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Charlie Chaplin and His Times by Kenneth S. Lynn..

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

A portrait of Charlie Chaplin discusses the life and times of a comedic genius whose role masked a complex, sometimes tragic and turbulent, personal life..


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G/day Dave We have added the large sofa in the lounge and large armchair and recliner in the bedroom although the recliner can be moved anywhere, also a large Smart TV, its had a paint job a

I think the book reviews, lodging and restaurant posts are a welcome part of this forum.  Appreciation to Daveo for posting them. 

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Flashman (Flashman Papers #1) by George MacDonald Fraser

We have a good selection from George @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange

Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join Flashman in his adventures as he survives fearful ordeals and outlandish perils across the four corners of the world. Can a man be all bad? When Harry Flashman’s adventures as the reluctant secret agent in Afghanistan lead him to join the exclusive company of Lord Cardigan’s Hussars and play a part in the disastrous Retreat from Kabul, it culminates in the rascal’s finest – and most dishonest – turn.



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Petrolio: A novel by Pier Paolo Pasolini..

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

An unfinished novel by the murdered Italian author and filmmaker focuses on Carlo, a left-wing Italian Catholic working for the state controlled oil company, a man who becomes obsessed with satisfying his perverse, insatiable sexual passions.


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Sottopassaggio by Nick Alexander..

Gay stories and nonfiction @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

Following the loss of his partner, Mark, the obstinately optimistic hero of 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye, tries to pick up the pieces and build a new life for himself in the seaside town of Brighton.

Mark struggles to put the past behind him, exploring Brighton's high and low-life, falling in love with charming, but unavailable Tom, and hooking up with old friend Jenny. But Jenny has her own problems, and as all around are inexorably sucked into the violence of her life, destiny intervenes, weaving the past to the present, and the present to the future in ways no one could have imagined.

"Friendships, Love - lost in a heartbeat and found against the odds. These essentials are what this sexy, serious, and ultimately cheery book is all about." - Books To Watch Out For..

"A tale of redemption and resilience; a tender, moving and deeply satisfying read."


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Tab Hunter Confidential The Making of a Movie Star by Tab Hunter

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

Welcome to Hollywood, circa 1950, the end of the Golden Age.

A remarkably handsome young boy, still a teenager, gets "discovered by a big-time movie agent.

Because when he takes his shirt off young hearts beat faster, because he is the picture of innocence and trust and need, he will become a star.

It seems almost preordained, the open smile says, "You will love me," and soon the whole world does.

The young boy's name was Tab Hunter - a made-up name, of course, a Hollywood name, and it was his time.

Stardom didn't come overnight, although it seemed that way. In fact, the fame came first, when his face adorned hundreds of magazine covers; the movies, the studio contract, the name in lights, all that came later.

For Tab Hunter was a true product of Hollywood, a movie star created from a stable boy, a shy kid made even more so by the way his schoolmates, both girls and boys -reacted to his beauty, by a mother who provided for him in every way except emotionally, and by a secret that both tormented him and propelled him forward.


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Forgotten Armies: The Fall of British Asia, 1941-1945 by C.A. Bayly & Tim Harper..

In the War section @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange

In the early stages of the Second World War, the vast crescent of British-ruled territories stretching from India to Singapore appeared as a massive Allied asset.

It provided scores of soldiers and great quantities of raw materials and helped present a seemingly impregnable global defense against the Axis.

Yet, within a few weeks in 1941-42, a Japanese invasion had destroyed all this, sweeping suddenly and decisively through south and southeast Asia to the Indian frontier, and provoking the extraordinary revolutionary struggles which would mark the beginning of the end of British dominion in the East and the rise of today's Asian world. More than a military history, this gripping account of groundbreaking battles and guerrilla campaigns creates a panoramic view of British Asia as it was ravaged by warfare, nationalist insurgency, disease, and famine.

It breathes life into the armies of soldiers, civilians, laborers, businessmen, comfort women, doctors, and nurses who confronted the daily brutalities of a combat zone which extended from metropolitan cities to remote jungles, from tropical plantations to the Himalayas. Drawing upon a vast range of Indian, Burmese, Chinese, and Malay as well as British, American, and Japanese voices, the authors make vivid one of the central dramas of the twentieth century: the birth of modern south and southeast Asia and the death of British rule.


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August 1914 Solzhenitsyn, Alexander .

Rare books @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

A grand meditation on history, a masterly re-creation of people and faces caught up in the sweep of time, symbolized by a rolling fiery red wheel.

The work is breathtaking in scope . . . Much credit for its power must go to Mr. Willetts's superb translation," thought was concluded that "it is now clear that Solzhenitsyn towers over all his contemporaries, European, American, and Latin American . . .

The greatness of Russia is in this novel as it has not been in any work of fiction since the generation of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy."


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The Paths of Buddhism by lean-luc-toula-breysse..

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..


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The Messianic Legacy by Michael Baigent - Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln. . .

Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

The startling, frighteningly convincing sequel to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail that reveals the very nature of the Messianic Legacy. After the shocking revelations of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail the authors, in their quest to determine the discrepancies between early and modern 'Christian' thought, found that they were forced to ask such questions as: *Was there more than one Christ? *Was Christ the founder of Christianity? *Were the disciples as peace-loving as it is traditionally assumed? *What links the Vatican, the CIA, the KGB, the Mafia, Freemasonry, P2, Opus Dei and the Knights Templar *What mysterious modern crusade implicates British industry, Churchill and de Gaulle, the EEC and Solidarity? The Messianic Legacy offers enthralling new investigations into the shadowy society of the 'Prieure de Sion' - 'The Guardians of the Holy Grail' - as the authors discover the murky world of politics, finance, freemasonry, and religion that exists beneath the most solid and conservative seeming of European institutions: the Church. The ominous global conspiracy of disinformations they uncovered ensures that The Messianic Legacy us an up-to-the-minute thriller and a work of biblical detection that is even more significant than The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.


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The Complete Poems by Walt Whitman.

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

In 1855 Walt Whitman published Leaves of Grass, the work that defined him as one of America’s most influential voices and that he added to throughout his life.

A collection of astonishing originality and intensity, it spoke of politics, sexual emancipation, and what it meant to be an American.

From the joyful “Song of Myself” and “I Sing the Body Electric” to the elegiac “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d,” Whitman’s art fuses oratory, journalism, and song in a vivid celebration of humanity.

Containing all Whitman’s known poetic work, this edition reprints the final, or “deathbed,” edition of Leaves of Grass (1891–92). Earlier versions of many poems are also given, including the 1855 “Song of Myself.” Features a completely new and fuller - introduction discussing the development of Whitman's poetic career, his influence on later American poets, and his impact on the American cultural sensibility


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Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. . .

Traded back in today @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

Middlesex tells the breathtaking story of Calliope Stephanides, and three generations of the Greek-American Stephanides family, who travel from a tiny village overlooking Mount Olympus in Asia Minor to Prohibition-era Detroit, witnessing its glory days as the Motor City and the race riots of 1967 before moving out to the tree-lined streets of suburban Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

To understand why Calliope is not like other girls, she has to uncover a guilty family secret, and the astonishing genetic history that turns Callie into Cal, one of the most audacious and wondrous narrators in contemporary fiction. Lyrical and thrilling, Middlesex is an exhilarating reinvention of the American epic.


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Cole Porter by William McBrien. . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

In his life and in his music, Cole Porter was "the top" - the pinnacle of wit, sophistication, and success.

His songs "I Get a Kick Out of You," "Anything Goes," and hundreds more, were instant pop hits, and their musical and emotional depths have made them lasting standards. William McBrien has captured the creator of these songs, whose life was not merely one of wealth and privilege.

A prodigal young man, Porter found his emotional anchor in a long, loving, if sexless marriage, a relationship he repeatedly risked with a string of affairs with men.

His last eighteen years were marked by physical agony but also unstinting artistic achievement, including the great Hollywood musicals High Society, Silk Stockings, and Kiss Me Kate (recently and very successfully revived on Broadway).

Here, at last is a life that informs the great music and lyrics through illuminating glimpses of the hidden, complicated, private man.


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Card Games for One by Peter Arnold. . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

Whether you want to unwind with a simple game like Accordion or Clock, or are looking for more of a challenge like Flower Garden or Miss Milligan, in this book there is a game for everyone, regardless of age or skill level.

Perfect for a rainy afternoon or relaxing on holiday, the unrivalled amount of detail about each game in Card Games for One makes it the essential companion for lovers of patience games.


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Avoidance by Michael Lowenthal

This and many more Gay interest @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

Jeremy struggles to write his dissertation on the Amish and the laws of expulsion.

How does someone, excluded entirely from the only community they have ever known, live the rest of their life? After extensive interviews with Beulah, a young woman banished, Jeremy is no closer to understanding her choice than he is to his own peculiar exile. Camp Ironwood, set in the Vermont woods, is more than a summer distraction for restless adolescent boys, it is a place to belong.

And not unlike the Amish community, it is a place where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

For Jeremy, first as a camper and later as the co-director, the usual camp activities become their own kind of ritual that binds the community.

But when he is blindsided by the seductive charm of Max, a fourteen-year-old boy from Manhattan, all arms and legs and attitude, Jeremy must confront his desires, and worse yet, uncover the dark Secrets of his beloved Camp Ironwood. In the powerful and daring novel Avoidance, Lowenthal elegantly draws unexpected parallels between the Amish and Camp Ironwood.

By doing so, he ingeniously explores an age-old dilemma: individual desires versus the good of a community.








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Lucia in London - Paying Guests by E.F. Benson,


Here is Lucia in one of her most extraordinary adventures: can she conquer her new home of London, and still hold her societal ground over the stately country mansions of Riseholme as well?

Will the citizens of Riseholme - hurt and maddened by Lucia's desertion for the great city - carry out their plot of revenge?

Paying Guests..

We are at “Wentworth,” a guest house in the fictional town of Bolton Spa, which offers baths and nasty-smelling waters to a group of permanent invalids.

Wentworth is terribly genteel, recognized not only for the comfort it offers but also for the social standing of its guests. Who — this being a Benson novel — are silly at best, stupendously annoying at worst. The stars of the show are the pompous, self-regarding Colonel Chase, a former Indian Army officer who lords it over the other guests at Wentworth, bragging incessantly about his excellent health and bullying them all at the bridge table, a pair of middle-aged spinsters who later become a couple and a Mrs. Bliss who espouses Mental Science, a thin disguise for Christian Science...



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Potemkin: Catherine the Great's Imperial Partner by Simon Sebag Montefiore ...

Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

As a young guardsman, Grigory Potemkin caught the eye of Catherine the Great with a theatrical act of gallantry during the coup that placed her on the throne.

Over the next thirty years he would become her lover, co-ruler, and husband in a secret marriage that left room for both to satisfy their sexual appetites.

Potemkin proved to be one of the most brilliant statesmen of the eighteenth century, helping Catherine expand the Russian empire and deftly manipulating allies and adversaries from Constantinople to London. This acclaimed biography vividly re-creates Potemkin’s outsized character and accomplishments and restores him to his rightful place as a colossus of the eighteenth century. It chronicles the tempestuous relationship between Potemkin and Catherine, a remarkable love affair between two strong personalities that helped shape the course of history.

As he brings these characters to life, Montefiore also tells the story of the creation of the Russian empire. This is biography as it is meant to be: both intimate and panoramic, and bursting with life.


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Fire from Heaven (Alexander the Great #1) by Mary Renault. . .

In the Classic section @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

Alexander the Great died at the age of thirty-three, leaving behind an empire that stretched from Greece and Egypt to India and a new cosmopolitan model for western civilisation. In Alexander's childhood, his defiant character was molded into the makings of a king.

His mother, Olympias, and his father, King Philip of Macedon, fought each other for their son's loyalty, teaching Alexander politics and vengeance from the cradle.

His love for the youth Hephaistion, on whom he depended for the rest of his life, taught him trust, whilst Aristotle's tutoring provoked his mind and Homer's Iliad fuelled his aspirations.

He killed his first man in battle at the age of twelve and became the commander of Macedon's cavalry at eighteen - by the time his father was murdered and he acceded to the throne, Alexander's skills had grown to match his fiery ambition.


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The Redeemer by Jo Nesbø...

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

A fantastically gripping thriller from the best-selling author of The Snowman. Christmas shoppers stop to hear a Salvation Army concert on a crowded Oslo street. A gunshot cuts through the music and the bitter cold: one of the singers falls dead, shot in the head at point-blank range.

Harry Hole, the Oslo Police Department’s best investigator and worst civil servant - has little to work with: no suspect, no weapon, and no motive.

But Harry’s troubles will multiply. As the search closes in, the killer becomes increasingly desperate, and Harry’s chase takes him to the most forbidden corners of the former Yugoslavia. Yet it’s when he returns to Oslo that he encounters true darkness: among the homeless junkies and Salvationists, eagerly awaiting a savior to deliver them from misery—whether he brings new life or immediate death. With its shrewdly vertiginous narrative, acid-etched characters, and white-hot pace, The Redeemer is resounding proof of Jo Nesbø’s standing as one of the best crime writers of our time.


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Magical Thinking: True Stories by Augusten Burroughs...

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

From the author of Running with Scissors and Dry, a contagiously funny, heartwarming, shocking, twisted, and absolutely magical collection.

True stories that give voice to the thoughts we all have but dare not mention.

It begins with a Tang Instant Breakfast Drink television commercial when Augusten was seven.

Then there is the contest of wills with the deranged cleaning lady.

The execution of a rodent carried out with military precision and utter horror.

Telemarketing revenge.

Dating an undertaker and much more.

A collection of true stories that are universal in their appeal yet unabashedly intimate and very funny.


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Five Novels by Ronald Firbank

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

Firbank, Five Novels. Part high-camp comedy of manners and part fairy tale. Contents: The Flower Beneath the Foot; Prancing Ni**er; Valmouth; The Artificial Princess; and Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli.

The Author;

British novelist Ronald Firbank was born in London, the son of society lady Harriet Jane Garrett and MP Sir Thomas Firbank.

He went to Uppingham School, and then on to Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

He converted to Catholicism in 1907 - in 1909 he left Cambridge, without completing a degree. Living off his inheritance he travelled around Spain, Italy, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Ronald Firbank died of lung disease while in Rome.


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Gorgeous White Female by Adam Zameenzad. . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

Lahya is under 12, under stress and under-brained.

He wants to be tall, white and beautiful like his mother - not short and black like his father.

He makes a pact with the goddess Kali.

If she turns him into a tall white woman then he will find and kill for her a young white male.


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Profane Friendship by Harold Brodkey

Erotic Gay fiction @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

In Profane Friendship, Harold Brodkey tells an odd and strangely beautiful Venetian love story, sounding its depths with the suppleness and virtuosity of style that in recent years have won him worldwide admiration as a uniquely gifted American writer.

Growing up in Venice in the 1930's, Niles O'Hara, the son of an expatriate American novelist, loves a Venetian boy named Giangiacomo Gallieni, fondly known as Onni.

After the Second World War, Niles and his mother return to Venice, and he becomes involved in a complex on-again, off-again affair with his childhood friend, now an adolescent with a wartime history of sexual trespass.

Profane Friendship is a remarkable depiction of an intense and enduring relationship conducted in the triumphantly alluring setting of the world's most beautiful city.

Searching, comic, romantic, and ironic. Harold Brodkey's novel is at once the most sumptuous modern evocation of Venice and a truly singular exploration of human emotion and passion. Growing up in Venice in the 1930's, Niles O'Hara, the son of an expatriate writer, befriends a Venetian boy.

After the war, Niles and his family return, and he becomes involved in a kind of semi-affair with his childhood friend, who is now an adolescent with a wartime history of sexual trespass.


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Tropic of Murder by Lev Raphael. . .

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange..

Edith Wharton scholar and untenured English professor Nick Hoffman escapes academic madness to vacation with his partner, Stefan, at a Caribbean getaway but ends up face-to-face with murder.


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Other Side of the Hill: Germany's Generals, Their Rise and Fall, with Their Own Account of Military Events, 1939-45 (Grand Strategy) by B.H.Liddell Hart..

@ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.


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Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote

Great Classic's @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange.

Published when Truman Capote was only twenty-three years old, Other Voices, Other Rooms is a literary touchstone of the mid-twentieth century.

In this semi autobiographical coming-of-age novel, thirteen-year-old Joel Knox, after losing his mother, is sent from New Orleans to live with the father who abandoned him at birth.

But when Joel arrives at Skully’s Landing, the decaying mansion in rural Alabama, his father is nowhere to be found.

Instead, Joel meets his morose stepmother, Amy, eccentric cousin Randolph, and a defiant little girl named Idabel, who soon offers Joel the love and approval he seeks. Fueled by a world-weariness that belied Capote’s tender age, this novel tempers its themes of waylaid hopes and lost innocence with an appreciation for small pleasures and the colorful language of its time and place.


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