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Australian Visa,


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My friend just got a 3 month Tourist Visa for his Thai GF. He is 59 she is 27 & she has 1 child. Child lives with her parents. They first tried in February / March 2009 & got refused. Tried again June 2009, refused again. The first two times they used immigration agents. I told them from the beginning it's pretty straight forward & you dont need an agent/s as I have done 3 applications for friends before. The reasons for being refused the first two times were..

# 1.. The many many lies & fraudulent claims made on the applications.

# 2.. They (immigration) Believed The girl would have no incentive to return to Thailand.


So they lodged another application in BKK in person on 1st March, I done most of the application for them, made sure it was all in order etc.

They had:-

12 months worth of western union receipts.

Photo's taken over the last 12 months (Previous trips) NOT IN A BAR. Taken at Temples, Pattaya Park, Beach etc.

12 month worth of phone call records, Him to Her.

Copies of his & her bank accounts, hers had no funds in it.

His bank account had $3000 in it & showed his regular Pension payments.

Copies of his & her Passports & Birth certificates.

Police report for her.

A letter of invitation.

Copies of his Phone bill, electricity bill, rent receipts for previous 12 months.

Medical certificate for her.

Full medical insurance for her while she is in Australia.

Receipt for deposit on a return air ticket.

She has NO Employment / Employer Letter as she doesnt work (Freelancer, but we didnt mention this)

All doccuments are to be in English.


Once the application was lodged, they then had to go back two days later for an interview at the Australian Embassy, the interview took 20 minutes, him in one room her in another.

Two days later the visa result was delivered by courier to our hotel.

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I think the only reason for the interviews was because the previous applications. I don't think one would have been asked for if it had been her first application.

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What was the reason that was given for returning to Thailand.It sounds like this is always the hardest to find. With being able to show income support while she is overseas this becomes the most important part of the application...


And often the reason for not getting it


Was the application lodged at the embassy or the Australian visa application centre in the CC tower

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It never used to be this difficult, you have thousands of lying cheating Thai slags to blame for this situation as the Australian immigration has had decades of Thai gals lying their faces off and then pissing off and going on the game as soon as they have PR. Or else just pissing off on tourist visas and found months later working in a whorehouse in Melbourne of Sydney. So if Thai gals today complain about how tough these visas are they have their own sisters to blame for it.


By the way. This business about interviewing your wife/GF in a separate room and you waiting in another room is bullshit. IF THE APPLICANT REQUESTS YOU CAN REMAIN IN THE ROOM THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW. So don't let those nasty Thai bitches at the embassy fool you. Instruct your GF/wife to demand that you remain present, otherwise she'll be bullied and humiliated by those nasty bitches.

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Good outcome no matter how it happened.


Congrats to your mate.

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Our office has a registered Australian migration consultant now working for us if anyone requires any help.

Thai Visa Express
Registered UK Immigration Consultants 
OISC F200700163 UK Immigration Consultants
Impartial UK Immigration Advice - Expect An Honest Visa Assessment - NO Win No Agents Fees.

Web: www.thaivisa-express.com


Face Book : Thaivisaexpressthailand
OISC : https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/office-of-the-immigration-services-commissioner
Email : [email protected]
Tel : 0801022328
Tel :038420313
Tel UK : 020 -0281 -338 -059

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I brought a long-term TGF to australia about 18 months ago. When we lodged the application we were in the visa office for 20 minutes maximum, this included queueing, (only two people waiting) paying fees, handing in the forms. The girl couldnt believe how quick it was as her friends had filled her with stories about interrogations etc. Like you I had it pretty well documented and that helped.

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