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Queen Vic or Dynasty inn


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I was going to stay at the Jasmine hotel this time until i heard you have to lug your bags up the street. I'm now divided between the Quenn Vic and The dynasty inn pattaya. I know they are both gril freindly but are there charges for a 2nd guest? are they clean, close to the action, which one would you guys pick? thanks

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Out of the two mentioned I'd probally say stay at Dynasty Inn on Soi 13, although i've never stayed at the Queen Vic but read alot of dubious reviews about it.


If your open to suggestions about a nice place a little further out the way can I recommend BJ Holiday Lodge on Soi 3, only stayed once and plan to stay again.

Nice pool, wireless internet, view of the sea/beach, good staff, 5min walk to Soi 6 and always a baht bus not far to cart you off further down.

BJ Holiday Lodge

Not sure on price guess about 1000baht a night.

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The Dynasty Inn is 1280 baht a night .

stayed there many times , the guest question , Email them .


Link to Dynasty Inn



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Thanks guys, Is the BJ Lodge guest friendly?

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Queen vic deluxe room 800 bhatt nice place vic the owner is a great guy good food i stay up the road carlton 500 bahtt a night swim pool 24 hour coffe shop some guys call it cock roach ally but my room is always cleen and 3 mins walk to Soi 6 hope this helps

cheers chris :P

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Stayed at the Queen Vic in February and can really recommend it for the price and location - right in the middle of Soi 6 with a brilliant view of the talent outside the bars. Standard rooms are ok, deluxe not much more expensive (800 Baht) and definitely very nice. The bar is a great place to use as an air-conditioned haven of sanity after slogging around the Sois etc.

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Thanks guys, Is the BJ Lodge guest friendly?


Yes there guest friendly, never had a problem taken two girls before (not sure if I should have been charged).


As an other alternative you could look at Tropical Berts on Soi 6/1, heard some good reviews about there, and I would guess it'd be quieter.

They serve some great food at good prices.

Tropical Berts

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Queen Vic is OK, the rooms have a certain ambience and there is no extra charge for additional guests. It's great because the sausages for breakfast are really authentic. For the price it's spot on, you get a Hi-Fi with an phono in so you can play tunes from your laptop if you take a lead u also get WI-FI in the room itself. In the Dynasty you only get WI-FI in reception and depending on who's on reception it's touch and go on the additional guest charge. But ... I like Soi 6, but find it a little out of the way sometimes for early evening activities, so it can be a bit of bind where as the Dynasty is more social. You can meet other guests during the day at The Queen Vic and shoot some pool so overall it's more social than that of the Dynsasty and cheaper, just a bit out of the way for evenings but bang on for daytime banging. Just an opinion. I do prefer the Dynasty over the Lek if given a choice. The Dynasty in Bangkok is a bit worn out but the Grande round the corner is neat. Anyway, enough ramblings. I need to book a ticket and get out there soon as. Would never come back here if I could.

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Dynasty Inn - good elevators, bad balcony view of (no) street action, can walk to Soi 6 or Walking Street

Queen Vic - no elevator, great balcony view of street action, have to ride to Walking Street


I stayed at Dynasty summer 2007 in a superior room (2nd floor above lobby). They were just setting up their WiFi then, so no feedback there. Guest friendly with no fees (pics below) and great buffet right across the street at Lek hotel. But I'll probably try Queen Vic my next trip despite hearing they don't have elevators (once I've worked out more on a StairMaster!)

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Good photos of Dynasty....rooms look a bit old,I will stay there for a few nights as I get a free transfer from Bangkok then move to Sandy Springs.Is soi 13 dark and dangerous at night if I were alone?

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Is soi 13 dark and dangerous at night if I were alone?


No more than any other Soi off Beach Road. I never had a problem or saw anything concerning, even at all hours of the night.

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stayed in Queen Vic and it was the worst time i ever hat in pattaya.


2 times water break in from the roof , 2 times change of rooms , Repair next day (how?) I wake up because the roof over the toilet was gone and some worker lookt at me as i was sleeping with a girl in my bed .....


no sorry not even a wort that there will be repairworks that early , after 4 Days i just leave that shity hole ! Seems he treat you like a customer/Gast only if you from the UK



Like i say worst stay ever and truly never ever again.

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Never have stayed at Queen Vic. I usually stay at Lord Nelson when on Soi 6. However because LN

does not provide breakfast, I most often walk down to have it at QV.

I like LN because it has rooms that face the back lane, with no bars directly

across, so minimum noise.


Have stayed several times at Dynasty.

Bad: Beds are not large. Pool is small.

Good: On quiet Soi. Rooms kept in good repair and cleanliness. Close to

French Restaurants: Ma Maison and LaSrogoff.

I have always used the Dynasty for my last night, with an early (0400h) departure

for flights. They have never failed to wake me and provide taxis to Suvarnaphum as arranged.

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I am a big fan of the Dynasty hotels. I have stayed at both the Dynasty Inn in Pattaya and the Dynasty Grand in BKK a few times.

In Pattaya the Dynasty Inn on Soi 13 is centally located you can walk to Walking Street (ok its a short hike but there are plenty of good stops along the way lol). Its proxamate to a great gym, cheap food, shopping and a good section of beach. There is a roof top pool that is rarely used so its cool to take a TG up to it and do what ever. Its a quite hotel and dare I say a little classy. They are very guest friendly, I have taken two girls back at a time and was not charge. I know all the front desk people at all the hotels share your activities with the TGs if they ask but IMHO here there seems to be a little more descrssion as I have never had a problem. There is a little resturant in the lobby I have only had breakfast at but the price was fair and the food ok. Acully if you want to pig out just go accros the soi to the buffet at the Lek. You can get a room faceing the street or an interior room facing the court yard. ask for a higher floor and I perfer the street view. The batheooms are cool too there is a walkin type shower with plenty of hot watr and big enough for sharing. The beds are comfrtable, comfrtable clean and crisp. The entire place is clean, quite and safe. I have checked out other hotels but DI really suits my needs. The only minuses are the roof top pool area can get really hot and is a little isolated if you are by yourself- I usally go across to the LeK and lounge at their pool, never a problem.and there are not a lot of channels on the teli.

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