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STD tests for gogo/bargirls


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So I've read somewhere once that by law nowadays the gogo and bar girls are tested for STD's every week or month. Is this true?


And if it is what exactly do they test for? Just HIV? The whole bunch? Do they check for warts as well?


I don't know, the first time you go see a hooker you're all paranoid to get something and years later you just stop caring... I always use a concom though and if I would get pfeifer of herpes I would have had it already a long time ago since I always kiss and lick offcourse... I do get paranoid when girls have a bump somewhere near their pussies though but if it isn't on it I stay... Can't you expect an expensive gogo girl gets checked for these things or doesn't anyone follow the rules?

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A bar girl from Soi Cowboy told me she has her base salary (8500 Baht per month)docked 200 Baht per week for not going to doctor for check up every week. She showed me her medical card showing the dates of her check ups. Testing for HIV was done every 2 momths. Also she had to get a minimum 5 x 600 Baht barfines per month or her base wage would be cut ie Only 2 barfines, 1800 Baht cut. She also had to get 50 drinks a month or a cut of 50 Baht per drink was made to her base salary. Talking to the other girls when dancing would cop a 100 Baht cut. Many other rules would cause cuts to base. ie arriving late, leaving early.

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I believe some bars insist on regular testing, but not many. You see new starts coming in off the street quite often so work that out. If you tested some of them every day it wouldn't be enough. How long after a clear test certificate (if you believed it) would you think she was safe. I'm sure you can work out the percentages.


If you are using condoms then there's just the risks of cross contamination pre and post entry and oral sex to consider, plus condoms offer little or no protection against genital warts.

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One way to look at this...it might be a good indication that a girl has her test card/information.

Now trusting it is another story...I would suggest, not to trust the paper it is printed on.


This is a good, and important, topic to discuss. At times, it is amazing to think some would trust

their health, and maybe event their life, to a health card printed mostly in thai with handwritten dates...

I'll spend and extra 500bht...come with me honey and will do this test together.


So short of her and me getting our results together...I'm not buying it...but being the gentleman that

I am, maybe a LadyDrink or two for trying to stay healthy....then maybe it is off to the clinic.



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can't trust !

they go to check (if they need it)

the "nurse" ask "need paper or real check"

real check is more expensive

what do you think they chose ?

they got the "stamp" pay less ...

everything ok for mama

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My advise would be not to trust any certificate generally. I am friends with some gogo girls and know that in Happy the doctor checks the girls' pussy weekly and HIV every month. The gogo apparently uses a specific doctor for this eachtime.. Just what a girl from there that I know very well for a long time told me.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - "it was just the internet.." is not an excuse.

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I stay by my guns on this...The 3 local hospitals (particularly Bangkok-Pattaya) is the way to go. Yes, I would surmise

that some of the local clinics have a 'lingo' down with the girls. Plus they really don't have to, how many falangs are that

proficient in Thai. But if any would not go for the "choose your results" deal, it would be the hospitals...I don't think I am

being naive on this.


I know guys, it is a pain, because they are only open for STD testing during the day (except the ER room), but what

can I say...One hour at the hospital can be worth a good holiday in the sack. :Congrats1:

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This comes right from one of the girls in Happy....No Stamp from the Dr. is a 200 baht deduction from their salary. A rubber stamp from the Dr. saying that you were tested is 50 baht.


It really comes down to Mathematics..I can guarantee you one thing, these girls know money.

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Girl i was with from Secrets told me once a month she gets checked

I got the same information Has to have the check before she gets paid.


But what she said to me at about 11 in the morning was


"Must go now. Got to have my pussy checked - 50 baht"


So if it is really only 50 baht, you can draw your own conclusions as to what the check is worth.

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

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I had a 3some with 2 girls from an expensive go-go bar in the Philippines and they both told me (in very serious tones when I asked) that they get tested every week or they'll be fired. I completely believed this and when I invited one of the girls back the next day, didn't bother with the rubber. Then a few days later talked to one of their friends and found out she was lying about her age, being shy and all this and that was an act etc...


They probably are required to get tested often, but who knows whether it's actually happening for sure but even more-so than that, most of us don't realize that tests can take up to 30-90 days to detect something from time of infection. So, infection last night and test this morning does not mean you'll know about it! Knowing that now, once a month or once a week, both equally risky as far as I'm concerned.


Fortunately, STDs are more hyped up than they are actually common. But it sucks when you get them for sure esp when you dont know it for at least 3 months.

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