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Turnovers in the Bars and Clubs


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Having enjoyed my first (and not last) trip to Thailand for three weeks in October/November '09, most of that time in Pattaya, and most evenings with a start at the FLB, I came to know almost all of the "hostesses" socially, and one intimately. I have been checking into the FLB webcam daily, just to keep abreast of the comings and goings. Throughout the time since my visit assorted ladies have come and gone, for one reason or another, with some disappearing and new faces replacing them. Now, only three months later, not a single familiar face remains save that of Mamasan Sa. (Where, O where are Tik, Bass, Bua, Bam, and Nong?)


I am curious how many of you forum members have experienced similar complete turnovers in a favorite watering hole.

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You do get a fair few girls moving around to better places, they come to work in places to work with friends or family members, then they see something better within weeks.


There is a Soi 6 bar that gets quite a few farm fresh, but the girls leave quickly, as some bars are good at getting them, but not at keeping them.

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Hi, this happens, various reasons, if they all left at same time maybe

they go home, plant rice .. or just beter offers for new jobs..


i was planting rice in khon kaen about end of jan last year...

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just like the job market everywhere, you go where you can make the most money. :)

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The turnover is high but there is also a core of girls that have stayed in their bar or other bars close to it for years. This is normal as we have seen on this thread as there are many reasons for them to leave. I have lost track of I don't know how many girls over the years, but the new ones that replace them are sometimes quite as interesting.

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Don't they all have to go home to vote on the 16 or 17th, if they vote.

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