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whats the clubbing like in pattaya?

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i am after some feedback on the clubbing in pattaya...


what is the clubbing like in general..i am 29 years old and am into my dance music (house/techno) and when im away i always like to hit some of the nightclubs..


are there any clubs that play this sort of music?


any help would be much appreciated..




kj :Oops1:


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The old Insomnia (not the new one) was probably the best out of all the clubs in Patts in my opinion. Great atmosphere and reminded me of the UK all nighters i used to go to years ago. Don't know what to recommend now though, i'd like to know myself.

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No club in Pattaya will ever top the old Insomnia. I don't know why they didn't keep it as an after hours similar to what Marine do with Marine 2.


Anyway your options for house are the new Insomnia on Walking Street. Packed every night, full of girls, great sound system and awesome lights. The old Insomnia used to play funky house, the new one is a bit harder. Get's rammed from around 3am when the Gogo's and bars start throwing out. Starts quietening off around 5.30am and closes around 7am now. (Old Insomnia used to be banging and busy until 9am.)


For a similar vibe to the old Insomnia (smaller, more intimate and better music) check out Casino on Soi Diamond. It's a coyote bar really but goes late and works more as a disco. Open until around 6am. Best music and best club in Pattaya for me at the moment. Not as easy to pick up in here though, more advisable to take a girl with you.


Other options for house music are Marine on Walking Street and there's also a house room, as well as a hip hop room, at Mixx down at the pier.


I quite like Candy Shop on Walking Street for Hip Hop and there's also a live band. Lucifers, like Marine, used to be a big dog but is pretty dead now. Avoid Tony's.


After hours head for JP, down the arcade off Walking Street underneath Goodfellas. Go after the disco around 7am, can drink and plenty of girls through until lunchtime. Quick bang and a nap then start again.

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I'll second the opinions about the old Insomnia - it had more of a vibe than the one on WS. If you've got the time or patience, there are a few places in Bangkok to try.

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Insomnia is great. When you are tired of the crowed (some like it, some like it not) you can take a seat at the VIP and just watch the nightclub from there.

Mixx have two rooms, one with Hip Hop and one with Techno/dance. But last time I was there the Techno/dance area was a bit empty.

Marine Disco is on the way down. Expensive, bored and old. But still some great music. Better some years ago!

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