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Pattaya SWAT team Founder arrested


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Looks like the same guy i saw on the documentary " big trouble in tourist thailand "


I was rather surprised to see foreign police volunteers carrying weapons




On Thursday Afternoon, Pattaya Immigration Police Officers led by Police Colonel Atisawit, arrested a New Zealand National accused of illegally possessing firearms. Officers caught up with the man at View Talay 3 Condominium and also seized his Yellow Hummer which indicated the car was used by SWAT Police. It also featured the official Police logo on the driver and passenger doors. Mr. Robert Malcolm McInnes aged 47 from New Zealand, the Managing Director of the ISS Group of Companies, Martial Arts Expert and founder of the Pattaya SWAT Team was searched as was his car and a number of assault rifles, handguns, tear gas canisters and live bullets were found inside the vehicle. Mr. McInnes was taken to the Immigration Office in Jomtien where he also produced two Gun Licenses and three forms of identification which featured conflicting dates of birth, including an expired Thai Driving License, a foreign identification card stating Mr. McInnes holds the ranks of Colonel and an identification card stating Mr. McInnes is an Officer of the Pattaya Police Counter Terrorist Unit. The card was signed by Police Colonel Nopadon, the former Superintendant of Pattaya Police Station. During interview with Police Colonel Atisawit at the Immigration Office, Mr McInnes claimed he was a military and police trainer and the weapons in his possession had been used for training purposes only. Mr McInnes will now be processed in accordance with the law.


Taken From : Pattayaone.net

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Why do they not vet these guys properly? Look at Colov, he should not even be allowed in the country

Went to the zoo today. Spent ages at the camel enclosure, looking at their toes. They look nothing like a fanny. Disappointing.

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He does not belong to the Foreign Police Volunteers.




NZ National & Pattaya Icon Detained on Weapons Violations


A New Zealand national has been arrested in Pattaya for impersonating a SWAT police officer and carrying live automatic firearms in public. Upon his arrest he was in possession of a large cache of automatic weapons and ammunition.


Link with some more pics:



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Google his name...he's a bit tasty... :D


But change of face at the top and he's fucked...TIT :001_Thank_You5:




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On the news yesterday, everything was confiscated (including the Hummer) while under investigation. Bullshit, went past is this morning & the vehicle is parked in its regular spot.

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from Pattaya-times.com - update :


In response to what the accused says are serious false charges on several major websites in Thailand showing pictures of him, “Sifu” Robert McInnes, and police with a cache of automatic weapons and ammunition and posting news reports of illegal firearms possession, impersonating a police officer, parading in public with full SWAT gear and weapons, holding fake IDs and being arrested - charges by web posters which Mr. McInnes says are false and are extremely damaging to his reputation - the Pattaya Times newspaper interviewed “Sifu” Robert McInnes to get his comments to these serious charges.


He was charged by warrant saying he had illegal possession of ammunition, a bullet proof jacket and a police radio, but he was not arrested. He turned himself in last night and was released while the investigation proceeds to ascertain if there has been a law broken. There were no more serious charges filed against Mr. McInnes, only and was these three charges.


Mr. McInnes stated emphatically in response to the news accounts of him being caught by Pattaya Immigration police possessing illegal automatic weapons in his vehicle and posing as a SWAT instructor, “First I have never be detained. I am the in accordance with documents provided the SWAT instructor and the police in Pattaya confirmed. There were no automatic weapons in the vehicle when the incident happened; there was a special gun that shoots a net used when there are hostage situations. Not an automatic gun of any kind.”


In response to news reports that he had been arrested Mr. McInnes replied, “The immigration did not arrest me on the 18th because I had paperwork all they did was talk and Pattaya police came to guarantee I was the SWAT instructor. I don't know where all this comes from, but I assure you I'm home safe and sound. I actually went to the station myself last night. I have one police radio unlicensed that was left in my car along with a jacket and I will most likely get a fine. Please help me with the news if you can; everyone in Pattaya knows I'm with SWAT and it's a real unit.


“It's not true what Thaivisa.com and Pattayadailynews.com are saying on the net. There were no automatic weapons; I don't know where that came from. And there's no fake passport. The police ID is in Thai and calculated in the year of Buddha,” Mr. McInnes, who has the title of “Sifu” which means master or teacher because he is a Grand Master in a unique form of Kung Fu he mastered at a temple in China for many years when he was quite young, he said.


He added, “Also, I have permit as an instructor for Pattaya SWAT, issued three years ago by the Pattaya police. There has been no notification it's cancelled and the police and SWAT go on duty every week for three years and swat train every Wednesday and Thursday.” and are used on various assignments.


“The reason the equipment was in the car was we were ready to go training shooting , then a call came saying the police had to escort a VIP so everyone left quickly and they forgot to lift the box out of the back of the Hummer and store it. I didn't know! So I get in the Hummer and drive home,” Sifu proclaimed.


Asked about reports he was approached at View Talay 3 by the Immigration Police Chief, he denied this also and said, “I stopped to see someone and then the police came from immigration and said the chief of immigration wanted to see me so I drove to his office on Soi 5 and saw him. After they inspected everything they let me go. There was no arrest. Nothing. Then the reporters made a big thing of it and it all blew out of proportion.”


Sifu said, “ Yesterday I was in Chonburi and heard about all the rubbish and came back and went straight to the police in Pattaya, along with police Chief Nopaedorn to sort it out, the only thing was there was a radio without a license and a bullet proof jacket left in the car which belong to a Thai policemen who is a member of the SWAT team. As for the ammunition, it was supplied for training. Because we did not train due to the arrival of a VIP it was left in my Hummer. I am trying to ascertain where it came from. Once that is done the correct paperwork will be supplied.”


“After all of this so at 11 pm last night I went to Chonburi and met Chief of Chonburi Police Nopaedorn and said I have had enough I want to hand myself in so he accompanied me to answer charges of the only three charges for the radio, vest and ammunition. I was released within 20 minutes."


"My personal comment is I am not an idiot. How could it have lasted three years if what the reporters are saying is true? There is not a single time I have gone out on duty with SWAT without police. In my opinion I am stuck in a riff between police. Until police send a letter to me saying the papers as instructor are null and void as far as I am concerned I will continue to assist SWAT," he said.


"The cars are supplied by me for the police swat teams to use and the police put the stickers on the cars that say “SWAT” and bear the police insignia," he said.


Sifu declared, "How can I be impersonating an officer if every time the car is out there are police in it?"





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interesting story!

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What a joker... he reminds me of an idiot I met in the UK who drove around in a cheap van with 'Emergency Diver Rescue Team' or some such nonsense on it. He was an amatuer scuba diver living inland and 40 miles from the sea.

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after reading that article http://pattaya-times.com/a5089-sifu-robert-mcinnes-responds-to-police-and-media-charges I cant help siding with him. He has volunteered to help and it seems the Thai's are being unfair.

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update 24.02.2010:



Sifu McInnes Still Working in Pattaya Contrary to Rumors of Deportation


full story: http://pattaya-times.com/a5136-sifu-mcinnes-still-working-in-pattaya-contrary-to-rumors-of-deportation


source: www.pattaya-times.com

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He has volunteered to help and it seems the Thai's are being unfair.


wow thais being unfair to westerners that's a new one... :D

Who is fit to govern others?


He who governs himself. ?


You might as well have said: nobody.

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This guy is not going anywhere. He is very tight with the Thai military and owns a large development company that has many ongoing projects

Better to be daring and cool, than timid and uncool! Life's journey is not about arriving at your gravesite in a well preserved condition, but rather dropping into it in a long sideways skid, totally worn out, and shouting "Holy Shit...What a ride" - Indian Larry

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