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Is It Possible To Combine Hardcore Mongering With Training While In Los


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early nights, early mornings, healthy eating, no alcohol, plenty of rest and lots of girls.


id like to train hard for 1 month and shed some body fat before the summer whilst keep up with my monerging ways.


i love training in the hot weather.

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You know I'm sure a lot of people are going to say youre crazy for wanting to do this, but it ounds like a grand idea. THailand is so beautiful and has so much to offer as far as outdoor sports and Muay Thai. You should try the Muay Thai fighting lessons, great workout and you gain a cool set of skills.


Anyway, as far as if it is possible or not, lol, up to you. You can do whatever you want. I think it will harder than you think not to drink at all, especially if you plan to actually go out to the beer gardens and go-go. Plus they might not be too happy with you if you just go in to get girls and not have drinks. Maybe you would be well to "order in" or find freelancer. Well, good luck and I hope one day to be able to go there to train whilst still having fun sampling the local girls.

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No problem just order your water, or what ever. If they don't like it, you can try to explain, or move on. Many times they don't uderstad, and somtimes they pertend, not to. Beer bar's seem bothered most, I tell them I had to quit, drink to much already. 1st time in bar hardest because they don't expect it. Once they know you, no problem. Owners don't like it, but it does bring other business. Some still give glasses of water away and that is awkward, I'd rather pay for botteled water.

I used to walk the beach Jomtien barefoot until I found a fishing lure. wear foot protection if thats in your plan.

It's a perfect place for what you want, If you have the self control for it.


Good Luck

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U can try the work out as the Soi 6 prisoner competition 33 girls in 3 days. I am sure u will loose body fat and more ....... When in Thailand i always loose a few kilos despite my massive beer drinking due to the healthy Thai food, so this is a start. And if u got the will like you to work out in LOS u will sure loose more fat. Check out Tony's gym on 3rd street or even better is this hotel at North road and Dolphins square http://www.fairtexpattaya.com/ where u can practice many sports in the hotel aswell!

A good girl gives you happiness and a bad girl gives you experience both are essential in life so enjoy every girlfriend!

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Sounds very possible.

I think the key will be where you stay.

If you've got a room next door to a good gym/traing centre and away from Walking Street then I can see it working.

Spend as much time as you want working/training. Nip back whenever you want a shag and some rest.

Plenty of places to go eat in the evening and not go to crazy.


I suspect if you stay in or near Walking Street or the main tourist areas you'll end up drinking in bars every night.

And from personal expereince if you have to travel far to the gym it will start becoming a drag.


I think theres martial arts training camps around patts and BKK you can pay to stay at.

They provide good food and as much training as you want.

If your paying good money I can't see why you coudln't bring a BG to stay in your room, though she may get bored.

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Can anyone advise on cost to use a half decent gym in Patts? mainly for cardio workout?

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I couldnt even combine diving and mongering in Pattaya



Good luck

Better to be daring and cool, than timid and uncool! Life's journey is not about arriving at your gravesite in a well preserved condition, but rather dropping into it in a long sideways skid, totally worn out, and shouting "Holy Shit...What a ride" - Indian Larry

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I loose weight in LOS....simply by eating healthier foods and more walking, and likely because I'm up and about nearly all night too....so yes you can be healthy...not to mention you feel great with the massages too.

If it flies, floats or f's....Rent It!!

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The only way I do this is when training strictly in Phuket at Tiger Muaythai and MMA camp. During this time I avoid drinking alcohol and my diet is severely controlled to certain foods. The training with other pro fighters is gruelling - 2 2hour sessions, one immediately in the morning and another in the afternoon. This combined with fucking in the evenings..


When in Pattaya I'm here to relax and although I train about 4-5 times per week at the gym, I drink alcohol, eat whatever I want(which is still mostly good food with the odd Pizza/burger/ice cream thrown in) and concentrate more on fucking 2-3 girls every day. The training has to become routine, just like eating and fucking :SoWhat1:

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - "it was just the internet.." is not an excuse.

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early nights, early mornings, healthy eating, no alcohol, plenty of rest and lots of girls.


id like to train hard for 1 month and shed some body fat before the summer whilst keep up with my monerging ways.


i love training in the hot weather.

At the end of the day it depends how serious you are about your training.

If i go out to train for Muay Thai that's all i do.


If i go for a holiday i get pissed,shag around and eat crap.

You Dont Need Eyes To See

You Need Vision

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I did it but the key is no alcohol. If you drink and try to do Muay Thai it will not work. You are too slow.

But you can workout real hard and then have a chick at night. I cut out alcohol and lost 10 lbs in one

month with the above schedule.

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  • 2 weeks later...

...Plus they might not be too happy with you if you just go in to get girls and not have drinks...


Buy water for yourself & plenty of LDs. The bars will have no problem then. :rolleyes:

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Yes It is possible. I go to Tony's on Third Road. The one with the Jap Spa in the back.

Also if farther north and along the beach, then one can do a walk in at the Gym inside the

back of A-one Cruise. Not as hard core as Tony's, but has the basics. Tony's also has those protein

shakes: yum yum. Also you can get your muscles moved around at the spa after the workout.


In order to prevent cardio decay, I jog down beach road, dodging the crowds. The beach side has

any shade from the trees.


I do not drink, so I end up drinking a lot of soft drinks and bottled water. Orange fanta and sprite.

The green fanta is repulsive. Only fit to place on bar shrines for the spirits to enjoy(?)

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