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Suvarnabhumi Airport tightens security


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According to today's Pattaya Daily News:


BANGKOK, Sept 23 (TNA) – Responding to passenger complaints about baggage losses and scams in which travellers are falsely accused of shoplifting, Suvarnabhumi Airport Wednesday acted to tighten its management of service providers at the country’s showcase, port of entry.


Airport authorities notified a baggage handling service provider that it must tighten measures to screen the criminal records of their employees, or lose the Suvarnabhumi contract.


Following a baggage theft incident resulting in the arrest of seven employees of Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) and airline security guards, Suvarnabhumi Airport vice president Duangchai Condee confirmed that outsourced employees had been properly screened for possible criminal backgrounds.


When such a crime occurred, those who participated in theft would be blacklisted and no longer allowed to work at the airport.


Two companies now provide baggage handling services at Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) and Thai Airways International (THAI).


Revised policies to resolve malpractice challenges at the airport and to restore confidence among foreign tourists have been implemented, including installing more surveillance cameras, and requiring baggage handlers to wear uniforms without pockets.


Ms Duangchai said that since the airport opened in 2006, about 99 per cent of the complaints, such as travellers being falsely-accused of shoplifting at duty-free shops, unlicensed taxis and baggage theft, have been satisfactorily solved. Services and security measures have been improved for the comfort and safety of passengers.


Suvarnabhumi airport is striving to become one of the world’s top ten airports. It is now developing its information and technology (IT) system by setting up a free wireless internet system for passengers’ convenience in the airport premises, like other leading international airports.


In order to build good relations between Suvarnabhumi airport and local residents, a Suvarnabhumi Fair 2009 was held on Wednesday at the airport’s parking area, where locals set up over 100 booth stalls for selling food and miscellaneous goods.


So, will it make a satang's worth of difference? Is it simply widow-dressing? Or are the authorities really committed to sorting this ongoing mess out?


Perhaps we will only find out the real answer in a later episode of 'Trouble in Tourist Thailand'.

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Big Trouble in Thailand is highlighting just what can occur in Thailand.


We have already seen a reaction to this program in Thailand.


Let's hope that on this occasion 'more is done than said'

A mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do!

When all is said and done, more is said than done!

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The only way Suvarnabhumi Airport is going to get into the world's top 10 is if they level it, built a copy if Singapore's Changi airport and then let the Singapore Government run it.

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what are the main problems with this airport,i have been to thailand 4 times now and think airport is excellent.

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Its about time the authorities take note of it....nice post

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In my mind, All this effort is window dressing..... It should not take Sherlock Holmes to figure out the scammers in the duty free shops.


For me,,, I would not even buy a bottle of water in the airport. I dont trust them now, after all the stories about people scammed out of 10's of thousands of baht, with the fake lawyers popping up to 'help' the people scammed....


The fact that they try and report that 99% of all the complaints have been resolved successfully pretty much says it is just more fast words, to cover up the problem.


I will stay out of the shops completely until after a year of NO MORE SCAM stories happens.....

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