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How long does customs take at 5 AM?


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Hello All,


Arriving in BKK airport on 18th Feb at about 5 AM. How long does it take for visa on arrival and clearing customs? The reason I ask is, bell bus service starts at 8 and airport pattaya bus starts at 7 AM airport bus..


I will pick a service depending on the time to clear the customs.... Looking forward to your opinions ..



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Good idea to take a Airport bus at 6.50am.. It is only about an hour or less to past through the immirgrations , customs and picking up the baggage . Your arrival time is good. Not many Plane arrive that time, Most after 6am/ You have plenty of options.. Airport Bus is your best bet, if too late, get the Bell Bus 08.00am at gate number 7.. Dont worry, you have plenty of time. Enjoy the trip mate.

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we generally get into a taxi within 45 mins from landing....and as jocky king mentions there isnt much traffic at that time...just relax mate it will be all good


I just wanna get back to Pattaya.............


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hand passport to immigration person,take hat and glasses off ,if u have on,

stare at camera thingy for 10 seconds,dont move,passport stamped,done!

Bobs your uncle ,as they say,30 seconds tops,easiest immigration on the planet

but i could be wrong


love sid

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At 5am you may reckon that it takes about 30 to 45 (at most) minutes after landing and immigration until you can pick up your luggage and leave

the airport. So you have plenty of time. Have a nice holiday!

Edited by Khunsingha

Pattaya: You can checkout any time you like - but you can never leave - Eagles

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it depends on what flights land at that time. If you get to immigration and are behind people that require a visa to enter Thailand it will take much longer. hard to say

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Clearing customs depends what you get busted for.


It could take a lifetime. :2Cents1:

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