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Best Tom Yum Goong

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My favorite food to eat when I'm in Thailand is Tom Yum Goong. I've never been to Pattaya so I'm hoping you good folks here can help me out, oh yeah no place is to small or to shabby the only criteria is that it tastes great. Please help I need my Tom Yum fix!!!

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Plenty of places to eat it, it depends what your palette likes. I'm a bit more partial to tom yum het mangsawirat though.

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The 2-storeyed thai bistro close to WS arch.. try their HOT POT, you won't be disappointed... IMO, this dish ( thai name "tim tyum ")

is way too better than tom yam, which is almost always excessively spicy . Here, you can make up your own composition of ingredients,

they serve it on the plate, then you just throw it into the small boiling cauldron and wait for a 2-3 minutes. Herbs, fish slices, shrimps, rice noodles, mussels, squids and chilli pods, of course.. When i tried it first time, i came back there 3 days in a row , exclusively for this dish . For 165 bht 2 years ago, and now, i believe, 185 bht, it's definitely a worth-a-go thing, especcialy if occupying a table upstairs, so you can see the WS walk by, cooling down fire in the mouth with a sip of Chang.. Grilled shrimps are not bad too, but a bit pricy.



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Tom yum goong is my favourite too - I was never dissapointed at Kiss restaurant on 2nd road. Never tried their English grub though (went to 18 coins or Neeroys for that)

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im trying more and more when i can i dont like peannuts in my food or a peanut buttery taste and i tend to avoid creamy curries

knocking that outmight seem like alot it just depeneds really



tom yum was the only thing i could eat at first

i can savage a som tam though with the black crab too


but me n the gf tend to go to the samurai sushi restuaraunt opposite sabai dee

try laos i sarn a bit of everythign mate if you dont know its name start by learning types of food in thai

moo = pork

nua = beef

gai= chicken

goong is pretty much shrimp as far as i know

hoi = seafood / pussy

gaw gai = egg

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