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Krav Maga Pattaya Class Today Krav Maga Video Knife Gun Video Krav Maga Thailand


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Protect Krav Maga

Krav Maga Pattaya


Pattaya Krav Maga Thailand Self Defense Martial Arts Class


Krav Maga Thailand Pattaya is ongoing & weekly covering Units 1-10 in Tactical Krav Maga Self Defense.

Krav Maga Pattaya Regular Adult Self Defense Krav Maga Class Times:


Tuesdays 4pm-5pm

Thursdays 4pm- 5pm.

Saturdays 12noon - 130pm


You want info please email info@kravmagathailand.com


Details: Krav Maga Pattaya Self Defence class is beginner’s level & no experience

needed, we will teach you Tactical Krav Maga Self Defence, & build your skill up over time.

Krav Maga Pattaya based in Kombat Muay Thai Pattaya MMA Martial Arts Gym Soi Khao Talo (address link & Map below)


A keen willingness to learn & a keen attitude is all you need, & an interest in martial arts as self defense is all you need.


You will learn the Krav Maga system to fight back against armed & unarmed attackers.


Please Email: info@kravmagathailand.com before you can attend class.


Phone 0852883709


Please send an SMS Text Message which is an excellent preferred way of contacting Krav Maga Pattaya

SMS Text 0852883709 with your message, name, number, & you will be called back

or you can email info@kravmagathailand.com


You can see & watch excellent Krav Maga Video 1 Thailand Training

Krav Maga Pattaya Video 2 Shooting Training

Below is an Excellent Krav Maga Video Clip of Krav Maga Knife Defense


Krav Maga News & Updates on Classes, Seminars, & Krav Maga Info.

1.) Please Join Krav Maga Thailand Email Newsletter because You get Free Self Defense eBooks Krav Maga Video Online Training Clips

You can sign up your email for Krav Maga Newsletter www.krav-maga-fist.com


If you are 50 60 70 year old you are especially welcome to come join your Krav Maga Pattaya Thailand Self Defense Combat Class

you will train at your own pace & fitness level, all we want is a keen fun good attitude.


For those who want more fun hobby fitness personal training at an easier level, we incorporate in

fitness fun have a light body only spar if 50s up as we can teach you kick boxing fitness as part of

Krav Maga Training Program, as Krav Maga Thailand Instructor Gerry 4th Dan Mu Gen Do Kick Boxing Karate too.


) featured & founder of Tactical Krav Maga System we do at Krav Maga Thailand at a much harder level is also available for those in Security, LEO or close protection roles.

Just email us at Krav Maga Thailand


If you are in Pattaya for a short term stay & you want to learn to defend yourself with Krav Maga

then private one to one Krav Maga Lessons Pattaya are open to you. Just Email us for details --> info@kravmagathailand.com


Private Individual Krav Maga Self Defense Lessons must be booked, confirmed & fees paid in advance.


Please contact us to discuss your tailor made Private Krav Maga Program.


Pattaya Krav Maga Drop in Class Fee: 300 Baht per each Krav Maga Pattaya Group Class. (Drop in Rate)


Good News for you is come to a few lessons, if you enjoy it,

Pattaya Krav Maga Class special is 160 B per class. (14 lesson card_


This is excellent value for high quality Krav Maga Training



Location: Krav Maga Thailand Self Defense Pattaya Thailand Martial Arts Club

Kombat Group Pattaya Muay Thai Kick Boxing MMA Training Gym Krav Maga Khao Talo, (Soi 8) Pattaya Thailand.


Here is a map to Tactical Krav Maga Thailand Pattaya Class at Kombat Muay Thai Kick Boxing Mixed Martial Arts MMA Pattaya Thailand Map for Krav Maga Self Defence kombatgroup.com/html-muay-thai/contact-us.html



Tactical Krav Maga Self Defense Seminar Pattaya Thailand


Pattaya Krav Maga Thailand

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Pattaya You need to get self defense training or get fit as extra to the gym? (good fitness important in Pattaya :-0 )


Krav Maga Pattaya Self Defense Training


Tuesday 4-5pm

Thursday 4-5pm

Saturdays 12-130pm


Everyone welcome 18 - 80 yrs old.


Krav Maga training is at your own pace & level of fitness & martial art beginners welcome.

Pattaya Krav Maga Thailand

you also get to do as part of the training & everyone seems to

love this, is fun fitness kick boxing, we have a 66 year old ex SAS trooper bouncing

about like an 18 year old, (is it the training or the women?)& a 57 year old 1980s Millwall Athletic

type who used to do the door with London Celeb Dave Courtney, in fact they should be giving me lessons! LOL!


Main thing is we have good fun & we on more serious note teach you real deal street self defense Krav Maga

via system of Krav Maga as demoed on Human Weapon TV Krav Maga History Channel Documentary with Itay Gil.


You would like to come to training? Yes?

Very simple come in sports/gym training work out clothes tomorrow 4pm

krav maga pattaya is based on Soi Khao Talo (soi 8 v bottom) at see Map & Directions here www.kombatgroup.com


Its only 300 B per class drop in rate, good news is you can get better rate starting at 170 B per class.


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Too complicated for me - I think I'll stick with origami.

When a man is tired of Pattaya, he is tired of life.


An Agent of DOOM - defenders of older men

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    • For those that don't know, I did Friday meetings before many years ago,  I feel like we are missing a regular meeting for members,  I am aware guys meet at PA affiliated bars. But I want to start meeting people again, I'm inviting the guys following my YouTube also.

      The meetings is a chance to get to meet each other,  I plan to be at every meeting, I also have Dean from Dive bar that has offered to help out with a crawl after.
      The meetings will be  Monday  6 pm - 8 pm each week.  (The improvised bar crawl will commence at 8 p.m.  Dean will make his own plans for that.)

      Due to low numbers of people in town, I will start the meetings in our bars to help our girls and managers, please check back often incase things are changed.  I will be sharing the love around town later, but Soi 6 is first on my list (including bars that are friendly competition)   
      If bar owners want us to have a meeting at their bar,  they need to have a minimum of 10 girls.  I'm not dragging people to empty bars for favours.
      Please help us invite other members, it takes a while to get momentum.
      Monday 6 pm - 8pm  (then bar crawl after)
      21st March - Playpen Soi 6
      28th March - Night wish bar Soi 6
      4th April - Toy Box bar Soi 6
      11th April - Repent Soi 6
      18th April - where angels play Soi 6
      25th April -  (next bar we have open)

      2nd May - (next bar we have open)
      9th May - Cooters bar soi 6 
      16th May - Hot shots bar Soi 6
      23rd May - (next bar we have open)
      30th of May - Lust soi 6 
      6th of June - Illuzion
      13th of June - (next bar we have open)

      I look forward to meeting people again.
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