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On the Phone 2 (cause for pause)


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It did not take me long to realize that when i did not understand something being said on the phone a simple ไม่เข้าใจ (i do not understand : mai khao jai) wasn't going to cut it. I needed to pin down the problem so that when i really didn't understand, she knew that i meant excatly that. Some of the following phrases i know cold pat and i hope they help.

Again, throwing these out there for review. If anyone has something to add, please do. If there is a better way to say, something is incorrect, some nuance i am missing, any questions, etc. . . please give it a go. I still consider myself a beginner here. Conversational Thai is not my strength.


"What was that ?" : อะไรนะครับ -> arai na krab

"I cannot hear you" : ไม่ไค้ยิน -> mai dai yin

"Can you speak up please ?" : ช่วยพูดดัง ๆ หน่อย -> chuay poot dang dang noi ?

"Can you speak slowly please ?" : ช่วยพูดช้า ๆ หน่อย -> chuay poot cha cha noi ?

"My hearing is not good" : หูไม่ค่อยดี -> huu mai koi dee

"I cannot keep up with what you are saying" : ฟังไม่ทัน -> fang mai tan

"Can you say that again ?" : ขออีกทีได้ไหมครับ -> khor eek tee dai mai krab ?

"The phone line is no good" : สายไม่ดี -> sai mai dee

"The phone line cuts in and out" : สายหลุดบ่อย -> sai loot boi

"The phone line has interference" : สายคลื่นรบกวน -> sai kleun rob-kuan

"I am about to run out of phone minutes" : ในไม่ช้าจะค่าโทรหมด -> nai mai cha ja kha toh mod

"I must add money to my phone" : ผมต้องกันเติมเงิน -> phom dtorg gan dterm ngern

"One moment" : ครู่เดี๋ยว -> khroo dee-oh

"Please hold on for a moment" : กรุณาถือสายรอสักครู่นะครับ -> garoo-nah theu sai ror sak kroo na krab


If you use one of these for the first time with someone that you have been talking to, be prepared to use ฟังไม่ทัน. The expectation of what you undersatnd may have increased a notch.



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"What was that ?" - aray na/ krab/

"I cannot hear you" - pomV may/ daay^ yin

"Can you speak up please ?" - chuay poot siangV daang may/ krab/ ?

"Can you speak slowly please ?" : chuay^ puud chaa chaa may/ krab/ ?

"My hearing is not good" : huu koo_ngV pomV may^ ko_y dii

"I cannot keep up with what you are saying" : - PomV yaang may^ kaw/ jay aray tii^ koon yaak puud ( I still not understand what you want to say)

"Can you say that again ?" : - Chuay^ puud iik\ kraang? or Puud iik\ kraang^ sii krab/ (I suggest you say again)

"The phone line is no good" : say\ nii/ may dii lee_y

"The phone line cuts in and out" : - say\ nii/ dtad\ bpay dtad\ maa naa nang kraang^ (line this cuts back and forth from time to time)

"The phone line has interference" : - say\ nii/ bpen siangV boy (This line sounds quiet)

"I am about to run out of phone minutes" : - Diaw^ pomV ja mod\ naatii (Soon I will run out of minuites)

"One moment" : - Baa_b nu_ng or Diaw^

"Please hold on for a moment" : - Chuay^ ro_/ baa_b nu_ng krab/ (Although I'd probably just use the one above most of the time)

Edited by Ajay75

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Thanks that was really good information. Just got off the phone with Thailand and they were impressed and laughed that farang understood.

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