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I just booked my room at the Residence Garden for my August trip. The price is right at 1399 Baht a night for a one bedroom suite. I know I could have found something a bit cheaper but, I didn't want to stay right in the heart of Pattaya. I just have a few question to ask BM's that have stayed here in the past. For those of you that have, what did you think of the place? Everything looks good on the net but, we all know that things are not always what they seem when it comes to hotel room in Pattaya. Also, did you find it difficult getting in and out of town late at night from this location?


Best regards,


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sounds like you booked via FLB for that price


be prepared to pay extra for internet use


the rooms are awesome, a big living space with kitchen, nice bathroom, and an additional TV in the bedroom


cable TV includes movie channels and even a Series channel

Transportation isn't a worry, just get in a Baht bus near the corner of 2nd road and South Pattaya road

but don't tell the Baht bus driver to take you there, just wait for all the other passengers to load up his truck and he will take you there for 10b, just ring the bell when you get in front of RG


if you tell him your destination, he will take you immediately and charge you 100b

I had a huge argument over this with a Baht bus driver that nearly became violent

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I have been staying there for the last 6 years.A great place to stay extremely helpful staff, great suites with everything you need and like I69 said baht buses going past every minute,family mart across the road and nice little restaurants within walking distance.

And the girls do love the place too :D

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For better quality rooms in a better location near Soi 6, I like Nova Park. 15k/month. The roads in front of RG are being torn up right now. Not looking too good and you'll always be amongst the dust and noise of that. As if the hill weren't busy enough. I would rather be in central Pattaya and be more mobile. There's much better than overrated RG. Up to you.

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The owner is a nice woman , friendly not in your face ,

getting in and out ,I had no problems ,

there a good car park ,if you hire transport ,


A good restaurant , though the music played was a bit dated for me ,

Elvis night is a fun change .


Two nice pools and they teat your guest well .


Yes there is road works going on , but there always building work going on around Pattaya .



"Hello John got a new motor ?"

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Stayed there a couple of times. Once on a ST. Nice place. IMO a bit noisy on the balcony for a long term stay. I like it quiet when not in the action.


Late at night can be a problem getting a regular baht bus. Better to hire a taxi.

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I stayed there this past March and I must say that the staff are very helpful and the rooms are great. I got the FLB rate. I did not use the internet since my wireless was not working. I also happened to be staying while they were tearing up the road which did not make my Thai girl very happy. You know how they like to sleep. She was pissed. I thought it was a bit funny. I booked the room for a week but had to leave early since I could not do any work because of the wireless internet issues. This is where I became impressed. I was checking out and I had already prepared my argument as to why I should not have to pay the remainder of the week. Then I saw the bill and noticed that I was only charged for the nights I used. Now anyone knows that a lot of hotels would have tried to get a night or two out of you if you left without any kind of notice but Residence Garden showed some class here and in doing so gained a frequent guest anytime I hit Pattaya.

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The RG is still a great place to stay in my opinion with a large apartment style room with a balcony, a kitchen and separate bedroom for a rate of 1399 baht a night.. The rooms are big and well presented and it isn't far to the centre of town. With the road widening works taking place, it's a bit noisy during the day and it may be necessary for some additional screening to be installed in the future to maintain some privacy around the pool at the front of the hotel.


The rooms also benefit from large in room safes located in the wardrobe that can take a standard laptop with ease.












The panoramic view from the balcony starting with the view towards Jomtein and panning around to the view into Pattaya.












This was my second stay at the RG. The first time was back in October 2006. On that visit, myself and a mate had a two bedroom suite. The layout still allowed for privacy and both the bedrooms in the two room units have en suite facilities.

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Not sure on the WiFi as I didn't take a computer with me.


I would like to say I was there for 2 weeks last May and it is a very nice hotel for the price. I found the bed a little hard, but nothing I couldn't live with. I did notice that they have 2 different size refrigerators in the room, so try to get a room with on of the larger ones and stock up at the small store across the street for snacks and a meal a day (they have stove tops, pans, and dishes in the rooms) and it will save you a few baht.


They didn't have rooms available at the time I am going back this August or I would have stayed there again.

I hate board signatures, but love irony.

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My friends and I stayed there in March of last year and found it excellent. clean suites and friendly staff and good food at reasonable prices. we enjoyed it somuch that im staying there again the 1st 2 weeks of sept this yearand still at the nsame price as last year. could you ask for more????

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I have stayed there many times, i feel sorry for them because of the road situation which has been going on for about 3 years now, why can't they finish the thing.


The room is excellent value. My one gripe, as a real night owl, is the bedrooms have very bad curtains, looks of light to early, i had to stick black bin liners over them.

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Excellent hotel, great location, really nice rooms and great staff.


I have stayed there when I was a tourist and I would highly recommend this hotel, when my friends visit me I always take them to the RG



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i stayed there for two weeks in june 2007 and it was great

the staff were very good and there were no problems bringing girls back

i got the FLB rate of 1399 per night but i dont know if thats still available

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Our new favourite!


Well worth the money - for 1400 TBH you don't get better IMHO.


Nice staff, great parking for scooter, great pools (yes there is two of them), free wifi (during low seasong), easy to get a bathbus to and from booth WS and Jomtien (BTW only pay 10TBH for WS and 20 for Jomtiien), Familymart outside, clean, no bugs (like in WS area), not noisy (we stayed road-side).


Only downside is breakfast not included (130TBH for AMB before 11AM) and expensive after 11AM.













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stayed there in April for 2 weeks



Close to town, 5 mins walk to WS

guest friendly

clean spacious apartment with all teh amenities you'd expect from a decent hotel

friendly staff

nice swimming pool

good sized balcony, had great view of all the red shirt demos in April



bedroom located at back of hotel with all the air con units outside, a bit noisy sometimes when you want to sleep-balcony only gets sun in afternoon and overlooks road

can be a bit noisy with road traffic outside sometimes

no dvd player in room - a bit annoying when you want to watch latest dvd copy


price was approx 1400 per night, fair price for what you get although hotel next door was only 700 baht per night.


If you like spacious aprtment with swimming pool close to town then its for you.


If you want budget hotel close to town then try next door

Calm down dear...this is only the internet :)

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Thanks for the pics JV, you can see what i mean about the curtains in the bedroom, next time i stay i will take some "blindsinabox"

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Stayed in this hotel dozens of times, and have many friends that have stayed there as well. Clean, comfortable and 3 minutes from WS in a baht bus. Has a car park when I rent a car and over the road is a Family Mart. Food is better than average and the breakfast is great. Would recommend this place at 1,550 baht a night

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Stayed couple of times for couple of weeks. Helpful staff, close to WS, spacious rooms, nice pools adds value. TGs appreciate the place. Stayed at couple of other hotels in pattaya but RG stands out

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I have stayed there on numerous occaisons and its a great hotel and a great value at 1400baht...very close to all the action but far enough away where you can sleep good and a really nice pool to relax at. I always send my friends there who come on holiday.

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i'm surprised anyone is asking this as RG is so well known.


i always used to stay there so i know it well. owner is swedish unless it;s changed hands which i doubt. so that's why it's well run. well worth the price. not perfect mind. some rooms used to have a double bed that was 2 singles pushed together but they never told you that. you find out when you fall thru the middle. and last time i stayed - years ago - rooms were showing some signs eg wall sockets coming off. rooms can be quite dark, too. recessed lighting. and i had a problem with a padded bar bill once [said i'd drank the whole fridge contents when in fact they were....still in the fridge!!! at least they were when I left the room 2 mins earlier on my way to checking out. they then tried to tell me no the fridge has just been filled by the maid. then they came out with the time honored classic "maybe lady you take" except i hadn't had a lady that night and as i say it was full when i left 2 mins before). not the shite you need on checking out. but that was one problem in many yrs [one i meant to email owner about but never got round to]. i mention this just to show they're not perfect.


overall they were v good. eg my gf's daughter was sick all over the place in the wee hours eg 4am or similar and they were at the doors within mins with new sheets cleaning stuff etc. any a/c probs etc got done same day.


you can WALK to walking st in about 12 mins [not 5]. i timed this once from closing my room door to setting foot on WS. baht buses pass every few mins. bike taxis outside.


[edit: oh and i once checked in and there was a birthday card being held for me. they gave it to me immediately]

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Stayed there many times and agree with all the positive comments. Captains Corner buffet restaurant also worth a go.


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