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Connection Hanging


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Hi guys. Generally I'd consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable but this problem has me stumped.


My internet connection randomly hangs up. What I mean by this is that when I try to do something on firefox (my web browser) with my desktop or laptop it usually connects to websites and downloads files and plays streaming video fine for a time. However, it will randomly stop loading a web page or steam video or downloading a file. There doesn't appear to be any regularity to when it's droping the connection and after it does so I can tell it to start over and it will do so just fine. In another words, when it suddenly stops, my internet connection is still working. I have also tried IE and it has the same problem. Jdownload also gives me this same problem. Anyone know what it might be?


My set up: My desk top and laptop run Windows XP. I have a linksys router and modem. My ISP is Comcast.

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I suspect that you have a wireless router, as the problems sound familiar to me. Unfortunately it could be a million & one things. Could be a faulty modem, or temporary problem with Comcast. How long have you been experiencing the problem? Days? Weeks?


If you are using P2P filesharing programs, this will be the likely culprit, as they are famous for locking up wireless routers. Try limiting connections to 50 or under.


Other than that, hit the tech forums & ask the same question. Check settings / configurations in your router for common problems. Is your router aerial fully vertical? How far is your router from your computers?


Could even be the structure of your house blocking the signal. Short answer is it's 90% likely a router problem, 10% likely modem problem.


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this can be any one of a lot of things but generally if you reset your router you should get better access, always do this when you have knocked off your PC/Laptop and re-boot it after you have reset your router


Also, do a disk cleanup to make sure none of the temporary fole folders are filling up

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