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hotel vista review


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IMHO it is just an okay hotel. it's fancy looking but i think that it just falls short of being a top of the line hotel.

for one it offers free wifi but it hardly works. In the lobby they have 1 PC with wired internet for everybody to use. so there is always someone on it. As i write this review i'm sitting in the "coffee world/Subway" on beach rd near soi 5. it's internet is slow but at least it works

also for a hotel that just opened the furntiture is pretty beat up


also my room did not come with a clock so make sure your watch works.


Another issue is that this hotel and mike orchid across the street cater to the tour groups. so there are alot of tour buses using this soi so in the morining time around 8ish if your balcony faces the pool you'll hear the buses and the guy blowiing the whistle while guiding the bus.

one weird thing they do is pipe music into the hallway of every floor so you hear that through your door and you also got music from the pool area which can be annoying


the breakfast buffet is crap

in the room they have a chair that is 2 feet off the floor which killed my back see pic below


on the plus side they have an AV input in the wall to play a movie from a laptop or dvd player on the flat panel tv on the wall. the channels are not bad they like 5 movie channels plus discovery & national geographic. although the discovery channel would freeze everyday sometimes twice a day


it is a nice looking hotel and the pool is saltwater, it has a gym which is decent. the staff is friendly


one other mistake i made is i booked through a travel agency and paid in full. so i'm stuck in this hotel they do not give you any credit back. I'm going to lose 3 days because i have to cut my trip short because i got sick.


some people will like it. it just does fit my needs for the price. i also think i like being central pattaya better it's more convenient




AV Inputs.JPG


chair $ table.JPG





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LOL I agree.


Stayed there about a month ago for 9 days.


The room, was one of the best I've stayed in, but the lack of sunshine at the pool side after 11 am ruined it for me, the hotel opposite, Mike Orchid had the sun all day.


Plus I stayed there during Halloween, and they held a big party the day after I checked in. That was fair enough but the staff and manager (Ken) was way too pushy trying to sell their tickets (something I really hate), and afterwards he (Ken) kind of acted upset.


I was out the night, but I guess the Halloween party was a big flop (wonder why).


But overall I liked the hotel, and was gonna think about coming back until I checked out.


The sweet lady behind the counter said that 1 vegetable juice can was missing, I answered that I didn't drink that stuff, and had taken everything out, and put it back in.


The lady called and checked again, and said the same again, in a I'm sorry fashion, I could feel my temper building up, but said f... that, and paid 85 baht for the can I never had, and agreed that they lost me as a costumer, stupid shit like that is enough to make me go somewhere else.


Afterwards I headed for the Holiday inn, and my oh my, this hotel was way better!

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i can definetly see the veg juice happening. i've been in my room when they did service and they nevewr checked the fridge to do inventory. also what i did not like is the 1000 baht deposit or 100USD. 1000baht is like 30 bucks

but you get back after your stay. i actually forgot to mention the lack of sun in my room. it would be perfect if they would've put the pool on the roof with restaurant the view would be amazing. yeah i will not stay here again

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