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Let's Hear it for the Deaf Man (87th Precinct Mysteries) by Ed McBain...

Old but good reads for 60 baht each @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

While the boys at the 87th Precinct search for an elusive cat burglar - Detective Steve Carella searches for the Deaf Man - the killer who sends clues to the police station. Reprint.



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G/day Dave We have added the large sofa in the lounge and large armchair and recliner in the bedroom although the recliner can be moved anywhere, also a large Smart TV, its had a paint job a

I think the book reviews, lodging and restaurant posts are a welcome part of this forum.  Appreciation to Daveo for posting them. 

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@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.


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Invisible Trade: High-class sex for sale in Singapore by Gerrie Lim

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

Welcome to the very real, largely hidden, and often surreal world of high-class sex for sale in Singapore - where the sexual desires of this tiny island run the gamut from simple missionary zeal to the cracking of the whip.

Never before have outsiders been offered such a fascinating look into the weird and wonderful - delightful and sometimes depraved world of five-star, high-class prostitutes that operate in Singapore's flourishing sex trade.

Featuring real stories of American models moonlighting as high-class escorts in Asia and American businessmen in search of exotic Eastern promise!


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@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.






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Two-Way Split by Allan Guthrie. . . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

Robin Greaves is an armed robber whose professionalism is put to the test when he discovers his wife has been sleeping with a fellow gang-member.

Robin plans the ultimate revenge, but things go from bad to worse when the gang bungles a post office robbery, leaving carnage in their wake.

Suddenly they are stalked by the police, sleazy private eyes, and a cold-blooded killer who may be the only one not looking for a cut of the money.


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Fools Die by Mario Puzo. . . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

Played out in the underground worlds of high-stakes gambling - publishing and the film industry, this epic thriller follows two brothers - Merlyn and Arite, as they delve into the dangerous underbelly of American life.

From Las Vegas to New York to Hollywood, there is one thing that remains constant: organized crime and the law are simply two sides of the same coin...


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Numero Zero by Umberto Eco. . . ...

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

The gripping new conspiracy thriller by the bestselling author of The Name of the Rose 1945, Lake Como. Mussolini and his mistress are captured and shot by local partisans. The precise circumstances of Il Duce’s death remain shrouded in confusion and controversy. 1992, Milan. Colonna takes a job at a fledgling newspaper financed by a powerful media magnate. There he learns the paranoid theories of Braggadocio, who is convinced that Mussolini’s corpse was a body-double and part of a wider Fascist plot. Colonna is sceptical. But when a body is found, stabbed to death in a back alley, and the paper is shut down, even he is jolted out of his complacency. Fuelled by conspiracy theories, Mafiosi, love, corruption and murder, Numero Zero reverberates with the clash of forces that have shaped Italy since the Second World War. This gripping novel from the author of The Name of the Rose is told with all the power of a master storyteller.

The Seven Daughters Of Eve by Bryan Sykes..

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

In 1994 Professor Bryan Sykes, a leading world authority on DNA and human evolution - was called in to examine the frozen remains of a man trapped in glacial ice in northern Italy.
News of the discovery of the Ice Man and his age, which was put at over five thousand years old, fascinated the world. But what made the story particularly extraordinary was that Professor Sykes was also able to track down a living generic relative of the Ice Man, a woman living in Britain today.
How was he able to locate a living relative of a man who died thousands of years ago?
In The Seven Daughters of Eve, Bryan Sykes gives us a first hand account of his research into a remarkable gene which passes undiluted from generation to generation through the maternal line and shows how it is being used to track our genetic ancestors through time and space. After plotting thousands of DNA sequences from all over the world he found that they had clustered around a handful of distinct groups.
In Europe there are only seven. The conclusion: almost everyone of native European descent, wherever they live in the world, can trace their ancestry back to one of seven women - the Seven Daughters of Eve.
He has named them Ursula, Xenia, Helena, Velda, Tara, Katrine and Jasmine.
In this remarkable scientific adventure story we learn exactly how our origins can be traced - how and where our ancient genetic ancestors lived, what their live were like and how we are each living proof of the almost miraculous strength of our DNA which has survived and prospered over so many thousands of years to reach us today.
It is a book that not only presents the story of our evolution in a wholly new light - but also strikes right at the heart of ourselves as individuals and of our sense of identity.




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Mystery in the Channel by Freeman Wills Crofts. . . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

Mystery in the Channel is a classic crime novel with a strikingly modern sub-text.

The story begins with a shocking discovery. The captain of the Newhaven to Dieppe steamer spots a small pleasure yacht lying motionless in the water and on closer inspection - sees a body lying on the deck.

When members of his crew go aboard the yacht, they find not one male corpse but two - both men have been shot, but there is no sign of either the murderer or the pistol.

The dead men, it quickly emerges, were called Moxon and Deeping, and they were chairman and vice-chairman respectively of the firm of Moxon General Securities - one of the largest financial houses in the country.

Inspector Joseph French of Scotland Yard is called in, reporting directly to the Assistant Commissioner - Sir Mortimer Ellison.

French soon discovers that Moxon's is on the brink of collapse - one and a half million pounds have gone missing, and so has one of the partners in the business. Moxon and Deeping seem to have been fleeing the country with their ill-gotten gains, but who killed them and how? French faces one of the toughest challenges of his career, and in a dramatic climax, risks his life in a desperate attempt to ensure that justice is done.


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The Cartel by Stephen Breen & Owen Conlon

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

The definitive account of the rise of the Kinahan gang and the deadly feud that has shocked the nation. He is one of Ireland's most successful CEOs, running a global multinational with operations on every continent and a turnover in the billions.

However, Christy Kinahan will never be fêted in the financial press. For his business - drugs, guns, money-laundering, murder - also makes him Ireland's leading criminal. While Kinahan kept a low profile as he grew his empire, by the time his crime cartel shot to public attention in 2010 it was known to European police forces for over a decade. In that year police raided members' homes and premises in Spain, Ireland the UK. By then Kinahan and his sons Daniel and Christopher Jr were already among the richest men in Europe, with an estimated joint worth of €750m. However, events in February 2016 made Kinahan a household name. A daring and deadly gun attack in a suburban Dublin hotel - an attack targeting Daniel Kinahan (who escaped) - stunned the public and exposed the depth of enmity between the Kinahans and the family and associates of the veteran Dublin criminal, Gerry Hutch. Despite an intense garda crack-down on the gangsters' activities, the bodycount continues to rise. The Cartel gives behind-the-scenes story of that initial Spanish-led raid on the Kinahans. The authors have had exclusive access to the wiretaps that tracked the cartel for two years and talked to key officers who investigated them. They expose the criminal clan's aims and actions - in members' own words - and reveal the surprising truths behind how they built their empire. And The Cartel brings the story bang up-to-date to explain the origins of and fall-out from the feud with the Hutches, one of the most violent and vicious Ireland has ever known - and one that could be the undoing of the Kinahans. The authors' combined depth of knowledge - Stephen Breen has been a crime correspondent for over 15 years and in addition to writing about crime for over a decade, Owen Conlon is a fluent Spanish speaker - has culminated in a detailed and gripping account of double-crossing, vengeance and murder.


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The Sex Sector: The Economic And Social Bases Of Prostitution In Southeast Asia by Lin Lean Lim.......

Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

The subject of prostitution raises issues relating to basic human rights, morality - employment and working conditions, gender discrimination, health threats and criminality.

To help define the challenges and dilemmas confronting governments around the world - this book includes case studies from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

They show that, like other economic sectors, prostitution has well organized and highly diversified structures, and involves complex economic relations that give it the dimensions of an industry.

In addition to its economic bases, prostitution has social components relating to unequal relations between men and women - as well as between children and parents.

The national studies show that the circumstances of those in prostitution range from freely chosen and remunerative employment to debt bondage and virtual slavery.

The different modes of entry into the sector, and the possibility of making a distinction between voluntary and coerced prostitution - help explain why it is difficult for policymakers and legislators to define a clear legal stance on adult prostitution - or to implement effective social programs.

A chapter on child prostitution shows clearly that it constitutes a serious human rights violation and an intolerable form of child labor.


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Live Sex Acts: Women Performing Erotic Labor by Wendy Chapkis.. . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

Drawing on more than fifty interviews in both the US and the Netherlands - Wendy Chapkis captures the wide-ranging experiences of women performing erotic labor and offers a complex, multi-faceted depiction of sex work.

Her expansive analytic perspective encompasses both a serious examination of international prostitution policy as well as hands-on accounts of contemporary commercial sexual practices.

Scholarly, but never simply academic - this book is explicitly grounded in a concern for how competing political discourses work concretely in the world - to frame policy and define perceptions of AIDS - to mobilize women into opposing camps, to silence some agendas and to promote others.


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Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella.

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

The bestselling book from Dr Bob Rotella, one of the world's leading golf performance consultants, for the first time in paperback.


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Welcome to the Bangkok Slaughterhouse: The Battle for Human Dignity in Bangkok's Bleakest Slums by Joe Maier & Jerry Hopkins......

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse..

For twenty-five years, Father Joe Maier - a Catholic priest, has lived and worked in Bangkok's bleakest slums, establishing more than thirty schools, five shelters for street kids and several projects for women and children with AIDS, working with and against authority, earning enmity and praise in equal measure.

In this book, he tells the heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of the poorest of Thailand's poor, each a gem guaranteed to bring anger, tears, and joy.


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Jack of Jumps by David Seabrook. . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse..

Between 1959 and 1965, eight prostitutes were murdered in West London by a serial killer.

These murders were the most notorious unsolved crimes of the 20th century - the killer's motive and identity were the subject of endless speculation by the media, who dubbed him 'Jack the Stripper'.

Links to the Profumo scandal - boxer Freddie Mills and the notorious Kray twins were rumoured - by the time the body of the eighth victim was found in February 1965 - a massive police operation was underway to catch the killer. The whole country waited to see what would happen next. The police had staked everything on the murderer striking again.

But he didn't...By October that year, the "Daily Express" was asking 'Is the Nude Killer Dead?' In 1970 - the detective who had led the enquiry announced in his memoirs that the police knew the identity of the killer - that he had committed suicide as the net closed around him, and that the police had vowed never to reveal his identity. And that was that. Until now.

Seabrook has interviewed surviving police officers, witnesses and associates of the victims and examined the evidence, the rumours, and half truths.

In this unique book, he reconstructs every detail of the investigation and recreates the dark, brutal world of prostitutes and ponces in 1960's West London.

He questions the theory that the police's prime suspect was Jack the Stripper and confronts the disturbing possibility that the killer is still at large.


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Confessions Of A Working Girl by Miss S..

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

Miss S tells her shocking true story in Confessions of a Working Girl.

Miss S is smart, sassy, sexually frustrated and broke. With the rent money due, she spots an ad for a student job with a difference - in the massage parlour at the bottom of her road.

Suddenly she can earn money doing something she is good at and get all the sex she needs - offered a job on the spot by Mrs B, an ex-working girl herself - Miss S quickly gets to grips with the rest of the girls.

They include: Bella the house 'Domme', Carrie the resident shrink, Tina the house snitch, and Suzie the amateur porn star. That's not to mention the cast of clients: Mr Suck it Bitch, Mr Gay, Mr Pacemaker, Mr Councillor and Mr Willy Whacker... Confessions of a Working Girl is the true and intimate diary of Miss S's extraordinary first year in a brothel and reveals exactly what a Gemini half hour really involves...

Miss S started working as a paid companion when she was a student, working in a brothel. Witty, intelligent and ambitious, Miss S knows how to achieve what she wants in a job that she loves - and that she's very, very good at. She now works independently in London.


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Butterfly: An Erotic Odyssey - Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines (S*x in Southeast Asia) by Steven Yang. . . ...

Part of our extensive Thai related Fiction & non fiction section @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange - Cafe / Guesthouse - Pattaya...

Butterfly explores love for sale in Southeast Asia and the sensuality of the twenty-six young ladies profiled in this erotic odyssey . . . sexual technique - travel - culture - history - politics and Pattaya's wild celebration of Songkran.

In Butterfly, our intrepid photojournalist is writing travel guides in Pattaya and Phnom Penh, shooting illustrations, and making love with pretty Thai and Vietnamese women every night.

Butterfly is hot, relentless and explicit, a virtual Kama Sutra of sexual variations. . . . told in a man-to-man fashion. Author of ten guides to Southeast Asian destinations - Yang has woven a treasure of travel information into this erotic tour de force.





fast eddie.jpg


last man out.jpg


Living Thai Ways.jpg


my name Lon.jpg

nightmare in BKK.jpg

Queen of Patpong.jpg

sex traffic.jpg




usable trade.jpg



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Diving Thailand (Periplus Action Guides)..

Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.


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The Multi-Orgasmic Man : Sexual Secrets That Every Man Should Know.....

Can be read one handed @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange / Cafe / Guesthouse.

All men can become multi orgasmic - just by learning some simple techniques. This gift size edition of the bestselling guide provides all the information required...

The original Multi-Orgasmic Man is now a much loved and referred to classic in personal and sexual development. This new mini edition distills all the key elements men need to know in order to experience multiple sexual peaks.

Based on the ancient Taoist principles of `Sexual Kung Fu', The Multi-Orgasmic Man is a spiritual as well as highly practical read. Men of all ages will learn how to enlarge their range of sexual experience through a range of simple psychological and physical techniques. These techniques will allow men to fulfill their own sexual desires and their partner's dreams and fantasies by dramatically improving the quality and quantity of their lovemaking.


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Prisoner 13498: A True Story of Love, Drugs and Jail in Modern China by Robert H. Davies.....

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange - Cafe / Guesthouse - Pattaya...

Robert Davies first went to China in 1988 as an overland backpacker and, after a hair-raising two months touring Pakistan, found himself in Kashgar, the fabled Silk Road city.

Here his life was irrevocably changed when he fell head over heels in love with Sharapet - an Uighur lady who was already married with a ten-year-old daughter.

Love made them blind to the bureaucracy they had to face, strong for the thousands of miles they had to travel to obtain permission to marry and resolute against the rage of Sharapet's revenge-seeking ex-husband.

But Robert became involved in the trafficking of hashish. Arrested and taken 2,500 miles across China to Shanghai, he was sentenced to eight and a half years behind bars in one of the largest, most overcrowded jails in Asia - fighting against a corrupt system in grim conditions - with death a constant threat. He had suffered a legal process where law was merely a word and justice was as elusive as the holy grail and he believed the Chinese authorities had blatantly used him and other foreigners as propaganda tools.


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Hell (A Prison Diary #1) by Jeffrey Archer

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange - Cafe / Guesthouse - Pattaya...

DAY 5 MONDAY 23 JULY 2001 5.53AM The sun is shining through the bars of my window on what must be a glorious summer day.

I've been incarcerated in a cell five paces by three for twelve and a half hours, and will not be let out again until midday; eighteen and a half hours of solitary confinement. There is a child of seventeen in the cell below me who has been charged with shoplifting – his first offence, not even convicted – and he is being locked up for eighteen and a half hours, unable to speak to anyone.

This is Great Britain in the twenty-first century, not Turkey, not Nigeria, not Kosovo, but Britain. On Thursday 19 July 2001, after a perjury trial lasting seven weeks, Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to four years in jail. He was to spend the first twenty-two days and fourteen hours in HMP Belmarsh, a double A-Category high-security prison in South London, which houses some of Britain ‘s most violent criminals. This is the author's daily record of the time he spent there.


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Port Mortuary: Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell..

We have a good selection of Pat's books @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange - Cafe / Guesthouse - Pattaya...

In this fast-paced story, a treacherous path from Kay Scarpetta's past merges with the high-tech highway she now finds herself on. We travel back to the beginning of her professional career, when she enlisted in the Air Force to pay off her medical school debt and found herself ensnared in a gruesome case of what seemed to be vicious, racially motivated hate crimes against two Americans in South Africa.

Now, more than 20 years and many career successes later, her secret military ties have drawn her to Dover Air Force Base, where she has been immersed in a training fellowship to master the art of CT-assisted virtual autopsy - a procedure the White House has mandated that she introduce in the private sector.

As the chief of the new Cambridge Forensic Center in Massachusetts, a joint venture of the state and federal governments and MIT, Scarpetta is confronted with a case that could shut down her new facility and ruin her personally and professionally.

A young man drops dead, apparently from a cardiac arrhythmia, eerily close to Scarpetta's new Cambridge home. But when his body is examined the next morning, there are stunning indications that he may have been alive when he was zipped inside a pouch and locked insider the Center's cooler.

Various 3-D radiology scans reveal more shocking details about internal injuries unlike any Scarpetta has ever seen. These suggest the possibility of a conspiracy to cause mass casualties. She realizes that she is fighting a cunning and cruel enemy that is invisible as she races against time to discover who and why before more people die.

In Port Mortuary, Patricia Cornwell brings Scarpetta together with Marino, Benton, and Lucy in an intimate way that is reminiscent of the early novels, and we welcome a voice we haven't heard in years. The point of view is Scarpetta's - this is her story.



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This Boy by Alan Johnson....

Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop - Book exchange - Cafe - Guesthouse - Pattaya.

School on the Kings Road, Chelsea in the Swinging 60s, the rock-and-roll years, the race riots; this boy has seen it all.

Alan Johnson's childhood was not so much difficult as unusual, particularly for a man who was destined to become Home Secretary. Not in respect of the poverty, which was shared with many of those living in Britain's post-war slums, but in its transition from being part of a two-parent family to having a single mother and then to no parents at all...

This is essentially the story of two incredible women: Alan's mother, Lily, who battled against poor health, poverty, domestic violence and loneliness to try to ensure a better life for her children; and his sister, Linda, who had to assume an enormous amount of responsibility at a very young age and who fought to keep the family together and out of care when she herself was still only a child.

This Boy is one man's story, but it is also the story of England and the West London slums which are hard to imagine in the capital today. No matter how harsh the details, Alan Johnson writes with a spirit of generous acceptance, of humour and openness which makes his book anything but a grim catalogue of miseries.


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Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop - Book exchange - Cafe - Guesthouse - Pattaya.



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Bust: How the Courts Have Exposed the Rotten Heart of the Irish Economy by Dearbhail McDonald..

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange - Cafe / Guesthouse - Pattaya...

When, after fifteen years of runaway growth based largely on property speculation, the Irish economy finally crashed, Ireland's bankers and developers tried to keep themselves out of sight. But they couldn't keep themselves out of court - and it is in the courtrooms that the full, sickening drama of the Irish meltdown is being played out. Dearbhail McDonald, the legal editor of the Irish Independent, has been following the high-stakes rows through the courts and, drawing upon her unmatched contacts, tells the often bizarre stories behind an extraordinary reversal of fortune.

From the man who ran a pyramid scheme in a Dublin suburb to the leading developers whose business now lies in ruins, from the man who lost billions on Anglo Irish Bank to the ordinary mortgage-holders who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, Bust paints a gripping picture of the human drama - and the human cost - of an economic catastrophe.


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Between Eternities by Javier Marías. . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange - Cafe / Guesthouse - Pattaya...

An exhilarating, far-ranging collection of non-fiction writing from the internationally acclaimed author of A Heart So White and The Infatuations Internationally renowned writer Javier Marias is a tireless examiner of the world around us, an enthusiastic debunker of pretensions of every kind, a polymath and a rogue. This selection of his inimitable non-fiction pieces are published together in English for the first time. Following in the essayistic tradition of Montaigne, Between Eternities ranges widely from the literary to the philosophical to the autobiographical, from football to cinema, comic books to mortality to 'Why Almost No One Can Be Trusted'. Trenchant and wry, subversive and penetrating, Marias demonstrates a dazzling intellectual vigour, showing with exhilarating verve why he is so often said to be Spain's greatest living writer.


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