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Siam Sawasdee in Soi Buakuo


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Hello fellow mongers, i have tried searching for some info thru the board regarding this hotel (appoligies if i have overlooked them)....basically i am after some feedback on recent stays in this joint "Siam Sawasdee" (big pink/purple hotel near LK Metro)....as i booked it a few months back it looked ok....did a search last night and thru thaivisa (i think) the reviews were not to good....so if anybody can help me here it would be appreciated....trying to get any info from them is fucking hopeless...re: joiner friendly, free wifi, restaurant etc etc...many thanks




I just wanna get back to Pattaya.............


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Not too bad.. Pleasant staff.. Room not great but there is a bed for two, Great for budget people.. I stayed there myself few years ago and no complaint but didn't go back there next time... There is swimming pool there too..

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i stayed there in oct 09,1 week

guest friendly

breakfast 7 till 10.30

nice pool

only wifi in the lobby,not in rooms

had many a thai girl there,plain room,but clean

some lady boys there too

had a three some one night,only checks was i.d

not bad place,was ok,have used the one on beach front too,soi 11

sawadee sea view,not as good

well dont worry if all ready booked

you like it

clean rooms,take ladys back

nice cook your self meal,restraunt next door,live music,my tilak loved it

not far to d.d and lotieas

well its cheap clean place,no wifi as such,i went next door,bar ,buy a drink,free wifi

staff were good,i was on top floor,can go on roof,watch the stars,take pics

i did,tilak liked it too

well dont worry,taxi man can find it as well,place well known

not really any think bad to say about it really,nice food,bed

have a swim,you be ok

lady boy bar accross the road,hire bikes too

english pub as well

well apart from the wifi,but is in lobby erea only

you do fine,i been twice

well enjoy your stay

have great holiday

have fun

say hi to wan at reception,day shift

nice thai lady

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I was there on February 2010. I booked it through sawadee.com. I had paid in advance and had receipt of payment when went to hotel. Show receipt to girl in reception. Girl looked to me and was not very polite saying no loom fol you. I asked where is the boss. She was standing beside the girl. I said you can see here my payment do something please. I don't want to sleep on streets. They talked little while and said I have to go for one night to their other hotel. Next day I can come back this hotel and I have there room for the rest of days.


They took me to Sawasdee See View hotel which is on soi ten near beach road. I took a shower and went drinking. Drink rest of day very pissed. Drink all night long not anymore so pissed (I was very drunk). Next day come and I was still drinking. Then I noticed time was 2 pm. I went to See view hotel and ask where I will stay. Boy in reception make a phone call. After that he said they will take me to Siam Sawasdee hotel on soi Buokhao. We went there and I got room.


Didn't like hotel. There was very many russians. Staff was not very polite. Safety box was in reception and closed at midnight.

Newer come hotel before midnight. Room was on top floor. I did't notice any noise or disturbance. But I came hotel about 4 to 5 am. There is swimming pool. Look nice from top floor. One morning (=afternoon) I decided to go swimming. That day and some days after that there was some men fixing the pool. It was out of water. Great. Newer went breakfast.


Room was shabby. AC was working but keep loud noise. There was hot water in shower.


Here is some pics.











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I stayed here for a few days my first trip to Patts before moving to Opey De Place. There are much better options in the area in the same price range.Rooms were shabby and breakfast poor. The pool is nice bu tbe prepared to get up early as all the euros put their towels on the loungers to reserve them. No joiner fee, never any probs with TGs. Liked the location, in the middle of soi Buakouw and a short walk down soi Honey to second road.


Cheap, you get what you pay for, but would not stay there again.

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Stayed their 1 night before, i think its got to be the biggest waste of 1000 baht i have ever spent... What a dump

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My god what a dump... The room is a tip do you really treat a room like this ? Never seen such a mess

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Was supposed to stay there a week last summer, But when we go to the room it smelled soooo bad so we turned around and left.....

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Terrible hotel iv heard a couple of friends stopped there last Xmas and said they would never stop there again my friends looked on the Internet at the reviews of the hotel and thought it wud b ok, ants all over the room walls paper thin one of my friends was plugging his hair dryer into the socket on the wall and it went through the wall meant to b a shit hole looks pretty grim wen you walk buy it, I recommend Pattaya Bay Resort really nice hotel very clean food great staff really friendly very cheap also

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Rooms okbut some little insects in room got into everything even the keyboard of my pc. You can pay for wifi in your room. Breakfast disgusting. No joiner fee Swimming pool ok but staff dont want you drinking/eating anything they diddnt ell you at their very understocked bar. Staff were polite and cleaners were good when getting tipped but not so good when not. Wont stay there again because of the rules around the pool bar. They had no diet coke so i bought it at 7-11 and the staff said no! hotel is in good area for getting around

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