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Booked my first trip to Pattaya


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Hey guys,


I gotta say, this board is great. Thanks to all of you who post - especially the newcomer tips - hilarious BUT informative. I am staying for almost all of February. I was originally going to rent a condo in Jomtien - but now I feel that may be a mistake. The web pics make the place look like a 5 star hotel (The Residences at Jomtien). However - they are looking for 27,500 baht in advance - plus a 20000 baht security deposit. (Which I have no way of knowing if it will be returned to me - however I was savvy enough to ask about guests - thanks to the members of this board) Is renting a condo the way to go? I am not looking for the cheapest price on a condo or hotel - really the best value. If 500 baht per night gets me a lot more luxury then say 1000 baht - I'm game. Any suggestions - close to nightlife, yet 'guest friendly'? How much money do you guys bring with you? (I'm Canadian - so our money is close to the value of the US dollar). I plan to spend my last few days in Bangkok - but I am trying not to make a concrete plan. One other thing - where is the best place to have a suit tailored - Pattaya or Bangkok - and - any recommendations?

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I would be reluctant to paid 47,000 baht in advance to a hotel that you have never physically seen or stayed at before. Personally I am more than happy to stay in a 700/night guesthouse in Soi Bukhao/LK Metro area. Some of these guesthouses may charge 1000/night for a deluxe room but offer monthly deals that average the cost to about 700/night. You also have a lot more flexibility about changing (although I have never changed in the middle of a booking) if the need arises. I am just concerted that by paying 47,000 up front, you have locked yourself in for a month and you may not like the place. Since it is your first time here, i would recommend a more flexible option.


As for spending money, I always budget about 8000/day but end up spending no more than 5000/day (including hotel) and excluding airfare. Don't change your money overseas, just bring high denomination notes and change them as you go. There is even a money exchange counter straight after immigration at the airport.

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Forget about the condo for your first trip booked a room that is central to everything, if you want a good decent hotel that is GF, you cant beat the LK Renaissance. http://www.lkpattaya.com/index1.php?hotel=LKRenaissance

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Have a look at www.canterburytalescafe.com and you will get an idea of what is available at a reasonable budget price.


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I would 2nd Mavrick and peterbkk2's advice. Use your first trip to try several hotels and bar accommodation in different neighborhoods in Pattaya.

This may mean a lot of moving during your trip, but it will give you a better feeling for the town as a whole. Try a couple of days in

Nakula, have breakfast at Canterbury Tales, live for a few days on Walking Street, Soi Boukow, Soi 6, Sois 7 and 8, eat supper at

Ma Masion on Soi 13, kiss the hand of a ladyboy and run, get drunk and go deaf at Annajet, eat Thai soup that is so spicy that

satellites pick it up, get a manicure/pedicure, visit a soapy, shoot guns, see one of the big shows, get a severe attack of the

shits and recover, get your teeth bleached, visit a gym and actually work out ....in other words, do not nail your foot to one

area or activity. Pattaya offers everything short of incest and Morris Dancing. Although, if you look hard enough...


And remember, when the girls tell you that you are a sexy man with a good heart, it is true. It would be a violation of their

Bar Girl Oath to tell the customer just what he wants to hear.

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