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Are you out to flirt?


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Take this quiz and find out if you are (or someone you know is) the type that just LOVES to flirt in public. ...



1. When you go out on a date or with friends, which best describes how you dress?


a) Conservative is my style of choice. (0)

b) Loud, flashy, and revealing!(3)

c) I wear something appropriate, but I always look good.(2)

d) I keep up with the latest fashions, and wear lots of accessories.(4)

e) Whatever is clean!(1)


2. At a party or gathering, do you meet new people?


a) Yes, but only if they come up to me.(2)

b) Heck yeah, I'm the life of the party!(4)

c) I'm a pretty good conversationalist, and I love to talk.(3)

d) I usually just stick with the people I already know. (0)

e) It depends - if I like the crowd, I will talk to some new people.(1)


3. How do you feel about public displays of affection?


a) Hey, if the feeling hits, I'll kiss someone anytime, anywhere! (3)

b) Holding hands is okay, but nothing more.(1)

c) I'll do anything in public!(4)

d) Affection is best in the bedroom only.(0)

e) I'm a 'touchy-feely' person; I always hug friends and kiss in public.(2)


4. Which type of social event would you rather attend?


a) A movie.(2)

b) A party with good friends. (3)

c) A raging party with tons of people! (4)

d) A concert.(1)

e) Does reading a good book at home count as a social event?(0)


5. Most of my friends are:


a) The same sex.(1)

b) The opposite sex! (4)

c) At home reading, just like me.(2)

d) Cool and wild, kinda like me.(3)

e) Um, friends?(0)



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and this is in health issues why?

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