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Newbie to patts

Trough Lolly

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hey guys, me and about 6 mates are coming to patts in the last week of november..


We've got quotes but we want to stay single share NOT twin share in patts (as u can understand!) but to do this is gunna push our prices up to much.

The travel agent has us staying at the SIAM BAYVIEW hotel 310/2 moo 10 Beach Rd in deluxe rooms. Ive researched the rooms and they look awesome so im happy with the quality but not the price of single share.


Can you guys reccomend anywhere thats really nice for a first timer with buffet breakfast thats also no extra charge for ladies??? (unsure of the bayviews policy towards BG's)



not after Just a bed and a shower, sumthin still nice and "touristy" i guess as its our first time and we wanna make it nice.



Maybe next year we will book online ourselves thru Agoda or similar and just book airfares... make a real trip.


Look forward to your suggestions, Thanks!!

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Need to tell us what you are looking to spend - there are a wide variety of great places, but a lot of it will depend upon your price range.

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the Siam Bayview is $132 AUD a night p/p single share.. and $53 twin share


if we can get some single rooms, about $70ish AUD would be great. still above 3-star if possible with brekky.

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my tips,


if going thru a travel agent, do not get transfers. just get a taxi from the airport. will be a fifth of the price and there are taxi drivers everywhere.


do not book your hotel thru a travel agent, there are hotels everywhere and again will be a lot cheaper than the trvel agent. even when your in Phuket, jus get your receptionist at your hotel to book u one in patts.


if u book thr a travel agent, online, over the phone, or walk in, u will be going thru the same shit. only thru the travel agent there is a 300-500% mark up


better $$$ in your pocket than in the travel agents...


as far as breakfast, there is nearly more restaurants in patts than there is girls all serving breakfast menu, and a lot cheaper and nicer than the hotel buffet breakfasts.


good luck

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You are kidding aren't you? Ditch the travel agent and go on Agoda yourself. Most hotels are practically the same price for single or double room (maybe a dollar extra).


I'm booked at Sabai Resort and have heard good reviews, costing me 950 baht a night for and a 'guest' is free as it is girl friendly. You can also book it for about 1200 baht a night which includes breakfast.


But really, there are hundreds of hotels that are excellent for less than half the price you have been quoted. Don't forget that a travel agent will only list hotels where they can get a kickback so they want you in the most expensive.


There will be lots of mongers who have stayed in Patts longer than me who I'm sure will give you a list of decent hotels for a lot less money that you have been guoted. Just be aware that some of the expensive hotels WILL charge extra for a girl.


Another thing to consider is to just book a hotel for the first couple of nights, if you like it then re book for the remainder, if not then just look around for something more to your liking.


You'll love it in Patts.

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thats the tricky part, we cant goto Agoda and sites like that becuase half of us need to "pay it off" thru the year... and being a first timer id rather have it all done in one step.

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Honestly just go on to the internet and book the rooms for just the 2 nights. Don't be afraid, you won't be left out in the cold.


If you must use an agent then Phone and ask them for a list of hotels to chose from then go on internet and compare the prices, then go back and tell them you want it at the cheaper rate.


But really, there is nothing to be afraid of just booking for the first few nights because, as happened before, you will pay for say 2 weeks only to find the hotel is terrible and want to move but you won't get your money back.


You can also ask the agent for the prices of these hotels:




Sabai Resort

Flipper Lodge



Get prices on those and tell your agent to get the same or better deal. I'm sure in the next day or so you will get more advice from the mongers of the best way to get an appropriate hotel at good prices.

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the Siam Bayview is $132 AUD a night p/p single share.. and $53 twin share


if we can get some single rooms, about $70ish AUD would be great. still above 3-star if possible with brekky.



I don't recall when you are looking to go, but I just ran an Agoda search for early April, and Siam Bayview came up as $81 AUS per night. Saving $50 AUS per day might be worth trying to find a way to "fund" it for those on your trip who appear to need to use the travel agent to defer the costs.


I should add that I have never stayed at Siam Bayview, so I am NOT saying you should definitely stay there (OR that you shouldn't!). I just thought the price you were quoted seemed a little high and wanted to pass along what I came across.

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Nasher, i just checked out "AUGUST SUITES" as u posted, Superior Double.. shit their rooms are nice! $67 per night AUD 1 double bed per room.


Now to organise it with the travel agent for f'kall extra hopefully!



anyone have experience with August Suites? doesnt seem to be as much of a "resort" as the other places ive been quoted, but the rooms look just as flashy, if not classier!

also it seems its right in the centre of the action from looking at the basic map??


thank god for this site haha

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will be in patts 23rd-28th november.



Mate you will still get great accommodation with 3 month to go or just walk in when you get there...


your not coming in peak season so dont worry to much you should also look at "pattaya bay resort" it only requires half the money to be payed up front


if your mates cant afford to pay for the rooms early then i would be a bit worried about them being able to pay for the entertainment when they are out here


Or like every one has said use Agoda to book a couple of nights and wing it from there


have fun on your trip

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Rack rate at present is aout 3700 baht - and they looked pretty booked up.


It is annoying that many hotels in this price bracket charge extra for overnight visitor - although a double room is a double room - to me it is simply a cynical way of making a little extra cash out of the sex trade.


I recommended Areca Lodge a few hours ago on this site - about half the price, it's not as flashy but still clean and comfortable and very good location for night life - no extra charge for guests - 2 pools and a buffet breakfast. THats a loyt of baht left for wine women and song.......

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