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Weird bug bite


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I get this bug bite on my leg every time I am in Pattaya, 6 trips in Pattaya now and every time I get this bug bite. When I wear long pants it stops but it's so hot to not wear shorts in Pattaya. Not sure where I get it I am guessing maybe while sitting in agogo and the agogo is dirty so I got bitten there? maybe it crawl up from the seat or something, Or in hotel room? got bitten at night? but I stayed at like 5 different hotels and no matter where I always get bitten. Where else can I get it? not sure...anyone else get this bug bite or know what the heck is this? why do I get it every time I am in Pattaya, it's annoying because after I get bitten I would have to worry about catching STD/HIV from girls since it's an open wound.

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without getting to personal - but does this only occur at your calves? Also this looks like you have been scratching yourself a bit too much. Assume the bug bite is just the mild red dots.


If that is the case i would just try some more mosquito repellent to prevent it from being some kind of insect - can also be caused by drastic climate change from colder to tropical plus sunlight...


As for contracting HIV/Aids - that will take more of an open wound plus one more open wound with the girl - this is not have higher risk than kissing the girls....

come again...

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Hard to tell where they come from. They almost look like scratches. But I would get them checked out at a clinic.

A local doctor would have far more insight. Get some qualified advice... I would hightail it to a pharmacy and get some topical ointment

like Neosporin or Cortisone. Some area in the world a known for bot flies (ouch). Other places have bugs in standing pools of water and rivers,

but it could also be fleas, with all them dogs around. Or maybe spiders.


http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/Insect-Bites-t168367.html ...ants?

http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/Unknown-Bug-Bites-t265853.html ....bedbugs? This seems to fit the description of small groups of multiple bites.

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ya only happen at calves....the middle wound is the bug bite...the others are scratch wounds, bug bite would have around 5,6 small hole wound..just like in the picture but that one is almost healed

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I think it looks like fire ants to me. They are tropical ants, but common in the southern part of the usa. not sure where you are from, but plenty from south carolina through texas.


they tend to bite several times all close together, and usually crawl up from ground level.


But real fire ants, i doubt you would not notice when they bite. They will make you jump. Like their name suggests, like that spot is on fire..... Other countries in tropical regions have similar ants, but again , unless you were about to fall down drunk, you would have felt t hem...

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If the bites are only on one part of your body then it is unlikely where you sleep/stay. It is above sock height so likely to be airborne. Seen mozzie bites do similar damage to to some individuals, would do as an earlier poster advised and that is plenty of mozzy repellant around the calf area. I have no problem since my legs and arms are covered in repellant then oversparayed with Lynx to make it smell more pleasant

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Having been plagued by bites myself on most visits, I got some real beauties last trip that necessitated a visit to my fave Pattaya Doctor. She advised that mosquitos were the main cause, but that fleas from the numerous Soi dogs could have accounted for the rest. Pattaya seems to be one of those places where you have to take the rough with the smooth...but I'm really envious of the visitors that seem to walk about unscathed.

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