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A wanted Bahraini national has been arrested hiding in a Pattaya hotel on the charge of prostitution trafficking. The man has been trafficking Thai women usually from North East of Thailand (Ihsan), to Bahrain under false pretences eventually forcing them to prostitute themselves against their will.


Pattaya, 11th of November 2009 (PDN): Police Major General Nonwanatkirt Klinphong, an investigator from the Human Trade Division of Thailand along with fellow officers arrested Mr Mohamed Ebrahim Yasuf Naser Isa, age 27, of Bahraini nationality. Mr Mohamed Ebrahim Yasuf Naser Isa was arrested in room 404 of the Marine Plaza hotel, South Pattaya. Police had an international warrant in their possession allowing them to enter the room without permission.


Mr Mohamed Ebrahim Yasuf Naser Isa is believed to be part of a gang of overseas prostitution traffickers with known members hiding in both Bahrain and Thailand. The gang is accused of deceiving Thai girls into travelling to Bahrain, with the intention of working as massage girls in Bahraini hotels. Once they arrive in Bahrain, they are taken away by the gang and forced into prostituting themselves on the streets. If the girls refuse they are then beaten until they agree to comply.


Two Thai girls involved with the gang for sometime have managed to escape the clutches of the gang, going to the Thai Embassy in Bahrain to declare their situations. The Bahraini and Thai officials have worked closely in co-operation, already arresting several of the gang members hiding in Bahrain. The Bahrain Embassy in Thailand helped to inform local authorities of the existence of Mr Mohamed Ebrahim Yasuf Naser Isa making it easy for police to find and arrest him. Thai Human Trade Division officers are aware of other Bahraini nationals hiding in Pattaya that are affiliated with the gang, but as yet however they have not been able to track them down.

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Happens all the time! Unfortunately, the girls are so gullible and any prospect of working in farang land is synominous with winning the lottery. They don't know the difference between Denmark and Yemen :GrinNod1:

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I hate to say it, but most of the girls know what they are getting themselves into, it is common knowledge.

When they actually get there and see exactly what is required they, understandably, change their minds.

15-20 arabs a day wanting bottie sex...........

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basty business!

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It depends on where the girls go to work.

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massage parlours (Knocking Shops) get raided all the time in the UK, the birds take off and find another job the next day. Most of them do it out of choice and because they earn good money. I know a Thai woman doing four years in England for trafficking Thai girls to the UK for immoral purposes. The girls all thought the world of her and were more than happy to been have given the opportunity to earn big money.


There was a case recently in the UK where a girl told a punter about how their Kosovan bosses were abusing her and he walked her out of the place and she told the plod, who went and got her passport back and she was deported. You never hear these tales when the management is English. I think the media tend to sensationalise these affairs.

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I have removed one post and at least one other comes close.


This type of thing occurs in many countries. I know for a fact that people in Australia have been arrested for the same reason. I would be shocked if this did not also occur in the UK, Europe and North America so please leave the racist crap at the door.

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Some of these girls are naive,they don't have a clue about what can happen in another countries..so they probably think they would earn big money in an easy way.

Many Thai ladies had been lured in the trade all around the world.


On the other side,i enjoy so much LOS ,Pattaya,because is their naive way of being that i look at and it's where i can found all the life in it.

The way we will never have here in the west.


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