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Valuev vs. Haye


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Me and a mate were drinking in London last nite, doing a few of our locals, and had gone to find food just before 11. Down the road, there's a crowd of 20-30 jamming the path ahead. My mate, who's a copper, remarks (taking the piss) how dodgy it all looked. Get closer, and they're all crowded outside the local barber shop, which was jammed inside with another 50 or so guys. Yep, the Valuev - Haye fight was on TV, and boy was it on.


What a display by Haye! Perfect tactical fight, it looked like a smaller, more agile animal stalking a big, fearsome but lumbering monster.Valuev couldn't touch Haye the whole fight - to slow. Haye danced in and out, occasionally mugging it up, picking his openings with clinical aplomb - connecting one or two great left right combinations to Valuev's head every round. Then the perfect finish, 12th round, when Haye turned Valuev into rubber man, visably rocking the larger man who had to resort to the clinches to void further damage.


Meanwhile on the street, everyone is going crazy, and when Haye was announce the winner the place went off!


David Haye looks to me like a breath of fresh air in heavyweight boxing. He's got all the physical attributes and skills, but he also looks like an intelligent fighter, a man with a plan that knows how to stick to it. Reminded me a little of Ali in some ways.


Congratulations David, you have slain your Goliath and stand as a worthy champion.



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:D:Chokdee: I watched it live on internet , AWESOME! was going mad at the verdict muhaha , rematch on the cards you think?
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Not the greatest of fights it's true, but a pretty stlyish performance from Haye nonetheless. He obviously knew his limitations and boxed accordingly. I think (as did the judges) that he deserved the fight. Valuev hardly landed anything and IMHO looked a bit of a lump. Just moving forward (as is dancing around) is not enough to win a fight. Haye rocked Valuev in the last round, and give it a couple of more, I think it was Haye's fight for the taking.

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