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Bobs BBQ For Sale? Say it isn't so!

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From www.bobs-bbq.com website:



Bob's BBQ & Mexican Grill is For Sale


Do (Due) to recent events involving the health of my immediate family we have made a decision to move back to Texas for a undetermined period of time. We need to spend time with our family and help during this difficult time. We have had this successful business for 6 years and now it is unfortunate for us but we have to give it up and hope someone will keep it going in the Good old Bob's Tradition.


If you are looking to relocate to Thailand or if you just need something to do which also makes a good income this could be the opportunity for you. The business is owned under a legal limited company and comes with 1 work permit for a foreigner. For Inquiries and details email or call us.



I hope whomever buys the place will maintain the high standards of quality the place is known for...


Good luck Bob and best wishes to you and your family... Thanks for the great meal I had there back in January 2010


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GoodNews1.gif never expected to hear that i am surprised, i would love to take over the place but it would be like putting an alcoholic in charge of a free bar i would either end up dead or 56 stone unsure.gif .


Good luck to you Bob and hope all goes well in US.Hello1.gif


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Not sure of the details, but if this is a legal way for someone to be allowed unlimited stay in the country (with 1 foreign work permit as mentioned), probably not a bad deal if thats what you are after...even if you just break even (Im sure Bob did better than that)...Im just thankful Im past needing to work to play...and to do a small food service biz correctly, if you are open, you are there, no thanks! And from what Ive read, finding a good Thai manager is tough, but not impossible I guess.


I always stopped in once per trip just for a burger on my way out of one of my many excursions to LKMetro (Lolitas/Devils Den)...to be honest, I dont eat much farang food in Thailand, but his fare was always tasty!


Good luck to ya Bob...never a good thing when a close friend or family member gets that ill.


Cheers, Alex

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Well as many of you know I don't spend much time on the forums anymore. Got fed up with all the crap, I will check in from time to time, or if I get a PM which sends me a notification by email.


Actually seeing this post I realized I made a mistake on my website. We have been open 5 years not 6. lol


Yes as much as I hate to go back I have too. My parents were always there for me, so it's the least I can do for them.


My father has terminal cancer and is said to have a year or less left to live. He is 84 and already out lived his mother and father. I also think it will be good for my 2 girls to benefit from some US Education for a few years as well.


The bad news is I will have to go back to work, which sucks.


Bob's BBQ & Mexican Grill


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Damn...that sucks! While I know the majority of you don't eat western food while in Thailand, I was looking forward to some good BBQ because I can't get any here in Afghanistan. One of the reasons I decided to book a room on LK Metro was because that's where Bob's BBQ is located.


Bob...sorry to hear about your father's health. I'm sure returning to the States is the right decision and I hope you have many happy moments with your father during the time he has left. Perhaps someone will be interested in taking over your BBQ joint while your gone and keep it going until you return.

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Bob, your food was always spot-on.

You are making the right decision.

I wish i was there when my Dad passed away.



Good luck.

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You will be missed Bob, we had some good times in tq2!


sorry to hear about your dad, not easy when family members are sick.


I have faith in your return to thailand buddy!!!



Living in Pattaya racing motorcycles and drinking like a fish...


Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today

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