The initial response was negative, but we discussed it more, and I suggested we split it half and half. I recognize that I put them in a position of having a vacant unit, however, as owners/managers, they had known of the problem, and been unable to get something done. Much to my surprise, last Sunday evening I got a call from Barney, the property manager, telling me the owner of my unit had agreed to refund 1/2 my deposit. He also informed me that some of the falang owners in the building had hired a high powered (well connected former high ranking police officer) investigator to look into it.


I expected to be writing a name and shame type of a report, but after the refund of half my deposit, and the steps I see them taking, I have to hand it to the owner and manager of the condo I was renting. I feel like overall, I was treated very fairly by them. I don't know what the outcome of the investigation will be, but will stay in touch with Barney and see what happens. Though my laptop is obviously history, probably sold several times within the first day or two, I sure would like to see whoever is responsible pay the price. If indeed it is building managmenet and/or security, let's see some of them spending some quality time at the BKK Hilton.


Bottom line on Center Condo's IMHO, for now, if you want to stay there, the location is great (walking distance to Walking Street), and rentals are available for short or long term, sometimes as short as a couple of weeks. Make sure your unit has a safe (mine did, they tried to burn their way into it, and to rip it off the wall, but were not successful. No cash was inside, but passport, visa, and some other valuable documents, all intact and undamaged), and make sure you have good locks, at least one of which is a dead bolt type, that can only be opened from either side with a key. (once into my unit, they could open the front door by turning the knob, then un-lock the screen door, and easily carry their my stuff out). Feel free to drop me a PM if interested, I will give you Barney's tele and email via PM.



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An excellent clarification of the events that took place and a warning of implementing security measures against any further eventualities when living in this kind of environment. Having gone through this trauma with you I am not surprised that you can see the positives of the situation. Would expect nothing less of you mate. Also, it has to be said, good on the management team in the fair treatment of you :D

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The CC is full of thieving bastards - always has been. Like any place, you either take out insurance or take steps to secure it properly even if it means changing the locks as you don't know who has been staying there before.

My own little story is that a couple of months ago I changed my sofa for something more comfortable. I placed the old units out near the lifts whilst the new arrived and were installed. After a couple of hours I went out to take the old sofa down in the lift - fucking gone already! Can you believe it? Had to laugh though as I was going to throw it out it was so cruddy, now someone has nicked it they are stuck with it as any attempt to move it out the building will be seen on the CCTV. Thanks lads, you've saved me a job!

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I was shocked me when told me about this the other night, yes when i visited your place i thought it was in a great location and looked pretty secure. I'm really gutted for you loosing your personal things including a laptop computer. I just hope everything goes alot better in your new place mate....

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I was shocked me when told me about this the other night, yes when i visited your place i thought it was in a great location and looked pretty secure. I'm really gutted for you loosing your personal things including a laptop computer. I just hope everything goes alot better in your new place mate....


I've lived in Center Condo for nine years without a problem. Recently there was an incident or incidents allegedly involving someone who was with security and who was terminated. It was unfortunate, but hardly reason to impugn everyone in management.


I would prefer that the building was totally occupied by people who owned their units. Unfortunately, the rental units seem to attract people who have a "retinue" of undesirable followers.


As far as leaving trash in the hallways is concerned ( and some people do seem to think the hallways are meant as a storage space for things which can only be described as rubbish), then we can only be thankful that someone does haul it away.


Center Condo may have some problems, but the majority of the security, management and service people are decent, honest people.

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It's bad about centre condo and you

i never go there surely

stealers are building residents or security , it is easy for police to finding him IF police wants!!

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thanks for posting this, this is why i find being a member of a forum invaluable.


having my lappy half inched would the end for me.


good luck and let us know if you get a "good" rental, as sometimes we only hear the bad stories and neglect the good as our western expectations are so high!



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thought i'd bring up this old thread,i am looking at staying here with a view to buy.any impressions of the building/area would be appreciated.cheers

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thought i'd bring up this old thread,i am looking at staying here with a view to buy.

any impressions of the building/area would be appreciated.cheers

Just think that this report is very old. Center Condo owners have taken the management of the condo 2 or 3 years ago, from the company who before managed it not so well...

Stairs and lifts accesses are now closed and you need a magnetic badge to enter, or you must register at the reception. There is now a 24/24 security staff. Still a few old things here, yes, slowly improving. Many would like the improvement to be faster, but not everybody accept to pay - even a little bit - for that...

I am living in Center Condo for 4 years now, in a good place with a beautiful sea view, and didn't hear about any break-in during this period.

Just understand that you must not rent online - without visiting the place - because the condo is about 20 years old and if many rooms have been renovated, often several times, there are still a few cheap rooms that must look like a 20 year old room...

The location is very good. Just a 5 mn walk to Walking-Street, 2 mn from Tukcom/Tops, 4 mn walk from Friend Ship, on Pattaya Tai with baht bus towards Big C (Sukhumwit), Soi Bhuakao, Jomtien, Big C (2nd Rd),...

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Has pool and small gym, lived here for two years, cannot be beat for location. Only problem can be noise from Wat Chai and CD seller on Pattaya Tai but that doesn't affect me a I am a night person anyway.

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Thanks for info. I guess wifi will depend on who is letting it out. It was my 1st visit to pats last summer. 1st stayed for 2 nights in Soi Buakhao then moved into a condo close to Centre Condo which was great, spacious, anbd secure, except it had no wifi - well the wifi on offer was rubbish as the signal wasn't strong enough. I wanted fast internet so paying for a dongle didn't come to anything. I was paying 15k a month and bills for 6 weeks came to about 800b. 

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thanks for the replies,can you tell me if wifi is good in the rooms?

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