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Pattaya Prison Clean-Up


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Well, it appears the place is full of criminals for some reason, so they thought it might be a good idea to spring-clean it every eight years or so. I don't know whether that TV series influenced this action in any way whatsoever!


Anyhow, I'm sure the PDN can tell it far better than I can:



Monday 28 September, 2009 [PDN]: Pattaya prison officials have conducted their first cleanup operation of the prison for 8 years, looking for drugs and illegal weapons. The prison in Nong Plalai, Banglamung, suffering from gross overcrowding, has to house more and more prisoners, due largely to the fact that 60% of the prisoners have been convicted of drugs-related offences; the target of a recent police clampdown.


Mr. Sanee Rattanajarern, Commander in Chief of Pattaya Prison, Banglamung Police, the Marine Department of the Navy, Navy dog units and more than 200 Department of Corrections officials checked the prison in a search for illegal items such as drugs and weapons among male and female prisoners. The search was ordered by Police Major General Tanes Pinmeung Ngahm, the Commander In Chief, Chonburi, according to the Department of Corrections strict new policy.


Mr. Sanee Rattanajarern, the Pattaya prison commandant revealed that in the 9 months since he had taken up his position and, in reality, ever since the prison opened 8 years ago, rules for the prisoners had been lax and applied haphazardly. This will be the first time in 8 years that concerned officials will be working together to clean up the prison, focusing on drugs, and sharp implements which could be used as weapons.


Mr. Sanee Rattanajarern said the current number of prisoners amounts to a total of approximately 2,100 prisoners, 1,800 men, 300 women. The prison covers a land area of 47 Rai and contains 5 zones. The majority of the offenders have been convicted of drug-related and theft offences. They tend to have no constraints and some suffer from mental disorders, so they tend to cause trouble within the prison repeatedly.


In their search, the officials managed to find more than 50 home-made knife-like weapons, hidden in corners, in their shoes or under the floor, where they had dug holes. No drugs were found, only drug consuming equipment.


According to the reporters, the prison conditions are very bad, as had been surmised. The Department of Corrections officials revealed that there are only 80 officers over 2,000 prisoners, making it very difficult for the officers to control them.


Editor Note:

In keeping with the government’s new emphasis on anti-corruption and transparency, and because the prison service has suffered from less than totally honest officials within its ranks in the past, efforts are being made to unite the three official groups, namely the police, the Navy and the prison officers, under a centralized command, so as to eradicate any wrongdoers among their ranks.


Despite the improvements, I still don't think it merits serious consideration as the place of choice to stay when sampling the Pattaya scene.

When a man is tired of Pattaya, he is tired of life.


An Agent of DOOM - defenders of older men

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They must be the fecking lasiest cleaners in the world.

I'd rather look at tits, cunts and arseholes than listen to them!

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>> No drugs were found, only drug consuming equipment. <<

H'mmmmmmm .... one must wonder how good the search was.

Seems pointless to have the equipment if ....

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