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Norwegians caught with drugs


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The lessons from Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand appeared to have been ignored:



A Norwegian tourist and his friend have been arrested by police in a Pattaya condo allegedly high on the class-5 drug Marijuana whilst in possession of various other class-1 drugs.


Pattaya, 10th of November 2009 (PDN): Police Lieutenant General Chalermsak Thianthongsri and police Lieutenant General Choosak Pinrat along with a team of undercover policeman stormed a room on the 14th floor of the Niran Grand Condo Complex in Soi Arunothai, Pattaya. Police were acting on information received that a foreigner was selling and abusing drugs, in the complex. The foreigner was also said to be hosting regular parties at his apartment in which many ladies under the influence of drugs had been present.


The Norwegian man Mr Thomas Einar Nes, age 34, and another foreigner believed to be his friend from Norway were caught by police in the luxury apartment with 36 grams of Marijuana, 2 Ya-E pills, 2 pills of an unknown drug and various items of drug taking apparatus. The illegal items were openly on display, positioned on a large glass table in the middle of the room.


Mr. Nes admitted to police that the drugs were his, but stated the he had purchased the drugs with the intention on using them for himself and had no intention of reselling them. He had invited a friend to his room to meet him before they were due to go out to a local pub in Pattaya. While waiting to go out Mr Nes smoked some marijuana but has said that his friend did not partake in any drug use.


The two men have been arrested and were taken to the Pattaya Police Station where they have been notified of their illegal actions, possession of the class-5 drug marijuana and of the class-1 drug Ya-e. The police will carry on with the investigation in order to find out where the drugs were purchased. The manager of the Niran Condo Complex has told police that the Norwegian man liked to pretend to be part of a foreign mafia organisation, having many foreign friends visiting him all the time at irregular hours of the night. The manager therefore, supposed that he was involved with drug distribution. The Police will attempt to apprehend the other people involved and bring them to justice.




When a man is tired of Pattaya, he is tired of life.


An Agent of DOOM - defenders of older men

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Do not deal drugs in Thailand is the over all message here.


The drugs to take in Patts are Booze & Cialais & the good times always roll for me.

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:) Couldn't agree more! ,.If you want to smoke weed go to amsterdam! , if you just want a good time with beer and girls go to pattaya ,SIMPLE!
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Sounds like an expensive day and maybe a visit to the graybar hotel. Not my idea of fun! :):Scared2:

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Theres enough warning why do you need drugs in LOS. :)

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His loom won't the comfortable kind. :)

<center>To know when to be generous and when firm — that is wisdom.

Most things break, including hearts. The lessons of life amount not to wisdom, but to scar tissue and callus.</center>

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