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packing for first trip guys


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please say one thing u cudnt be without(dont state obvious please cash ..passport..etc )

and wot not to take funnier the better its chrimbo :001_Thank_You5::D

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decent condoms.. :001_Thank_You5:


also a carrot...if you lose your hard-on you can rodger your bird with it...why not?





:Chokdee::Beer8: :Beer8: :D

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An extra shirt for the night. You'll be sweating so much that your shirt will be wet and stinking. No amount of flower necklaces bought on a soi will hide the stink. The do however get the sex smell off your mattress.

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Surprised nobody mentioned camera yet!

That's is one of my high prio things when I start packing... money, passport, ticket, CAMERA. :Fuck_Dog:

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defiantly condoms the ones all the girls have are the smallest stupid little things ever. and they break all the bloody time too



apart from that, everything else can be brought cheaper there

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If you sweat a lot theres this awesome stuff you can probably get from your doctor, its called PersipreX or something along that lines, its supposed to help prevent you from sweating to an extreme extent...or at least if your face perspires a ton you can stop that from happening.

If you dont own a video camera or a digital camera that takes good video I suggest investing in one of those MinoHD compact video cameras..the ones that sell for like $100 or so, they only record like 2 hours but they are great quality for what you pay..and the low light recording is decent

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probably too late, but for all the others who are looking for answers:


first it depends on what you are looking for.


just partying, banging or relaxing. or all together?


there are different needs and infos.


but for just coming here: don´t take too much stuff with you. just take your best apparels with you when you want to show off. wearing t-shirts sometimes are too much in my eyes.

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