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Travelling by car in Thailand


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Another topic on trouble in Thailand - knowledge that residents in the LOS may know. I've heard from my Thai sister in law based in Phuket that there are gangs operating on the roads along the peninsula from Hua Hin & south that are throwing rocks at the windscreens of cars (tourist & locals) and causing them to stop. The occupants are then robbed of whatever they have. Apparently the incidences are escalating. Has anyone heard about this or would like to comment? There hasn't been anything in the papers about it. I was looking forward to doing a road trip with my Thai wife from Phuket through Krabi & then northwards along the eastern coastline but have been told it's not safe any more. Comments please.

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Personally I wouldn't worry about it. If it happens don't stop. The chances are low.

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Yes, I read about this when I was in Pattaya in August. Seems it is happening and increasingly so. But again, it is rare.

I went from Bangkok to Chiang Mail and back to Pattaya and never saw anything except the usual motorbikes crashes.

If you want details there is lots of stuff in Bangkok Post. Just search Rock Throwing. But I agree. Don't panic. Unless you are the kind of guy who worries about getting hit by meteorites.

There are other things that are more likely to go wrong. Go on. Enjoy. T/


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I know I've seen a few times of people on the news for throwing rocks at cars, including one security guard in Pattaya (go figure). Didn't know that there were actually robberies behind them. Its always been younger people that have been on the news that I've seen here, and most was groups of 2 teenagers. If they are actually doing this to rob people, they are going to throw a rock at the wrong persons car one day, police officer or military, and then you'll just hear about someone that threw a rock and then got run over 5 times, after being shot 10 times.

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