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Canon SX200 IS


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If so, I've a list of questions re the HD video quality! I'd typically be using it abroad (think: Beach Road) in excellent daylight and late at night (think: beerbars from dusk onwards). I've checked vimeo and net reviews (it gets v good reviews) and I'm interested but I'd like to know what the quality is like when viewed on large HD TV. I got 1 .avi file down from Vimeo and watched it on my 32" TV (via Xbox 360). It was shot in a fast moving car http://www.vimeo.com/4520336 There was slight focus hunting but no more than what you'd expect going over road bumps etc at that speed. I'd not be using it like that. Most of the other Vimeo examples are .mov files which look good on a 20" computer monitor (no signs of hunting) but I want to see on bigger screen. But I can't play them through my TV so I'm none the wiser there.


Specifically, I want to know:


1. Any kind of motion blur when panning handheld in good light?

2. Good enough picture at night?

3. Solid autofocus both in daylight/nightime?

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i dont have one ... but these point and shoots do not do video very well ... every canon i have had like u said looks nice on a monitor .. but thats about it.


anything SD or not real HD will look like ass on a HDTV...


however i was playing with the 200 at best buy yesterday ... pretty sweet little sammy .. a little to bulky for a P&S imo...



if you want decent pics and decent video check out sanyo's exacti line... i had an older one and my buddy has the newer HD one... these are designed as actual hybrid camera ... not a photo cam and video as after thought...


the video is much better then anything i have seen from a regular P&S


these cameras stating they shoot 720p is soo damn misleading .. yeah anything can shoot at a high resolution .. doesnt mean it will look good when u cant compress the image properly! or your optics blow...



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