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Hi folks

Thinking seriously about forking out 20k for lifetime membership at tonys, it's raising to 28k next month and thinking I may as well save 8k..

I'm into the weights more than cardio and it seems good value for money,keep seeing the tv ad's stating that tonys will be around for a long while to come!. hope this is true...

Just wondering if any other members are lifetime at tonys and would they recommend this to others.

Cheers rich..

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At 100-200B for a trip to the gym.

Thats 100-200 gym trips you'll have to make to break even.

Taking into the account the value of cash flow and spending as you need rather than all at once, probably 120 to 240 gym trips to see any real value.


At 241 you will have made 100B. not really a bit deal.

probably going to have to be 300 gym trips to really feel like you've pocketed some baht.


Depends how much you use it really mate.

I'm pretty lazy with gym attendance and would never get through that many.

But if your living over there and a regular.

It would probably take you about 2-3 years to get some real value out of it.


I can't see Tony's gym folding in that time. Though I would never put it past Tony to pull a fast one at some point and get some more money out of the members.

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I live 3 months on and 3 months off. I joined for a "lifetime", whatever that means. Have a few friends in the industry. Some Gyms are built to close. In other words they are only opened up to sign up members and then fold. Tony's is not built on that model. Does not mean that it will never fold, however. Like hazza said, it depends on how much you will use it. They are going to close the one on 3rd road and Soi Diana when the new one on 3rd road and pattaya thai is finished. (across from the old one) Don't know if that affects your decision or not. Like the gym, though, and there are some good guys to chat with between sets. Good Luck!

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