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I wonder whether the Pattaya Daily News used the pun in its headline deliberately?


Sad for the man and the injured but after all the balloons had been blown up, so was the inflator.


Anyhow, there's probably some sensible warnings about not starting fires in Pattaya and Sri Racha.

Pattaya, November 2, 2009, [PDN]: a Burmese balloon seller was killed and approximately 30 people were injured in Mae Ramad, Tak Province, when the hydrogen tank he had been filling balloons from suddenly exploded in the early hours of Sunday morning, November 1. From witness reports, the explosion apparently happened when the man was packing up ready to return home.


The incident in Mae Ramad occurred during the Loy Krathong festival, held on the occasion of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar, when locals flock to various water venues, such as the sea, lakes and rivers, to float small Krathongs or containers made of a variety of substances from banana leaves to styrofoam, decorated with folded banana leaves, flowers, candles, and incense sticks, which are then floated on the water in the hope of attracting good luck, especially for couples who float a pair of Krathongs and trust they will stay together as they float out into the water, symbolising their relationship.


In addition, various aerial devices are floated upwards into the air, from paper cones with candles inside to gas-filled balloons. It was the latter that the Burmese vender was filling with hydrogen; however, the tap of the tank could well have not sufficiently well secured, causing leakage and the subsequent explosion at 1 am on Sunday morning.


Meanwhile, in Pattaya the public was warned and threatened with arrest by police to prevent the floating of the candle-filled paper cones into the air because of the fire risk as they eventually descend to earth. Warnings were also put out against the sale of fireworks, with threats of arrest being issued, likewise, against offenders. However, in the Sri Racha district, which has several gas-refining plants, the police issued stern warnings against aerial fire-floats for fear of igniting the gas installations.



When a man is tired of Pattaya, he is tired of life.


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The floating fire starters have always amazed me.

Just as well its the end of the rainy season but floating incendaries to signify love are okay I suppose but if it burns down your love nest is it poetic justice??

So you want to live in Isaan?   Tale of a journey started 1973 with a stepfather, arrive 2004, "Wife in Issan" 2017.......    ..            An unplanned, unknown and unforeseen  journey spanning 51 years ending well  !!

I've .... seen things ..... you people would never believe...............


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Its crazy out there tonight fireworks and crackers going off all over the place, queues everywhere, I headed back to work! The katrong that we brought wasn't balanced and went sideways in the water, i hope its not bad luck!

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