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back home at the STD clinic - "how many partners?"


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So it's been a couple months since I've been back from my last trip, and head into my local STD clinic for "The Big Test". I didn't have any symptoms for anything, so I didn't feel compelled to rush in right after my return.


After waiting over an hour for my turn, I finally sit down with a nurse who runs me through the obligatory questionairre and she hits me with the big question:

"How many 'partners' have you had in the past 90 days?" :P


I admit to being a tad shy at my age in front of this prim & propper old hen of a nurse. At least at first. Then I thought "what the hell, this should be fun" and gave as honest an answer that I could:


"I'm not sure exactly, I think around 25". :P


Her pen stops moving. She stops moving. Then she appears to hunch in on herself as if she's afraid to breath the very air that we're sharing in the room. :o


"25?" she asks. "Are you sure?"


"I'm pretty sure, give or take a couple. I had some injuries towards the end of my trip that kinda slowed me down". :P


Zero eye contact the rest of the interview. :Dunno1:


Good news was that all my test results came back negative. I guess I'll have to try harder next time. :P


So for all you veteran mongers out there, how do you handle the interview? Do you lie like a rug and tell them a more "socially accepable" answer, or do you hit them between the eyes with the truth?


Perfecting my ability to "let that which does not matter truly slide"

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I have a personal physician, so dont go to a "clinic"...but yes, my doctor (a female) is fully aware that I cant keep it in my pants!


I tell her where I go and what I do (of course I never go with prostitutes...I dont pay girls for sex, I pay them to leave).


She is pretty cool...and just laughs, but since I know her socially as well (she is married, but she and her hubby are part of my social circle)...I wonder sometimes if she tells other folks what a slut I am...LOL...dont really care if she does, but I just wonder if docs actually keep things confidential or not.


And knock on a pert ass, Ive never had any STDs...but I do put on a raincoat 95% or so of the time, so far in the LOS, if memory serves me, Ive only barebacked once (apart from my TGF) and that was a sign girl from Windmill...best shag ive had in years...but she went back to the farm, oh well.


Cheers, Alex

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:Grin_Jump1: at the OP! Great stuff!


My local clinic doesn't ask how many partners any more. They only ask if you are sleeping with men and if you have had unprotected sex in the last 3-6 months. Las Vegas is very concerned about the spread of HIV betweeen gay and bisexual men. They go out of their way to explain the reduced risk of hetrosexual couples. Since the test is free, maybe they are just trying to lower expenses by only testing the highest risks groups more often, who knows....

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Eat. Down. South.

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Don't know if you are from the UK, if you are its a good idea to tell them a high number, you should then get a course of Hep B shots for free.

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All depends, mostly I have been honest but after my last Thai trip one of the health workers started calling me a sex tourist and was going on about paedophiles...


So after that I just said I'd been with 1 girl who I hadn't given money to...

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Lol. Once on a flight back to the UK I thought I spotted a rash somewhere personal. I went to the "special clinic" the next day and as soon as I said where I had been out came the rubber gloves. There were three nurses all having a joke while the scraped it, poked it and stuck things into it. They never did get around to asking me how many? It turned out to be a false alarm but it taught me a valuable lesson; make sure you deal with any problems before you leave Thailand!


The truth is immortal but people who speak it aren't - Thai proverb

Karl's Thailand - My YouTube Channel



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  • 3 weeks later...

Was pretty up-front when I went last week...


"When was the last time you had sex?"

"Last Saturday"

"Was it a one off?"


"Was it with a sex worker?"


"When was the time before that?"

"Err, same day, slightly earlier"

"And the time before that?"

... finally embarrassment kicked in so I told a little white lie...

"The day before"


...after 6 months in S.E. Asia I'd forgotten that it's not really considered normal to get through more than one girl in a day. After this she decided just to get numbers ("You hear all sorts in this job but... that is a lot!"). After collecting blood they asked me if I thought I might have a sex addiction, and offered me counselling :24:

Have you read the forum rules?

Please resize your photos!


Sitting here now in this bar for hours,

whilst strange men rent strange flowers,

I'll be picking up your petals in another few hours...

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After collecting blood they asked me if I thought I might have a sex addiction, and offered me counselling :)

LOL, that's seriously fucked up. Surely you need counselling if you don't have a sex addiction.

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