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Killing time @ the Airport OR Head to Suk ?


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I arrive BKK from Clark at 11 pm and leave for Chang Mai at 6:45 the next morning. Any thoughts on heading into BKK to kill some time ? Have some food and brews at a late nite pub ?

If not, what's open at S-bumi airport thruout the night ? Thanks

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No question at all...unless you are super tight for cash, get in and enjoy the town. Most legit bars will be closed, but you can sit at one of the outdoor bars at Suk Soi 4 and even meet a new friend or two for a true one night in Bangkok experience. Or, waste away at the airport, which is the same as any other airport that I have ever been in...

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11pm is a good time in BKK things are just starting to get going, dont stay in the airport mate make the most of the lay over and head into city to taste the cold beer and hot ladies :D


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Simple: proceed into BKK.


Get any hold luggage tagged through to the Chiang Mai flight. If that's not feasible at Clark, plan on leaving it in left luggage at Swampyboom: one at Level 2 (arrivals), one at Level 4 (departures). You can safely assume that Immigration queues will be light: avoid queues behind anyone who looks as if they hail from the Middle East or Sub-Continent.


Take a taxi into town to Sukhumvit Soi Nana Tai (a.k.a. Sukhumvit Soi 4). Take the expressway/tollway, which will avoid the late night traffic that thickens up on the free roads once you get into town and has the advantage of coming back into the normal system very close to Soi Nana Tai. Journey time will be around 30 minutes. Cost shouldn't be more than 350baht (inc. tolls, 50 baht surcharge and tip).


You'll then have c. 1 hour at Nana (or Cowboy if you prefer). Select floozie for the night, eat food if absolutely essential, then proceed to a short-time room. Logistically best for you is Playboy hotel, which is on a soi off Soi Nana Nua (North) a.k.a. Sukhumvit Soi 3. Take your pick: a standard room upstairs (obtain key at lobby - just ask for a short-time room) at 390 baht, or one of the cheaper curtained rooms at ground level off the car-park (attendants there will guide you and take your cash).


When your business is done, exit Playboy and turn right towards Soi Nana Nua. This is a main highway, lots of taxis at all hours and will deliver you onto the toll/express way very quickly indeed. Repeat previous journey in reverse. Traffic should be light, leaving the hotel at 4.30 should easily get you to the airport in time to collect luggage (if necessary) and check in for the Chiang Mai flight (5.45 latest).


Choosing which bar(s) to hit is the tough bit: I'd go for the larger bars on Nana/Cowboy, but the list can be developed after this post. Note that there's also the possibility of hitting Pattaya instead of BKK.

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clear customs, with no baggage gives you enough time for at least 2 boom booms !.

that time of night should be 34 minutes to nana plaza.

shorty rooms at your disposal right there !.

34 minutes back to the airport witha big smile for the next leg of your journey !.

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head to cowboy and have a few drinks and play a bit

Farang = Walking ATM. TG's push the right buttons and money comes out. PIN = BBBJ

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Beer Garden / Lolitta's / massage Places 7 hours is plenty of time



I come to Thailand for the beaches.....How about you ???

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  • 2 months later...

I recently landed in BKK on a Sunday, with hand baggage only, and I was in my hotel near Asoke 1 hour after landing (well I think it was one hour - it was certainly damn quick.....five minutes at immigration, light traffic........).........

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kansuwan & slapman pretty much summed it up.


7hrs is plenty of time to enjoy yourself - refuel (eat/drink), rest (massage) and even some stress relief (xxx)! Even after taking out 2hrs for taxi, immigration and luggage check-in/out time you've still got plenty of minutes left to do all of the above. I know what I would do.

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No way you can sit in the airport for 7 hours when all that sex and sangsom is so close. You must go into Bangkok to party the night away.


I reckon you can be on Soi Cowboy or at the Nana Plaza by midnight. Take the taxi as kansuwan suggests. I reckon you need to set off back to the airport just after 5am to be safe so you got around 5 hours to play with :Party3:


I'd hit Cowboy over Nana. Nana has improved but I still think Cowboy has the edge. Another advantage of Cowboy is Afterskool Agogo, your first stop, straight into the naughty boys corner for a BJ.


Cowboy should be closing around 2am so hit a few of the main spots and find a stunner to ST. She'll know a ST room you can use. Tap it quickly, sad as it makes me to say it there is no time for cuddling tonight, and get a taxi back to Soi Nana. Synchronise watches, I've got us at about 3am/3.30am.


On Soi Nana your choice now is a freelancer out of the carpark or a freelancer out of Liquid Disco at the Nana hotel. A drink in the carpark, a drink in the disco, choose the lucky lady, another ST and on route back to the airport just after 5am.



So to summarise you can sit in the airport for 7 hours OR you can get a BJ, hit three agogo's, fuck a hot girl, hit a disco, get drunk in a carpark and then fuck a skank :GrinNod1: :GrinNod1:

P4P. C4C. Soft Club. Skank Club. Club Bareback. Because if it's worth fucking it's worth fucking properly.

Back in employment. Korando's Bar, Soi Buakhao 15. 

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Bagel and His Adventures in Thailand

My Day Working At Quicky Bar. A Romantic Encounter In A Sattahip Warehouse. Mr Pringles & His Adventures In Thailand.

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