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Help me please


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I'm having serious problems finding a hotelroom for my stay in January next year. I've gotten a few good tips about wich hotels that i should check out, but now I've checked them all. I want a hotel now:)!! hehe

I tried the following hotels without any luck, as they are all fully booked, i only want their suites, not standard rooms.

- the Vault

- Swiss hotel

- Queen Vic

- Galaxysuites


ALL their suites are full.

Anybody know of some similar kind of hotels anywhere?, I've heard about the Penthouse, but from what i hear, this is not a good hotel, allthough I might be ending up in there afterall, but hopefully someone will recomend me more hotels with same criterias as these other hotels Ive checked out. (not a must to have stripper stages etc... on the rooms , but off cource not a downside if they have. ) Thank you, hopefully someone will help me as soon as possible. Sorry for my bad english.

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Mr Assbitch,


What do you mean by same criteria? Galaxy suites has a GoGo below it and Queen Vic looks out over Soi 6. Do mean a place that has girls attached? I assume you are also looking for the Jacuzzi suites? Is that part of your criteria?


List out exactly what it is you are looking for and I'm sure some of us can help. Please be specific and honest so your odds of finding exactly what you are looking for are better.


I will tell you that January is a tough time to find a place anyway. It's in the middle of high season and it's a very good/bad sign that all the hotels you listed are booked depending on your perspective.


Big Chris

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Hi Bigchris

Sorry for not being too specific, but hey, I got lucky, got a new email from Swiss hotel wich stated I could have their room afterall:) I changed my dates a little so everything worked out fine, now i can relax and just wait for the happy days to come:) thank you for trying to help me though:)

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There are too many hotels in Patts, I never book and always get my first or second choice. My advice is stay in an area where is close to everywhere but with easy access to everywhere else. If you going to book only book for 2-3 days, because you want flexibility. You might hate the root, hate the location or there might be some construction next door.


I like to stay in the Soi Diana/Soi Buakow area because of very easy access to WS, BR, BIG C, Soi Buakow Bars, The Avenue, etc. etc. and not too quiet or to loud with a ton of places to eat or drink. Enjoy.

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Try the Residence Garden. Each room is a 1 bedroom suite for $45 US a night plus has a small kitchen, 2 pools and restaurant. They also have 2 bedroom suites.

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