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Jams, sauces etc for farangs


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Hi all,


I am new to this so forgive me if I've stuffed up. But, am seeking your advice. I’m an Australian planning to make a variety of products specifically for farangs living in Thailand and need your wise opinion.


Products: sauces (plum, tomato, Mint, barbecue (HP) plum marinade), chutneys, pickles, jams (marmalade, plum etc), pickled / marinated gherkins and cucumbers, mayonnaise, mustards, ice cream (made from Thai fruits), yoghurt, sausage rolls, pies & pasties, pate’, pickled onions, biscuits, muffins, jam and custard tarts, fudge, muesli bars etc … maybe a variety of sausages as well. The cost of my products will be far less than similar imported products and all will be Made in Thailand.


Question 1: would there be an interest in such products among the farang community?.


Question 2: would you be keen to purchase such products for your home, business or restaurant … subject to quality and price?


Thanks for your time. E-mail me at anytime.


Clancy Tucker

[email protected]

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A bit more research is needed by yourself, as there are many expats who do this already.There is an english butchers in Jomtiem that does every thing that an english butcher would do also various pie makers and sausage makers.The other things that might be wanted are already catered for by the supermarkets like Carefour,tesco lotus,or even the Chinese supermarket on Pattaya tai.Unless you can do something a lot better and cheaper that boat has sailed,sorry.

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ive seen quite a few of these items around patts and surrounding areas, but it cant hurt giving it a shot. good luck!

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Good luck with your business plan. I'm sure you've already seen what the large supermarkets have on offer?

It's a nice idea in principle but I think you can't compete with those big chains of supermarkets.

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All thes are available.. beware, you may think you can do it cheaper

but so can the people who already sell it...

if you did go ahead you could be the one getting undercut..


Still up to you, all the best whatever you do

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If there is a request for a a foreign product one or more of the supermarket would most like get it on the shelf. I would normally get my supply from Central and, not being picky, my demand is fully covered. It's all a price/quality/marketing/demand question and from a the consumer point of view the wider selection the more choice. You didn't clearly state nationalities of farang but assume you'r targeting the Australian. Do you plane a shop or internet based? anyway; wish you good luck with the project

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I don't want you to lose your ass

in Thailand. You posted this one

month ago, and mine is only the 6th

response that you have received.

It appears that people are pretty

much satisfied with what is available

now. I really don't think that there

is a market for what you have in mind.

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