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Why Marriott Members Should Use Pointsin Patt


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Ever wonder whether Pattaya is the best place to use up those Marriott points?


I realize this may only apply to a few folks, but those of us who are road warriors for their jobs may have accumulated some points with the Marriott chain, which I believe is the 3rd largest chain in the world.


I have read a lot of good things about this Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa on the board....and some not-so-good. Doesn't sound like I would stay there paying cash (too many good value alternatives if paying cash), but using them there is a very good value, redemption-wise. Here is why I will be using up points there:


1.If you are looking for a tropical destination to use your points consider this, the Pattaya is a modest (level 3 hotel) that requires 120,000 points for a two week stay. It is also part of Marriott's Point Saver programs which means it offer a discounted rate for redemption compared to other level 3 hotels. Cash alternative: $239 a night or $2,828 for 14 days or a retail value of about $.02 US per point redeemed + funky night life, cheap food/golf/scuba/unameit.


2.Other tropical destinations, such as Hawaii, do not have a level three in their inventory at all. You have to go to at least a level 5 where the same stay would require 360,000 points. Cash alternative: $239 a night or $3,346 for 14 days or a retail value of less than $.009 US per point redeemed. NO funky night life and everything else is as expensive as hell.


3. Thinking Philippines? There are level 3 hotels there but the are no where near the water and can be had for $85. Why cash in 180,000 points when you can stay that cheap, dollars-wise? Cash alternative: $85 a night or $2,828 for 14 days or a retail value of less than $.006 US per point redeemed. No idea about the social scene but as to costs, how can Marriott Cebu City be be more expensive per point than Waikiki?


Not advocating the Marriott brand per se, but if you got them to use...seems like a good place to do it to get the most for your points and in a place where you will get good value for the cash you spend on other things. Now, I do realize you are not going to have the mongering expenses in Hawaii but you know what they say: When in Rome...do an Italian chick!


And yes I do realize some girls are under the impression if you are staying at Marriott = chance to exploit. So I will negotiate my price hard and true before heading back to home base or just use a S/T room for anyone I don't want to hang with L/T.


I still may check out half way through my visit just so I can try out a value hotel...heard so many good things. Marriott points have no expiry, so why spend 'em all?


Just thoughts, hope someone gets some value out of them.


Cheers! :)

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You are correct that redeeming Marriott points at the Pattaya Marriott is a good deal, especially now. They are giving a 5th night free and are having a point sale. Low floor suites use the same number of points as standard rooms. Not sure how long this will be available. 10 nights for 90,000 points. Lowest price I found for a standard room is 3700 baht/night. Suite is about 4800 baht/night.


Excellent hotel, except bathrooms in standard room are not at the same level as the rest of the room. OK, but small. Nice pool with bar. Attaches to Royal Garden Mall. Girl friendly. Rear entrance right on Beach Road.

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Another plus for the Marriott Rewards program.


As mentioned above, got 10 nights for 90,000 points. Marriott changed the reward requirement and send me an update that only 80,000 points are now needed. They made the change automatically, I didn't have to request it. Saved me 10,000 points!


No expiration date on points and great facilities around the world. Damn good program.

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Used points in Feb 09 and will hopefully again Dec 09. 4 nights get 1 free. Looked at Phuket but a lot more points. When I was there in Feb no problems and as mentioned girl friendly. Pool looked nice and pretty close to Walking Street. Internet is expensive so used internet cafe. I also like the fact that points never expire also no penalty for cancellations even last minute, which might come in handy if plans change.

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I already figured out that using my points at Marriot Pattaya was well worth the value. My first 3 stays this year were using points and I even went ahead and got a Marriott visa card so I can accrue even more points. The turnoffs for me are that you have to pay for the internet which can be as costly as some other hotels per night in Pattaya. Add breakfast costs (it is a good bkfst) and Marriott becomes expensive even with points.


But the location and the secluded feeling plus a great pool are all pluses. Bathrooms are a bit tight too and I hear they are upgrading the rooms as the TVs are a bit dated as well.

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