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Sri Thep Historical Park


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Srithep Ancient Town approximately 240 kilometers north of Bangkok, is located in Sri Thep district, Phetchabun Province. Sri Thep covers 47 square kilometers and is enclosed by two concentric moats. It was characterized as a twin town; Muang Nai refers to the inner structure of the town and Muang Nok to the outer structure of the town.


Muang Nai is cricular in plan, covering 2.08 square kilometers and has eight entrances. There are three large monuments Prang Sri Thep, Prang Song Phi Nong and Khao Klang Nai, about 37 archaeological sites and 70 ponds dispersed within the town. At present these sites have all been restored by the Royal Thai Fine Arts Department. Muang Nok is located to the east of Muang Nai, it is rectangular is rectangangular is plain and covers an area of 2.54 square kilometers. It has seven entrances, 54 small archaeological sites and 30 ponds.


Outside the ancient town there ae approximately 50 archaeclogical sites. The most important sites are located on the north side of the town and Khao Tha Morat Cave which is the only archaeological site on the mountain; It is located on the west side of Sri Thep.


Sri Thep ancient town was originally abandoned to the Jungle. According to a monk the local villagers called its name "Muang Apai Sali" in 1904. Sri Thep's name first appeared in written accounts when Prince Damrong visited Phetchabun province. He intentionally searched for an ancient town named "Sri Thep" which he found this name in Ayuddhaya and Early Rattanakosin's archives.


Social And Cultural Development

Early communities settled in Sri Thep ancient town. Ancient town and surrounding sites uncovered evidence of late prehistoric death ritual dating to the 1st-2nd century A.D. Around the 2nd-6th century A.D. Indian influence diffused into the Indochina penninsula via contact with Indian and Arab trading networks. Later the local village societies. Clearly Sri Thep has gone through several cultural changes.

Dvaravati period (7th-11th Century A.D.)

In Sri Thep ancient town was circular in plan which is typical of Dvaravati culture. To protect themselves from flooding and to access water during periods of drought the inhabitants dug a number of large ponds and moats around the town.


Extracted from TripsThailand.com: Sri Thep Historical Park

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It is doable in 1 day trip from BKK. Take an early bus towards Petchabun. You will be at the crossing around on the main road 10-11 AM, that is a few km before Srithep village. Transportation becomes a problem and will need to rend a bike 100 baht 1 way i paid. about 10 km on you're at the park.




nice small museum that allowed me to take photos. The park in itself is nice but part of the site is still closed due to excavations. Drinks etc available. Getting back is easy. Back to the main road, the park employees are eager to make the extra baht and drive you back for 150....


You need to get 1-2 km south of the crossing, at the next township, so dont let them drop you off before. hot walk otherwise. Here buses are available every 15 min or less direct into morchit.

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