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Buying a Laptop/PC


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Hi Guys I am planning to move to LOS IN April/May and my PC in the UK would be put in storage ,I plan to live with my Thai girlfriend and therefore we would both like to use the same Laptop for internet and emailing etc.,therefore can I buy a Laptop that is compaitable for both English and Thai on the keys,also where is a good place to buy that would be cheap ? by the way I plan to live in a apartment in Jomtein.

Kind Regards

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Thailand is not particularly cheap for computer equipment.


If you are buying i'd go to some of the big IT malls in BKK.

Tukcom in pattaya is quite expensive.


Its harder to get really high end laptops over there. The mega powerfull gaming laptop just doesn't sell.

but if all your looking for is buisness and internet then no problem.


Not sure about thai keys.

The thais I know seem to learn and adapt to english on the keys.

One of the IT malls would be a good place to ask about thai keys.

There must be overlays and other options and as well as dual language keys. Last laptop i had was arab/english.


If I was in your situation i'd just order in the UK and let the girlfriend learn english keys. You won't save money buying in thailand and its a bit of a lottery if they'll rip you of at some of the places.

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If you get a laptop in the UK you can simply purchase stickers in Thailand for the keyboard to enable her to see Thai letters on the keyboard. It is very easy and only costs about 20 baht in most computer stores.


With regards to getting a laptop I would strongly advise getting an Acer one in Thailand. Great prices, high specs, local & international support. http://www.acer.co.th

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Buy in the UK. They are no cheaper in LOS and if you have problems with one purchased in LOS it will be much harder to get it sorted than using a UK supplier. You may be best buying something in the Uk that you could get fixed in LOS if required. Such as ACER, ASUS, HP......

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Personally, having left a damn good Desktop behind myself, I'd be thinking how to bring it with me, even if I took it apart and got someone in Tukcom to put it back together in a new box - ok, maybe a new m/b. Laptops are OK on the move, but a good Desktop is so much better to use at home.


Anyway, I'd buy a laptop in UK and bring it rather than buy one here. They're expensive here and are bare of OS or any other progs. You can get it loaded with copies for 300 baht, but if you want genuine then the prices are similar to UK, so add that on to an already expensive machine.

To get Thai script on the keys you'd have to use a USB keyboard I presume. I'm using a 1200 baht Logitech wireless setup on my Desktop, but the keyboard lead has a USB option so presumably it would work on my laptop, but I haven't tried it. I suppose if you used that and a USB mouse and bought a proper monitor then you've nearly got a desktop anyway.

I go sleep now I'm bored.

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Thanks guys for your answers it looks like it is better to buy in UK and the girlfriend wants to learn english anyway so it will be for the best and if any problems self sticky labels in Thai can be fitted.

I thought they would be cheaper to buy in Thailand but it appears not to be the case and there could be repair issues and a laptop bought in UK would be covered under warranty.

Regards to everyone who replied :D

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That's a good idea about using a USB keyboard with the laptop, then affixing Thai letter labels on that. Then the GF could learn the English letters a bit easier and you would still be able to use the LT keyboard. Most any laptop can use a USB KB and you can get them fairly cheap. Besides, if you do a lot of typing, you may find the full size keyboard a bit more handy.

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