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The Haven Hotel Soi 13


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Can anyone tell me what this establishment is like? It looks OK well positioned and has a pool. Comments from BMs who have stayed there would be welcomed.



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Stayed there last June and really liked the place. As you say, Soi 13 is an excellent location and having the Sportsman pub nearby is a bonus too. The pool's fairly small but perfectly formed! Used to have moonlight dips with my LT which was nice; saved the need for a shower!


The only problem I could imagine is having a room overlooking the pool. The hotel is family friendly (no joiner fee) and there's some noise from happy kiddies in the pool during the day. I had a room tucked away so at the top of some stairs so not a problem for me. The restaurant was always busy, never tried it myself, and the bar was good for an early evening meet/drink but again not busy. The satff didn't seem overly friendly and my mate agreed but it could've just been us. Good value for 900 thb.

My Pattaya budget is perfectly adequate as long as I don't spend any of it

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Stayed there in july/august and loved the place! It's a very cool and secluded place with perfect location.

Food is above average, one funny thing is that they make better western food than thaifood.

The Bar has a waitress who was very very friendly so to speak :GoldenSmile1:

I wanted to stay there for my upcoming trip but they were fully booked which they seem to be almost all of the time, so you have to be lucky to get a room with short notice!

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I stayed there in May 09 and had the room at the top, which i felt needed a bit of freshening up as it looked a bit tired!

Like eanto found, the staff were'nt friendly but the location was fine for Walking Street.


I'm looking at hotels for my next trip but not really thinking about the Haven....

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I used to stay here all the time. However my last two stays there was less than memorable. The main problems were lack of water pressure in the shower (water was barely trickling out of the shower faucet) and the electrical problems in the room (power kept on tripping). When I brought these matters to the manager Steve he just shrugged and told me to speak to his wife about these problems. I informed her of these problems and she also just dismissed my concerns.


When you consider the fact that I have stayed there on at least eight occasions you would think they they would acknowledge my business and address my concerns. But I learned that this is Thailand and don't expect issues to be addressed efficiently. If you want to experience Basil Fawlty of the TV series in real life, stay there and inform the owner Steve of a problem. Watch his reaction!


Lots of golfers stay there since Steve is an avid golfer.


It's a pity that Steve and his wife have such poor customer service attitudes. I guess that they get enough business from their golfing buddies for us mongers not to count. The location is ideal and the rooms are not bad in size.


Just my opinions, of course.


PS - if you search the other boards you will find similar opinions as mine.

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I have not stayed at the hotel, but the restaurant deserves mention. They serve a very good breakfast and their fajitas are legendary. For you American football fans, they show all the games and also have access to NFL game pass for non-televised games.

The wife and I were very happy for 20 years, then we met.

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I checked the place out because I always stay at Sandy Springs next door. IMHO the rooms are too small for comfort, so I stayed with Sandy Springs. However, as already mentioned, the location is central to everything in Pattaya.

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