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Krav Maga Pattaya Adult Beginner Seminar Tomorrow Saturday 18 - 19 July Self Defense Krav Maga Thailand


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Krav Maga Thailand Pattaya Self Defense Adults Beginner Weekend Workshop Seminar Krav Maga Pattaya

TOMORROW Saturday - Sunday 18th - 19th July 08 11am - 4pm both days.


10 hours total Krav Maga Defensive Tactics Self Defense Street Protection Martial Arts Training Krav Maga Adult Beginners.


Pattaya Krav Maga

Adult Beginners Seminar Starts tomorrow morning.


1. All the Details is on www.kravmagathailand.com


2. If your serious to come, urgently email Email me

email info @kravmagathailand.com with your name, questions, etc.

If you cannot email please SMS Text message the same info to mobile 0852883709


3. Fee for seminar is best value ever only 3997 B, please clear that at 1045am before seminar begins.


4. Seminar Krav Maga Pattaya VENUE is Kombat Muay Thai Gym off Khao Talo

Map & Directions to Kombat Gym on Contact Us Page on www.kombatgroup.com


5. Come 1045am latest to Kombat Muay Thai Gym for Krav Maga Pattaya Self Defense seminar.

Wear sports, gym, training gear, & clean indoor only trainers otherwise you have to train in bare feet.


Krav Maga Thailand Pattaya Bangkok Self Defense Combatives Reality Martial Arts


Learn to defend & protect yourself from violent street attackers, muggers,

thugs, & assault with the famous battle tested Krav Maga Self Defense modern combat system.



* You will learn on your Krav Maga Seminar this weekend 18th - 19th July Pattaya - How You can & will if attacked deal with the attack & defend yourself & escape on this accelerated learning weekend workshop by Gerry Nolan Instructor Krav Maga Thailand



* You will learn to strike, how, & where to hit to stun an attacker. I will show you Krav Maga & other deceptively "dirty tricks" used by street attackers to set up their "prey" & victims.



* You will learn on your fast moving revealing Krav Maga Thailand weekend workshop how to "turn the tables" very fast & stun violent attackers because I will teach you the exact same little known "dirty tricks" which YOU will use to take your unsuspecting attacker out of the game fast. The attackers mistake - "Never underestimate the other guy!"



* Your Good News is You will learn the inner Secrets & You will learn to recognize through awareness, potential attack & how to Avoid potential attacks or uncomfortable danger zones.



* You will have the confidence if you have to defend yourself, you will have a basic simple easy to learn, proven self protection strategic "game plan" using Krav Maga, Combatives hand to hand skills.



* You'll lethal pain causing simple "tricks of the trade" as used by professionals worldwide from bouncers to street cops who experience violent criminal thugs & neutralize them all in a days work.



Does "Fear" worry you?


That's OK because Fear (False Evidence Appear Real = FEAR), even the toughest experience fear when faced with potential violent confrontation. The truth is fear you will experience (I still do!) the difference is I will using N.L.P.


Neuro Linguistic Programming mind psychology N.L.P. techniques teach you how to deal with fear, so you will not freeze if attacked. You will learn to turn your fear into power & destroy your attacker with ferocity - ferocity fierce mindset is 90% the secret to street self defense the other 10% is the simple proven basic techniques I will teach you.


* You will learn to escape from common street attack grabs, such as lapel grabs, hair pull grabs, what to do if attacker grabs your arms, throat grabs. Escapes from bear hug & headlock attacks.



* You will learn how to improvise everyday objects as serious self defense protective weapons. You will learn basics of what to do or what not to do if attacked with a knife, or baton like stick .



There are only a few limited places on this exclusive Krav Maga Self Protection Workshop for Adult Beginners.


You will get 10 hours total krav maga training 11am - 4pm Saturday & Sunday 18th & 19th July

Pattaya just 90 minutes drive or 150 B on bus from Bangkok. (No excuses Bangkok people for not coming.)


You get the best value give way reduced special rate of ONLY 3,997 B


Just 3997 B Krav Maga Self Defense life saving, confidence building, self defense workshop by Krav Maga Thailand Pattaya


YES => You know the assurance you can protect yourself or you family & loved ones

from violent street attack is important to you because you want to

grab your special offer of the best ever deal for you seminar right now by emailing Krav Maga Thailand that I will attend tomorrows seminar excellent 3,997 B special offer.

Contact Email info@kravmagathailand.com

If You Cannot Email us, the next best way is SMS Text Message Your Name,

Your message re Krav Maga, Number & Your Email to 0852883709


VENUE: Krav Maga Pattaya Seminar Adult Beginner Starts 1045am tomorrow morning Saturday 18th July

at Pattaya Kombat Muay Thai Gym, Soi Khao Talo (then small side street Soi 8 off soi Khao Talo)

If you email or sms you will be attending, then come to the venue Kombat Muay Thai at 1045am tomorrow Saturday 18th July.

Please clear 3997 B seminar fee before you begin.


Map & Address for Kombat on Contact Us Page on www.kombatgroup.com


Go to www.kravmagathailand.com for more details.



P.S. I want even if you decide not to attend your weekend Krav Maga Seminar to give you monthly a free newsletter pack full of modern self defense defensive tactics krav maga protection tops, & video clips. You also get a free Self Defence eBook get this at www.krav-maga-fist.com


Warmest Regards

Krav Maga Thailand


Email info @ kravmagathailand.com



Krav Maga teaches you:


*Basic strikes for self defense

*Escapes from Grabs, Holds, Bear Hugs, Chokes common street attacks.

*Psychology of Street Self Defense, Awareness, How to Avoid Violence

*Basic ground fighting and escapes

*Defense against knife, baton/baseball bat and gun threat/attacks.


We are offering excellent individual attention high quality Krav Maga Defensive Tactics training time 11am -4pm both days, so you can have time when you travel down for your training seminar as many Bangkok Krav Maga interest people contact us, this is a wonderful opportunity to do the seminar at an excellent special offer high value deal.


http://www.kravmagathailand.com Krav Maga eBook Krav Maga Video Online Training Self Defense Free Newsletter Martial Arts | www.krav-maga-fist.com < = Go Back There to Join Krav Maga Thailand Newsletter


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