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TRGG Golf Outings Report and pic


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Golf from the “Travellers Rest” 10th October


Reporter Barry Hooper

Wet - Wet – Wet

What a week. Rain, Rain and more Rain.

We only had the one outing this week without it.

Many players remarked that they thought they were playing back in the UK or some other usually wet part of the world.

But being the hardy types that they are (tough guys and gals these golfers) they battled on regardless. But the sun shone on Saturday well for a little while.

Well at least until we returned back to the bar in Pattaya.


The first foray was to Bangpra on Monday and Mr. Nick Noble of last week’s fame continued where he left off with yet another win.

Granted this one was on a count back over Alan Rawson both at thirty-three.

But a win is a win. Jon Lay was third with thirty-two his newfound handicap of seven probably having something to do with that. No two’s so the traditional bell ring back at the T.R. bar at the presentation.


Tuesday had us visit the Emerald. Have not been there in some time.

This was obviously a good choice judging by the size of the entry. Not an easy course this one. Has to be managed well particularly the front nine. Jim Sykes obviously managed it well it seems and came home with thirty-seven to win and be two up on Frank Kelly in second spot. Third was Alan Rawson also with thirty-five but loosing out this time to Frank over the last three holes.

Only a solitary two on the day and that from Mark Bell at the seventh


Thursday the 8th and out to our regular venue of Phoenix.

Rain was the order of the day again. You never got dry. Stop, start, stop, start.

A good turnout despite this and so two divisions

Division 1 had Hugh Byrne at the top of the list (have not reported that name in some time) with thirty-eight followed in by Ted Senior at thirty seven who found himself in front of Nick Noble (36) this time.

Division 2 went to a new visiting lady player in our midst. I am referring to Yvonne Nielson who came home with thirty-nine and three positions better than last week at the same venue. She was followed in by one up on our regular players Roger Wilkinson (he always seems to be thereabouts every week) at thirty-eight.

Pat Noble was third with thirty-six.

2 two’s - Russell Nielson and (Mr. Two) Ted Senior both at the sixteenth


Saturday 10th October and off to St. Andrews this week

Change from the usual venue. Same place, different course. But at least in did not rain. Not every body’s choice a bit big for some. But a great turnout so some must like it. Particularly it seems our antipodean friends. Mark Bell has only just got back from Oz and straight away he is in winning form taking the day with thirty-eight. Another returnee this time from the UK Bradford to be precise was Gerald Thwaites who was just one back in second with thirty-seven. But it was another Oz in third this time it was Yvonne Nielson at thirty-six.

The boss was back out today granted only a fourth place but he told me that he really enjoyed the day. Three 2’s Mod Chaviraksa, Peer Brun and Jim sykes


If you want any further information about the golf outings played by the TRGG please contact Fergus Brennan on 0860567019 or call in to the Travellers Rest in Soi LK Metro.


Detailed Results for the week –

Monday 5th October at Bangpra

Nick Noble 33 hc 12 c/b

Alan Rawson 33 hc 14 c/b

John Lay 32 hc 07

Jim Sykes 30 hc 11


Tuesday 6th October at Emerald

Jim Sykes 37 hc 11

Frank Kelly 35 hc 12 c/b

Alan Rawson 35 hc 14 c/b

Dean Rice 33 hc 14 c/b

Peter Morris 33 hc 21 c/b


Thursday 8th October at Phoenix (Lakes and Ocean)

Division One

Hugh Byrne 38 hc 10

Ted Senior 37 hc 11

Nick Noble 36 hc 12

Jim Sykes 35 hc 11

Division Two

Yvonne Nielson 39 hc 16

Roger Wilkinson 38 hc 17

Pat Noble 36 hc 34

Alan Evans 34 hc 23 c/b

Eddie Townsend 34 hc15 c/b


Saturday 10th October at St Andrews

Mark Bell 38 hc 11

Gerald Thwaites 37 hc 10

Yvonne Nielson 36 hc 15

Fergus Brennan 34 hc 09


Saturday Winners - Mark Bell. Yvonne Nielson and Gerald Thwaites


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